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Guide to Buy A 4 Carat Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamonds are now a new trend and becoming popular worldwide. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Nicky Minaj, Kelly Clarkson, and Carrie Underwood wear a yellow diamond ring. Whether it is a celebrity inspiration or you have stumbled upon a beautiful 4 carat yellow diamond, we are here to help you buy the best diamond.

There are a few tips and tricks for choosing the best 4 ct diamond. From picking up the size to a style, we will help you throughout.

Is it Important to Know the Type of Diamond Before Buying it?

Gifting is a unique art and diamond is not only an expensive but a forever memorable gift. It is a gift that shows your compassion, commitment, and love towards the other person. But it is important to know the type of diamond before you buy it.

The yellow diamonds are graded according to the color saturation present in them. They cost the same as clear diamonds sometimes but most of the time they can cost less. The difference between the cost can be 1000 pounds or even less as these diamonds are easily available.

Why Choosing Yellow Diamonds is Easy?

If you are no expert in diamonds and want a perfect diamond that is also a clean eye, we suggest you buy yellow ones. This is because they are easily available in big quantities and the color grading is almost the same.

Quantity and color are not the only best things about yellow diamonds, they are also less expensive than others. Yellow diamonds are mostly “eye clean” so are best for money as well.

Buying a 4-carat Yellow Diamond:

Whether it is for a ring, a pair of earrings or you want to keep a diamond, you must choose wisely. A 4-carat yellow diamond is a perfect choice to go for because of several reasons:

  • It is easily available
  • Yellow color grading looks attractive
  • The warm tones of the diamonds compliment the skin shades
  • They are eye-clean
  • You can save a good amount by buying a yellow-graded diamond rather than buying any other type of diamond
  • A 4-carat diamond with yellow grading is quite a big stone, but it certainly looks beautiful

How to Buy a 4-Carat Yellow Diamond:

Several factors must be considered when you are buying a diamond. When buying a 4-carat yellow diamond, you must know different things like:


Make sure the diamond you are buying is GIA-certified. It is a global scale for checking the quality and originality of a diamond that you are buying. Many authentic sellers like Flawless are providing authentic and certified diamonds that are a testament to the quality of longevity.

Production and Generation:

Many among us do not know that diamonds are of two major types. One is naturally made and others are lab-produced. Although naturally produced diamonds are intuitively and traditionally valued, but lab-processed diamonds are eco-friendly.

Do you know that you can also trace back the originality and production of lab generated diamonds? Plus they are a lot cheaper than natural diamonds. You must choose the ones generated in the lab because they are more authentic and are valued nowadays.

Compare Prices:

The starting price of 4 4-carat diamonds of yellow grading is almost 310 pounds and can range up to 40 pounds and more. You must compare the prices before buying a yellow diamond as it can vary from one seller to another.

How Can I Use a Yellow Diamond in Jewelry with 4 Carat?

The bigger a diamond is, the more difficult is it to keep safe and scratch-free. Not only this, but you have to think about how to use it in jewelry as well.

As a 4 ct is a big stone, it means you have to choose either a big jewelry item to fit it inside or act smart way.

  • If you are planning to use a 4 ct yellow diamond as an engagement or proposal ring, then go for elongated shapes. The diamond will easily fit inside the shape and will be secured.
  • Another best thing to opt for is choosing a necklace pendant. Yellow diamonds look attractive as pendants. The big stone will also be saved and covered.
  • A timeless gift can also be in the form of a bracelet. Bracelets of yellow diamonds look so graceful and elegant.

The choice is always yours. So, choose whatever you or the wearer likes.

Best Diamond Purchases With Different Shapes:

We suggest you always go for timeless designs of 4 carat Yellow Diamonds as they will look extraordinary and beautiful. We at Flawless, make sure to always introduce the best shapes and styles of lab-generated diamonds at reasonable prices. In case of queries and issues, you are always welcome to reach out so we may help you pick the one that you DESERVE.