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Instagram Video Marketing

Instagram Video Marketing: Know How You Can Leverage Video To Grow Your Brand

by Priya Agarwal

In a recent interview, Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri stated: “Instagram is not going to be just a photo-sharing app”. Over the years, Instagram has evolved from just photos to a video-sharing platform as well. And the future for Instagram video marketing looks golden as more and more marketers are focusing on growing their brands with the help of interactive, engaging, and authentic videos. 

Video content on Instagram started from in-feed video posts. Today we have IGTV, Reels, Live, and Stories to share and talk in detail about the brand and give it a human touch. And with Instagram video editor apps in the market, the video-making process has become seamless. 

Know all about the forms of video and key strategies to turn your Instagram video marketing into a game plan of success.  

What Is video marketing

Video marketing is a form of marketing that helps promote or sell services or products, educate and increase engagement with potential customers, reach the ideal audience, and tell your brand’s story using the medium of video. 

Types of Instagram videos for marketing 

The first step of deciding a framework for Instagram video marketing is to finalize the video format you will use to market your products or services. 

  • Branding Videos: These videos showcase a specific message to reach the audience and familiarise them with the business. The primary purpose of these videos is to create brand awareness and brand storytelling. The branding videos are not used to generate sales; instead, they are used to humanize the brand and connect with the emotions of humans.  
  • Tutorial Videos: These videos act as an instruction manual that explains the step-by-step process of how to use a product. Usually, it is very beneficial for the users as it works as an understandable way of delivering useful information concisely.
  • Educational Videos: These videos are informative, and their principal purpose is to educate the viewer. Businesses can use this type of video to educate and inform the users about the problems that their product or service can solve. The key elements of educational videos are it has to be factual, specific and informative.   
  • Product Videos: The purpose of product videos is to explain the business products or services clearly. With the help of this video, businesses can highlight the benefits of their products. These videos should be creative and must cover all the product features and functions. It must inform how the product or service can impact society.  
  • Live Videos: These are streaming platforms on Instagram which allow you to broadcast video in real-time. Live videos are a great way to cover a significant event related to your business, like a product launch. Once the live video is over, you can save it and post it as an IGTV feature on Instagram.    
  • User-generated Content: These are different forms of content like videos, text, images, and audio created and shared by your customers on Instagram. User-generated content is a great medium to show the users that you value your community’s voices and are a part of your brand story and journey.  

Tips to make an effective Instagram video marketing strategy

  1. Know the purpose 

To design an effective Instagram video marketing strategy, it is essential to have a key objective. Videos with no clear messaging and key objectives are less likely to make an impact on the audience. However, some videos like promotional or event announcements may not require an objective, but the video must reflect a thought or story which resonates with the audience. 

  1. Make short videos 

The videos posted on Instagram must be crisp, clear, and interesting to hook your audience. The purpose of the video should be to strongly deliver the message to the target audience without confusing them. 

  1. Create high-quality videos 

A high-quality video can generate traffic and ensure that content reaches the audience in a compelling way. Using a professional Instagram video editor can instantly change the quality of the video and make it appealing for the audience to interact. 

  1. Add a clear CTA 

With a strong, compelling, and high-quality message, it is important to add a clear CTA to motivate the audience to take action. The call to action helps in conversion and doesn’t keep the target audience hanging. 

  1. Analyze your performance 

Just creating videos for Instagram doesn’t help to grow. It is important to analyze and evaluate your current position and what is the scope of improvement. Using the Instagram analytics tool, you can easily track and monitor the performances and trends.  

With videos becoming an important medium to advertise and interact with the audience, it is important to leverage them. Video marketing gives marketers a scope for greater opportunities as Instagram has started focussing more on video mediums. Catch the attention of your audience and convert them into customers with attention-grabbing videos. To start your brand’s video marketing journey, make professional-looking videos with InVideo.  

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