Juliet D'cruz

Does your child have an interest in magic tricks? Here’s how to encourage the same


Does your child wish to learn magic? He/she is not alone! Children have always gravitated towards easy magician tricks that they can perform seamlessly without hassles. You can always enroll your little one in a suitable magic learning program at Yellow Class. Children are fascinated by magic, explaining the popularity of the Harry Potter series and other books and movie/web series’ that kids absolutely adore in recent times. Magicians seemingly achieve impossible things and this is something that kids get drawn to as per experts. Yet, children require proper encouragement on their part in order to start learning magic and magic tricks. Online platforms like Yellow Class have made it easier for parents to teach their children magic nowadays. You have to enroll your child into a suitable program and then guide him/her throughout navigating the sessions and emerging as a trained magician who can perform at least a few tricks. 

Who knows? If he/she falls in love with magic, then it may be a lifetime of learning ahead! It may transit into a career option at some point of time if your kid discovers latent talents in this field or even be a highly rewarding hobby down the line. It will also make your little one stand out at school and make new friends easily. The ability to perform magic tricks will naturally make your child the center of attention everywhere. He/she will witness a massive boost in self confidence as a result of the same. He/she will also improve motor skills, hand-eye coordination, logical and reasoning ability and reduce stage fright or performance anxiety greatly in turn. 

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Along with magic classes, get your children to watch magic shows on television and YouTube. You can watch it with them, discuss tricks afterwards and compile everything together in a diary dedicated to your child’s new passion. Encourage your child to master tricks and practice every day if possible, particularly if he/she loves doing it and is showing serious aptitude as well. Ask your child to picture and imagine new magic tricks that you both can happily try out! This will gradually become a fun weekend activity that you both will wait for! Instill in them a habit of trying to piece apart the steps that led to any successful magic trick. This will go a long way towards enabling mental and psychological development in the future. 

Encourage them to keep at it and not fear failure. Tricks will go wrong, a thousand things may get scattered here and there. However, children should keep trying until they succeed. It is a hard job mastering so many tricks although it is not impossible by all means. Encourage children to keep practicing, brush off failures and pick themselves up again. Be that sounding board which is always present. 

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