Juliet D'cruz

On the Go: How to Utilize the Outstanding Tools from GogoPDF


GogoPDF is an online tool designed to ease everyone’s task concerning PDF transformation. Also, this tool comes with several features that come with straightforward steps and secure websites. If you wish to know about the tools you can utilize on GogoPDF, you are in the right article. Check out these excellent tools:

PDF Converter Tool

If you are working with several online documents, for sure, you know how important it is to learn how to convert different file formats. For example, if your superior will ask you to print a Word document format, what is the first thing to do before printing it? You have to convert it first into a PDF format so that your file’s metadata will not be altered. 

You can convert Word to PDF easily if you use a reliable tool. One of the most trusted tools that you can utilize when converting a file format is the GogoPDF. It has the most sophisticated system and has the most straightforward procedure. Thus, learning how to use GogoPDF when converting a file will give you advantages.

To start the conversion, you have to choose a file from your device and put it in GogoPDF’s tool. Next, GogoPDF will start analyzing, processing, and converting your selected file. Typically, it will only take a minute or two, depending on your internet connection. Finally, once the conversion is done, you can click your file’s link and start downloading your file.

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PDF Merger Tool

Learning how to organize your PDF files is an essential thing to do. Once you arrange your PDF files, you can easily access them anytime. For instance, if you have PDF files scattered in different folders on your device, it would be better if you combine these files to save tons of space and easily manage your files.

If you want to merge your PDF files, the next thing to do is look for a 3rd-party merger tool that can help you with this task. To help you choose what tool to use, you can try to check out GogoPDF’s Merge PDF tool. This tool has the most straightforward procedure. Thus, even if you are not familiar with this tool, you can easily follow all the steps provided by its system. 

To start the process, you have to look for your files on your device and place them in GogoPDF’s tool. After that, you can start merging your files. Here, you can choose what file to go first and last. Once done, the system will automatically process your file and merge it the quickest possible way. Finally, click your newly combined PDF file and start downloading it. 

How To Lock A PDF File

If you experience unauthorized access to your social media accounts, you will probably get upset and anxious. Most lists of information that can be found on social media are personal. Thus, people might use your information to scam other people.

Similarly, if your files have personal pieces of information, you need to protect them as much as you can so that other people will not have any access to them. One of the best ways to do it is by encrypting a password to your PDF file. Using GogoPDF’s Unlock PDF tool, you can quickly insert a password to your PDF using the easiest and most manageable way. 

To start, you have to place your chosen file in GogoPDF’s tool. Next, insert the password of your choice. Your password must contain eight characters and both upper and lower cases. Also, it must have alpha-numeric characters. Once done, the system will process your file. Lastly, check if your file is ready, click the link, and start downloading your newly protected file. 

How To Compress A PDF File

If you have files that come in huge sizes, you have to reduce their size to easily send them online. Using GogoPDF’s Compress PDF tool, you can easily compress your file using the easiest possible way. Check out these easy-to-follow steps: 

  • First, you have to look for your file and drop it in GogoPDF’s tool.
  • Second, GogoPDF will compress and analyze your file.
  • Third, the process will proceed, and your file should be ready in a minute.
  • Lastly, click your file’s link and start downloading your file. 

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Indeed, learning how to use GogoPDF will make your file transformation task easier. Also, if you want to learn about its other features, you can check out its website. You can also avail of their free-trial promo!