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How to Apply Ration Card for Newly Married?


How to Apply For Ration Card For Newly Married ? How to Apply Ration Card for Newly Married in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh. Apply Online. Check Ration Card Status.


Ration Card is a document that is issued by the respective State Governments to the families based on income. They are issued to families that are Below Poverty Line (BPL), Above Poverty Line (APL) and Antyodaya Families in India that includes Indian citizens. Ration cards are issued according to the Public Distribution System for the purchase of essential commodities or products that are necessary for nominal rates. Fair price shops are made with a motive to provide such commodities to these families.

How To Apply Ration Card for Newly Married ?

There is a specific requirement that needs to be followed to apply ration card for newly married. These steps are to be followed by both families- the one family which is related to the girl and the family in which the girl’s husband belongs. This is done because the girl leaves one house and resides in another home. She is now considered as the member of the family of her husband’s and not her paternal house.

Therefore, it becomes necessary for both of such families to alter their ration card accordingly. The girl’s name is deleted from his father’s ration card and is added to her husband’s ration card.

The paternal family of the girl has to apply for a cancellation certificate which will serve as a proof for the removal of the name of such member from the family.

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Why Ration Card Needs to be Altered After Marriage?

As already stated the ration card need to be altered after marriage by both the families. It is essential to add the wife’s name in the ration card after a man is newly married. 

Documents required for newlywed to apply for ration card

For adding the name of the wife in the ration card after marriage, the documents required are listed below.

  • Valid Marriage Certificate of the parties issued by the appropriate court.
  • The original ration card of the husband.
  • Deletion certificate issued to the parents of the bride.
  • Proof of identity of both the couple.

Steps to be followed while applying for ration card by newly married

The steps that need to be followed while applying for ration card after marriage are as follows-

  • Application form- The first and the foremost step are to fill up all the details in the application form correctly. You can obtain an application form quickly from the Food and Civil Supplies Department.
  • Attestation- After you have filled up the form, make sure everything is correctly mentioned. Self- attest the copy of all the documents required. Attested copies should be clear.
  • Submission. – After filling the application form and self-attesting the copy of documents, you need to submit this application form to the officer in charge of the department or any other concerned authority.

After following all these steps correctly and in the right order, a new ration card will be issued to you by the department concerned. You will receive such ration card within three to four weeks, and it will be dispatched to the address mentioned in the form.

How to Apply for New Ration Card After Marrigae in Tamil Nadu

As per the order issued by the consumer safety department of Tamil Nadu Government the newly married couples have to remove their respective names from their family ration cards and should apply for a new ration card. As per the circular, the age of the bride should be minimum 18 and bridegroom 21. The consent of the parents is not required to apply for a new ration card after marriage and for the removal of their names from their old family cards.

Documents Required for New Ration Card for Newly Married in Tamil Nadu.

Apart from the above-listed documents, the married couple has to attach the Marriage Certificate and Name deletion certificate along with the application for new ration card. The couple can register the request to remove their names from their family ration cards by giving an undertaking on a stamped bond paper of Rs 100 in the presence of the authorized registrar.Use the below link to apply for ration card after marriage.


Application Form For Newly Married in A.P

Newly Married couples can apply for New Ration card in Andhra Pradesh through VRO, EPDS, DEO, MRO. The couples who apply for a new ration card first delete their names from their family ration cards before applying for a new ration card. Member addition or deletion services in ration card can be done at Mee Seva center. The new application form along with deletion certificate, marriage certificate, and other documents can be submitted at VRO office, Municipality, or Mondal offices.  Use your ration card reference number to check the status of your ration card online. 

Visit: https://civilsupplies.ap.gov.in/ the official website of Andhra Pradesh Government for more details
Application Form For New Ration Card in Andhra Pradesh For Newly Married 

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