BTL and ATL Marketing: Which marketing Strategy Should You Choose?

Juliet D'cruz

BTL and ATL Marketing: Which marketing Strategy Should You Choose?

What is BTL Marketing?

BTL marketing refers to campaigns targeted at potential buyers. BTL marketing strategies are desired for increasing sales and conversions. They’re prepared after a careful study of the user’s persona.

Examples of BTL Marketing Include:

  • Direct response marketing: SMS blasts, email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, etc.
  • Events: competitions, exhibitions, trade shows, and sponsorships
  • Sales promotion.
  • Telemarketing.
  • Free product samples

Advantages of BTL Marketing :

  • Reaching the target audience in no time and with ease.
  • Helps your brand stand out from the competition and stay ahead of them.
  • Improves the credibility and authority of the brand in its market.

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What is ATL Marketing ?

ATL marketing refers to campaigns that are targeted at a broad audience. It is focused on building brand awareness and leaving a good brand impression instead of getting potential customers to buy from the brand.

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Examples of ATL Marketing Include:

  • Television ads. 
  • Ads in print and online media, i.e., ads in newspapers, magazines, etc. 
  • Radio broadcasts 
  • Outdoor advertising, which includes billboards, flyers, banners, etc.

Advantages of ATL Marketing:

  • Reach audiences globally.
  • Form a deep connection with the audience, which in turn fosters brand recognition and loyalty.
  • Helps shape the brand identity.

Difference Between ATL and BTL Marketing –

  1. ATL marketing is a mass promotional activity carried out to create brand image and awareness. On the contrary, BTL marketing uses targeted promotional campaigns, which are used to initiate direct interaction with a particular group.
  2. ATL marketing involves the use of primary mediums such as TV, radio, print media, the Internet, etc. to promote a brand and create awareness among the audience. In contrast, BTL marketing uses unconventional mediums such as mailshots, telemarketing, sponsorships, etc. that target a specific audience.
  3. ATL marketing is used when the target audience is huge, i.e., the promotional campaign is all about mass viewership. Conversely, BTL marketing is deployed when the target audience belongs to a specific area or a small, specific group.
  4. Above-the-line advertising methods are useful when the focus is on creating brand awareness among people, whereas below-the-line advertising methods are used to establish direct relationships with potential customers or clients.
  5. When it comes to cost, the ATL advertising medium is comparatively more expensive than the BTL advertising.
  6. While ATL advertising drives customer response, BTL advertising increases the point of sale.
  7. When the company uses ATL advertising, it is difficult to measure results because it is not possible to evaluate the commission on the basis of the campaign as well as how much the sale increased due to the campaign. On the contrary, with BTL advertising, one can measure the results of the campaign.
  8. ATL advertising is one-way communication, wherein a message is targeted at the audience. On the flip side, BTL advertising is two-way communication between the marketer and consumer, which helps in building strong relationships with the customers or clients.

In a nutshell, we can say that BTL marketing has many advantages over ATL marketing. The bonds and relationships created between brands and consumers are stronger and longer-lasting. This happens because the audience engagement in these types of campaigns is astronomical, and the emotional attachment generates a loyal and constant customer community.

Here are Some Points to Know Why BTL Marketing  is Best for Your Business:

  • BTL marketing focuses on promoting the business by connecting with its customers emotionally. This form of marketing has enabled brands and consumers to have two-way interactions.
  • It gives the brand exposure to connect with the existing audience or carve out a new set of audiences by reaching out to a whole new market. BTL marketing is ideal for brands who wish to increase their visibility.
  • A BTL ad should be strategically sound, financially viable, and operationally feasible. The benefits of BTL activities are self-evident: they are cheap and adaptable. With BTL being targeted and specific, it is a valuable marketing asset.
  • BTL activities allow brands to communicate with their audience on a personal level and stay above the competition. Brands use innovative and creative ideas to grab audiences’ attention and keep them engaged. 
  • BLT activities examples include direct mail campaigns, trade shows, brand promotion events, telemarketing, catalogues, exhibitions, and free product sampling. 

In such a scenario, BTL marketing can play a role in capturing the audience’s attention. Brands can cultivate a direct bond with the customer and drive lead conversion.


Times have changed and so are the demands and needs of the market. Competition is reaching new heights everyday. In a homogenous markets it is essential for businesses to create a niche for them. This is when btl market does the major work for them. It creates and develops customer base that will get stronger day by day.
Taking services from experts brings expertise that will be beneficial in long run.  BTL Agency In India has certainly helped many achieve their marketing goals with BTL advertising.

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