Different Places To Incorporate Indigo Blue For Best Results

Juliet D'cruz

Different Places To Incorporate Indigo Blue For Best Results

When you think about Indigo, the first item that strikes your mind is a blue jean. This authentic blue is not just popular in fashion, also a delightful hue in interior design used for centuries. It is such an impactful color that whether it is a small house accent like a soap dish or a flower vase or bigger choices such as paint or a wallpaper; it makes all the difference in the house. Thus, there is no good reason to limit the use of Indigo color. Here are different suggestions on how you can use this color in various parts of the house. 


The maximum time a woman spends in the house is in the kitchen area. To modernize your kitchen, painting one wall of the kitchen or cabinets indigo blue is the easiest way to make it look contemporary yet classy. And if the structure is kitchen island, an enamel paint in the same color would add a nice shine to the cabinets while giving it a secured coating from water. 

Living Room:

You want to add boldness to the open space of the house without overdoing it, yet making it look appealing as the entry point for all the guests. In such a case, consider getting an indigo accent wall to accentuate the open space of the living area subtly. Rather, if you are unsure about it, add small accents to the open space in an indigo blue color like rugs, throw pillows, vases, etc. These small decorative elements will add the right amount of blue hue to the space without overwhelming the room. 

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If you were in the impression that dark color will make the room look small and ugly, indigo blue color will prove it wrong. This color has the power to make the space look cozy, invited and spacious. Add this color to the utmost comforting space of your house, the bedroom by painting the walls’ indigo. If you are unsure about it, you can use the color in bed sheets, pillows, comforters, lamps, etc. If you want to make one center of attention in the room, an indigo dressing area would make it look beautiful yet subtle contrast. 


Keep this space of the house simple yet classy. A simple abstract designed indigo blue wallpaper is all it takes to make the bathroom look stylish, unique, and freshen up. It will add the right amount of pop of color while keeping the spot exquisite. Further, if you want to experiment with the color first to be sure of the idea, try adding a soap dish, toothbrush holder, dustbin in Indigo blue to start with. Such items will make any dull bathroom look peppy and bright.

Study/ Office room: 

Since we believe Indigo blue to bolster concentration, adding this color to the study or office room is a great idea. Try adding an indigo wall next to a bookshelf or solid wood furnishing area. While this color makes a brilliant combination with wooden color, it will also make the complete study or office space ideal. 

Thus, the power of indigo blue color will largely depend on how it is being used. If it’s used on a bigger palate, it will make the space dark and moody. When used as an accent color, it will make it well-lit and uplifting. Thus, know the beauty of this color by incorporating it in your house. 

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