M.Tech in Mechanical Design An In-Depth

Rohan Mathew

M.Tech in Mechanical Design: An In-Depth

M.Tech in Mechanical Design is a master’s degree in the field of design engineering. It is a relatively new course, developed particularly for students who are interested in building a career in mechanics, machine design, and the production of machine parts. It is focused on contemporary education of advanced solid mechanics, the theory of vibrations, the theory of mechanisms, and other subjects. Every element of machine and mechanics that we use every day is made of little shafts, clutches, bearings, and gears – and all of them must be immaculately designed to work together – that’s the job of the mechanical design engineer. Let’s learn more about this field. 

Table of Contents:Course HighlightsSyllabus of M. Tech in Mechanical DesignSkills learned in M.Tech in Mechanical Design The scope of M.Tech in Mechanical DesignJob Responsibilities of a Mechanical Design EngineerM.Tech in Mechanical Design at TERNA College, OsmanabadConclusionFrequently Asked Questions

Course Highlights

Mechanical design is an exciting sub-field of mechanical engineering, and this course covers the physics and engineering principles of designing mechanical systems. It also includes technical research, software application, prototype labs, and practicals on mechanical machines. The program offered by TERNA College of Engineering, Osmanabad focuses specifically on the design process and the functionality of smart and space-conscious design in this mechanical sector. 

Syllabus of M. Tech in Mechanical Design

The program is split into four semesters. Along with the fundamentals of mechanical design, students of the best private engineering colleges in Maharashtra get to choose their main subjects and electives. Here are the subjects included in each semester: 

Semester 1: Design Methods, Decision Theory, and Design Optimization, Modeling and Analysis I, Feasible Study, 

Semester 2: Product Design I, Computer-Aided Design, Modelling and Analysis II. 

Semester 3: Properties and Selection of Engineering Materials, Elective I, Elective II  

Semester 4: Major Project Part I and Part II 

Students also get to choose from electives such as Designing with advanced materials, Vibration and Noise, Robotics  Biomechanics of trauma and automotive design, etc. 

Skills learned in M.Tech in Mechanical Design 

Each engineering course demands students to acquire specific skills that can strengthen their potential, and ensure their chances of success. Given such a situation, well-known colleges in India provide superior career guidance, as well as enhance your abilities for future growth. 

Some of the skills that the M Tech colleges in Maharashtra attempt to teach their students are listed below:

  • Engineering design programs: Mechanical design coursework includes special training in leading design software such as AutoCAD, Rhino, and Solidworks.
  • Knowledge of design engineering: Students also learn the basic and advanced tenets of design engineering and the application of engineering principles and practices that are critical to the process of mechanical design.
  • Analytical and problem-solving abilities: M.Tech students learn decision-making and critical leadership skills which are integral to the job they do. They learn problem-solving skills by applying their theory lessons in practical classes.
  • Time management skills: The job of a mechanical design engineer can often mean jumbling a dozen tasks at one time. With proper time management skills, they can organize their tasks and be their most productive selves.
  • Communication skills: Mechanical design engineering is all about teamwork. And working with so many people requires fine communication skills, which are cultivated within the M.Tech degree.
  • Attention to detail: Design engineering is all about the fine print. Therefore, an M.Tech in Mechanical Design teaches students to zoom in and be very precise with their work.
  • Ability to learn new advancements in technology: Design technology is rapidly developing. Tools invented five years ago are obsolete now, and M.Tech students learn the art of evolving with time and accepting new advancements in technology.

The scope of M.Tech in Mechanical Design

Mechanical design engineers designs industrial equipment, appliances, robotics, and so many other parts that support machines. With the evolution of manufacturing technology, we can see leaps and bounds of improvements in the way we design machines. The industry is in need of talented mechanical design engineers who can make use of existing technology and at the same time, try to innovate new ways of designing machines. 

M.Tech graduates from colleges in Solapur can get jobs as mechanical engineers, industrial designers, service engineers, and instructional designers in the industrial and mechanical sectors. Leading companies such as L&T Construction Ltd, Hyundai, LG, PATNI, WABCO, WIPRO, etc, recruit candidates from mechanical design backgrounds for top design and mechanical engineering positions. 

Job Responsibilities of a Mechanical Design Engineer

  • Assessing mechanical projects and evaluating design needs. 
  • Executing mechanical design tasks with CAD, CAM, and 3D CAD programs
  • Manufacturing prototypes and mechanical parts 
  • Refining the design process through experiments and simulations
  • Working in coordination with clients, engineers, other designers, and manufacturers 
  • Applying the latest advancements in design technology, trends, and engineering practices in machine design
  • Conducting research and further advancing the field

M.Tech in Mechanical Design at TERNA College, Osmanabad

TERNA College of Engineering, Osmanabad is one of the best engineering colleges in Maharashtra. It offers an exclusive postgraduate degree in Mechanical Design. The 2-year program imparts technical education in the field. The dynamic coursework includes theoretical lessons, innovative learning methodologies, and the cultivation of practical skills. M.Tech at TERNA College, Osmanabad, is especially known for its vision of disseminating complex topics with theoretical and practical lessons. Visit their official website today to gather more information. 


Mechanical design is a complex and developing field of designing parts, products, and systems of mechanical nature. It is best suited for design enthusiasts who wish to work in manufacturing, automobile, and other related industries. Do consider enrolling in TERNA College, Osmanabad, which is regarded as one of the best M tech colleges in Maharashtra, to learn more about an improved PG mechanical design curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. What are the eligibility criteria for M.Tech in Mechanical Design?

    M.Tech candidates are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in technology with at least 50% aggregate. Some colleges also require test scores from national exams such as GATE.
  1. Where do mechanical design engineers get a job?

    Mechanical design engineers can get a job in technical and mechanical industries such as computer-integrated manufacturing systems, machine tool designing, component construction, and automotive engineering. 
  1. What are the main types of mechanical design?

Mechanical design can be categorized into the adaptive design, new design, and developmental design. 

  1. In India, what is the average salary for a mechanical designer?

Mechanical designers in a country like India can make up to Rs. 1.6 Lakhs to Rs. 15.0 Lakhs, with an annual average pay of approximately 3.7 Lakhs.

  1. How many seats are available at TERNA College of Engineering, Osmanabad for mechanical design courses?

For a postgraduate degree in mechanical design at TERNA College of Engineering, Osmanabad, the number of seats currently stands at 18.