How to Choose the Best Metal Finish for Your Home

Juliet D'cruz

How to Choose the Best Metal Finish for Your Home

From metallic paints for walls to best paint for metal objects, we have all the info you need!

Metallic finishes are not just the latest trend. They are here to stay. That’s because they are versatile enough to complement a range of interior décor themes. Also, the right finish can bestow the perfect balance between creating a sense of warmth and retaining a modernistic, innovative, and inspiring feel.

We use several types of metal for our interiors. For years, bronze has been used in neutral walls and traditional bathroom designs to create a classic and inviting look. Gold coloured metal finishes can add a touch of opulence in high-end interiors and take your home’s style quotient a notch higher when complemented with grey walls and chic furniture.

So, which metal finish is ideal for your home? Here are some tips to choose the best paint for metal finishing.


Consider Your Interior Décor

Choose a metal finish that blends well with the colour of your walls and furnishings. For instance, the shiny stainless-steel or chrome finish is a popular choice for creating a minimalistic effect. It goes superbly against a backdrop of whites, blues, and greys, creating a balanced look. Cool metals like chrome look amazing with dark colours like navy blue, royal blue, and burgundy. Warm metal finishing with a neutral or cool colour palette can create an interesting contrast. This includes copper, which has an old-world-feel ironically popular in ultra-modern décor.

Factor in Daily Use

Think faucets, lighting, and hardware! There are so many design elements made of metal that you interact with daily. This means you need to pick a metal paint that will complement your lifestyle and protect the fixtures against wear and tear.

Take, for example, Berger Paints’ interior metal finish, Luxol Satin Enamel. It has an oil-based protective film that shields your windows, doors, and grills. Manufactured with exclusive micro-fine pigments and extenders, it gives a glowing finish to your doors and windows, lending them an elegant look.

Avoid matte metallic finishes for frequently touched objects, since it easily shows smudges. For instance, the faucets and showerheads in your bathroom should have a shiny finish. Berger’s Luxol 7 in 1,  an anti-corrosive PU enamel with anti-yellowing properties, is suitable for surfaces that are touched often and frequently come into contact with water.

Amount of Natural Light

A matte finish looks better in rooms that receive a lot of natural light. This is because glossy surfaces are highly reflective. For the same reason, consider glossy metal finishes for the darker areas of your home.

Consider Several Metal Finishes Together

Love more than one metal finish? It’s time to experiment with mixed finishes. Gold, black, and copper can look amazing together. Faucets and light fixtures are great for bringing the two-tone look into your home. Do you feel gold has too much sheen for your taste? There are so many gold tones, and this colour is the rage in 2022. You can choose from a light tinted metal finish to dark yellow.

Metal finishes aren’t just for furniture, walls, or fixtures. Metallic tones can be found in upholstery, embroidered curtains, and even artwork. Consider silver-grey fabrics against a background of black metal finishes. You could try silver upholstery with a designer console table in your living room, in dark brown with a golden border metallic finish.

Remember, if you are using multiple metal finish tones, there needs to be a common thread to unite them. Take a look at how each element relates to the others. Doing so will upgrade your décor and give you room to add tones and textures later.

Experiment with Lamps and Lighting

If you are not up for too many types of metal paint, simply choose a single tone and add lamps and lighting to highlight different areas. Brass is a very sophisticated shiny tone and has an appealing texture. When used the right way, brass curios, mirrors, and hanging lamps look classy with pendant lighting and minimalistic décor.

Consider Eco-Friendly Metal Paints

The best metal paints do not contain harmful chemicals, like lead and mercury, which are carcinogenic and not environment friendly. Choose products with low VOC, so that you and your family don’t inhale toxic fumes. Berger interior paints for metal finishes are Green Pro certified, which means they are clean and eco-friendly.

Lastly, safety is a huge concern in any painting project you undertake these days. Choose a service like Berger Express Painting to be assured of trained and certified painters, home delivery of sanitised products, digital booking and tracking, and a thorough clean-up and sanitisation of regularly touched surfaces. The expert professionals will help you choose the right colours and metal finishes, based on your design preferences.

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