Pros and Cons of Using a Gas Hob in India

Juliet D'cruz

Pros and Cons of Using a Gas Hob in India

The right gas stove is essential for any kitchen in India, and there are many options for freestanding stoves. The hob is a hot item and becoming more popular, and this article has all the advantages and disadvantages of hobs that you must be aware of.

Gas stoves and hobs are safe and long-lasting cooktops, but they differ in various characteristics in terms of appearance, function and features. Gas stoves are typical freestanding body-type cooktops with basic features, while on the other hand, modern, fuel-efficient, the modern hob is loaded with numerous extraordinary options.

Built-in hobs are the most attractive appliance in the kitchen today. The traditional gas stoves are significant, and visible gas pipes can also impede the design and appearance of kitchens. Therefore, on the subject of arrival, the built-in stove is the better choice to provide a seamless appearance to your kitchen.

In specific terms, the gas hob can be an alternative to a gas stove, and the benefits and drawbacks of a hob are discussed in the following paragraphs. Take the time to read the article and discover the gas hob’s advantages and disadvantages and what features are appropriate for your kitchen and cooking way of life.

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Advantages of Built-in-Hob

Let’s first look at the benefits of a hob to understand what makes them stand out from other stovetops.

Smooth and Glossy Surface

The first impression of your hob will be its contemporary shiny, glossy, scratch-resistant top. Modern hobs come in glass and stainless steel to provide buyers with a wide selection to choose from based on their style and design for kitchens. Both are simple to maintain and clean.

Multiple Heat Control Choice

Modern stoves have burners with low flames and multi-flames, which offer different temperatures to cook various recipes. Contrary to conventional gas stoves built-in stove, a built-in one can provide high temperatures managed by the inside and external flame’s ring. The burners are also constructed from enamel-coated cast iron that offers excellent durability.

Slim and Sleek Design

Modern hobs are an ideal option to enhance the kitchen’s design and style as opposed to conventional gas stoves. A sleek stove with a sturdy glass finish will give you the most enjoyable cooking experience and the most attractive look for your kitchen design.

Top-Notch Safety Features

Fitted with high-tech safety features, such as a flame-failure feature, child locks and timer function, hobs offer a superior choice in terms of safety features. Modern hobs are safe to use on the residential and commercial levels, as opposed to traditional gas stoves. A child safety lock is an important feature of a hob that is essential for parents to prevent children from altering the settings of hobs.

Efficient Cooking

When the built-in stove is in place, the location of the hob will remain fixed. It can rest on the kitchen countertop solidly and helps ease the heavy vessel’s apposition. Cleaning modern stoves is also easy since it has an anti-spill design.

Automatic Ignition Source

Built-in hobs come with an auto-ignition source that removes the requirement to carry a lighter or matchbox. The auto ignition system can also save fuel by lighting the burners with a click.

Disadvantages of Gas Hob

It is what you need to know before purchasing an appliance for your kitchen. Let’s look at the negatives.

Professional Installation

Installation involves a professional’s learning curve, which can increase your costs. Additionally, replacements incur additional expenses, which is why they are costly compared to conventional gas stoves. The complicated installation is among the main disadvantages of the furnace. Additionally, changing or replacing the positions of the hob can be an expensive and complex job that can damage the kitchen’s appearance. However, well-known brands provide professional and reliable services for their customers.

Electricity Charges

Many hobs are available, and some are charged with electricity. Customers used to LPG or PNG-powered cooking appliances take their time to become accustomed to this. Additionally, electricity allows the hob to consume more electricity. It can cause many problems if you live in an area with frequent power interruptions.


Another major drawback of the hobs is they’re costly. Compared to stoves of the conventional variety, they’re expensive, and maintenance and replacement costs are also high.


Built-in stoves are available in a range of sizes that range from two to five burners. In addition, the options for materials are also diverse in built-in hobs such as ceramic, glass, and stainless steel. Hobs’ advantages and disadvantages benefit anyone contemplating a kitchen remodel.