South India Tours: What Should You Know?

Juliet D'cruz

South India Tours: What Should You Know?

South India  or the southern part of India is wealthy in cultural variety and heritage. The states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana form up the southern part of India. Blessed with splendid coastline and different natural amenities, South India has many tourist destinations that are worth visiting for everyone. 

There is no doubt that every state is distinct when talking about culture, people, and biodiversity. Temples are the spirit of the festive soul of South India. You can take up a South India tour and ensure that you get to visit prominent places in this region of the country.  After all, no matter where you live, exploring the new places in the different regions of your country is always a delight. However, here are a quick walk through the most exciting and worthy tourist places you must not miss.


Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage destination and falls in the district of Vijayanagar in Karnataka. The tumble-down temples of Hampi fascinate visitors from around the world. Similarly , there are manifold of these temples that you are going to find yourself in a fully different world altogether.  People visit here to observe the old ruins and to learn more about the history and culture of the empires that reigned here once! You are also going to wtiness rocky mountains here that are perfect for both hikers and adventure seekers. These things make this place a worth visiting destination for everyone.

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in case you always wanted that you could visit France, then why not try out heading to south to India’s own little France, Pondicherry a delightful French town gets you French colonial architecture and gorgeous avenues lathered with Bougainville. Once you are there you can visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, take a walk along the French colonies and  also go for boating at the Paradise beach. You surely would experience the vibes of France once you are at this place. Of course, not to miss the sites will be entirely different there in comparison to north or other regions of India.

Kumarakom In Kerala

It is not to be said that Kerala has always been a preferred choice amongst tourists from all across the world. The soothing backwaters, joyous boat ride, robust tall coconut groves welcome everyone to this God’s Own Country. So a vacation in Kerala’s Kumarakom is a must for everyone who loves traveling.  This is one of the premium tourist places in South India. And once you are there visit the Vembanad Lake, Pathiramanal Island and also don’t forget to visit for birdwatching at the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. You would definitely have a featured experience at this region of South India.

Ooty In Tamil Nadu

Once it comes to planning a cosy honeymoon or vibrant trip in South India, Ooty will surely be on your bucket list. Ooty is snuggled amongst the lush green Nilgiri Hills. It’s ideal for couples who wish to spend some quality time togetherness. You can easily take a trip on the Toy Train and explore the bird’s-eye views of the hill station. Chocolate lovers can experience a trip down to the Chocolate Museum at this place and experience delicious Ooty chocolates. Indeed, whether natural beauty, adventure activities , pleasant strolls or even positive vibes; you should visit this place.


Coorg is well-known as Kodagu in Karnataka. It is famous its deep forests, wildlife, and picturesque landscapes. In case you happen to visit this place during the rainy season, you are going to be amazed at the manifold waterfalls that chute from the mountains to refresh your soul and spirits. Coorg is an adored tourist attraction in South India for honeymoon couples because of its natural vistas and the splendid adventurous experience it offers to them.  you can definitely be sure that you have a fulfilling time at this place once you are there. After all, it is a wonderful place to be at. No matter you are alone, with your partner, kids or friends or even colleagues; this place will treat you beautifully.


To sum up, for your South India Holidays, you must not miss out on the discussed destinations. After all, it is going to be a big hit and cherished experience for you.

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