Driving License Test in Kerala

According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, to drive your private or commercial vehicle in Kerala and rest of the India you should have a driving license in India. This act is valid in all states including Kerala. In Kerala, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) is entrusted with the responsibility of issuing driving licenses to its citizens. The RTO also looks after the services related to the issuance of NOC, Renewal, and International Driving License etc.

Driving License Test Procedures in Kerala

In Kerala, driving license test is conducted in two phases. The first is a ground test and the second test is the road test. After you get the learner’s license, 30 days later that you can apply for the driving license and within 180 days you have to apply. Submit all the documents and apply for the driver’s license. To get the driver’s license you have to go through a driving license test. For that, you need to get the receipt of your application and get a timing slot suitable to you.After you complete all the application process and get a slot for the test, you need to sharpen your skills about driving, road safety and prepare well for the test. You need to be there at least an hour before the allotted time to give the test with the Motor Vehicle Inspector on the designated track.

Kerala driving license test

 The driving test will be like driving an ‘8’ along the track, driving the ‘H’ shape along the designed track and the ‘uphill’ testing of the driving will be done. There can be changes in the procedure but mostly your this skills are tested. Along with the driving skills, the inspector will make sure that you are aware of the road safety measures, that you use indicators, headlights and the horn wisely. Shifting smoothly the gears, driving safely and properly along the track is the one objective of the test which you have to understand and get passed. Understanding and analyzing all the aspects of the test you gave, the inspector judges you and decides whether you are eligible for the permanent license or not. Once you have passed the test, you will be getting a receipt which you can use as your driving license until you get the permanent real driving license by the speed post.

Traffic Signs Test

Traffic signs warn or guide the drivers and provide information about the road conditions, rules to be followed at major traffic points, highways and give information about the traffic diversions. A person should be aware of the traffic signs and symbols in order to pass the driving license test in Kerala and rest of the country.


There are Three Types of Road Safety Signs 

important traffic signals

    1.    Mandatory Signs– These signs help drivers aware of certain road rules and regulations. Violation is an offence under Motor vehicle act.

     2.    Cautionary Signs These signs make road users aware of the different road conditions ahead

     3.    Informatory Signs- These Road safety signs provide information about distance, important locations like petrol pumps, public toilets, hospitals, alternative routes and destinations.

Q. 1 what you should do near a pedestrian crossing when the pedestrians are waiting to cross the road?

1.Sound the horn and continue driving
2.Slow down and pass
3.Stop the vehicle, allow the pedestrian to cross the road and then proceed.
Answer: Option 3


 Q. 2 what does the below sign represent?


1. Stop
2.No parking
3.No Stop
Answer: Option 1

 Q. 3 what does the below sign represent?

1. Keep left
2.Turn left
3.Compulsory turn left
Answer: Option 3

Q. 4. What should be the first thing to be done when a vehicle is involved in an accident caused injury to a person?


1. Go to the police station
2. Stop the vehicle and report to the police station
3. Provide immediate medical attention to the injured and then report the matter to police within 24 hours
Answer: Option: 3

Q. 5. Below sign represents 


1. Give way
2. School Ahead
3. Dead End
Answer: Option-1

Q.6. How you can overtake a vehicle in front?

1. Through the left side of that vehicle
2. Through the right side of that vehicle
3. Through any side
Answer: Option-2

Q. 7. How can you distinguish a private vehicle?


1. By looking at the number plate colour of the vehicle.
2. By looking at the body colour of the vehicle.

3. By looking at the size of the vehicle

Answer: Option-1

Q. 8. What is the validity period of learners license?

1. 3 months
2. 1 Year
3. 6 Months

Answer: Option-3

Q.9 . What types of vehicles are given free passage?
1. Super Fast Buses

2. Police Vehicles
3. Ambulance & Fire Vehicles

Answer: Option-3

Q10. Meaning of Below Sign

1. One Way
2. Turn Left
3. No Entry
Answer: Option-1

Q. 11. When a driver of a vehicle can overtake?

1. While driving slow

2. If the road is wide
3. When the driver of the vehicle in front shows the signal to overtake

Answer-Option- 3

Q. 12.  Fog lamps are useful

1. During low light

2. When there is mist.
3. During hill station driving
Answer-Option- 2

Q. 13. Zebra lines are for
1. Pedestrians crossing

2. Fast driving.
3. Stopping the vehicle

Answer- Option-1

Q. 14. When you see an ambulance approaching you should..
1. Stop the vehicle

2. Drive fast
3. Allow free passage by keeping the vehicle to the side of the road

Answer Option-3

Q. 15. Meaning of below sign

1. Compulsory left turn

2. Overtaking prohibited
3. No Entry

Answer- Option-2

Q 16. At Red Traffic Light You should..

Options.1. Stop the vehicle

2. Slow down and proceed
3. Increase the speed


Q 17. Meaning of below sign

1. Crossroad
2. No Horn
3. No Parking
Q. 18. Overtaking is strictly prohibited when.

1. Inconvenience or danger to other traffic
2. When the vehicle in front is not moving slowly
3.During peak hours

Answer- Option-1

Q. 19. What is the permitted height limit of load on goods vehicle from ground level.


1.3.08 meters
2. 3.28 meters
3. No limit.

Answer- Option-1

Q- 20. What is the permitted speed of heavy motor vehicle near school?


1.    21 Km/Hour

2.    16 Km/Hour

3.    15 Km/Hour

Answer- Option- 3


Q-21.Meaning of below sign


1. No Parking

2. No entry
3. One Way
Answer- Option -2

Q- 22. According to Motor Vehicle Act a person driving a scooter should


1.    Wear Cap

2.    Wear Shoed

3.    Wear Helmet

Answer- Option -3

Q- 23. Maximum Permitted speed for Auto Riskshaws in Town


1.    29 Km/Hour

2.    30 Km/Hour

3.    31 Km/Hour

Answer- Option -2

Q- 24. Maximum Speed Permitted for Auto Riskshaws in cities


1.    31 Km/Hour

2.    30 Km/Hour

3.    35 Km/Hour

Answer- Option -2

Q- 25. Maximum Speed Permitted for Heavy Motor Vehicles


1.    75 Km/Hour

2.    65 Km/Hour

3.    55 Km/Hour

Answer- Option -2

Q- 26. Use of Mobile Phones not permitted


1.    In School

2.    While Driving a Vehicle

3.    In Hospital

Answer- Option-2

Q.27. Meaning of below sign


1.Right Turn Prohibited
2.No Left Turn
3.Side road left
Answer Option-2

Q. 28. Meaning of below sign

1.Keep Left
2.Turn Left
3. Go Slow

Q. 29. What is the permitted maximum length of load that can be projected from the rear part of a commercial vehicle?
110 cm
100 cm
115 cm

Answer Option-2


Q. 30.The permissible city speed limit of heavy motor vehicles
55 Km/hr
45 Km/hr
60 Km/hr
Answer Option-2

Hope this article will help you pass your Kerala Commercial/Car/Scooter/Motor Cycle/Scooty license with flying colours..

Driving License Test- Sample Q &A in Malayalam


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