The Best Ski Resorts Near Burlington, VT

Juliet D'cruz

The Best Ski Resorts Near Burlington, VT

Skiing is one of the best ways to stay active in the winter while having the time of your life!  If you’re eager to get out this winter and make the most of the season, you’re not alone.

Burlington, Vermont, is a dream come true for anyone who visits.  These are some of the best ski resorts you’ll find in the area! 

When to Head to the Burlington Area for Skiing

The average skiing season starts in early November.  This is due to the abundance of snow the area gets in the middle of fall.  Burlington has broken many records for having the earliest ski season in the state and boasts over 20 skiing resorts to allow people to cut loose and have fun!

The best part is: the ski season lasts for over six months!  The average season ends in mid to late May, depending on that year’s temperatures.  Although this can make for a chilly place to live, it’s worth it if you get to cut loose and have fun skiing through the chill.

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Sterling Ridge Resort

When you need a gorgeous break from looking at Burlington houses for sale, it’s time to head to Sterling Ridge Resort.  This resort and hotel are beautiful year-round!  In the summer, you get fantastic greenery, a pool, and open lake views that are to die for.

In the winter, this area really comes to life!  With a skating rink, quick access to the slopes, and fantastic endless snowy views, it’ll take your breath away.

Cochran’s Ski Area

The highest-rated skiing resort on this list, with 4.9 stars out of five, Cochran’s Ski Area is awesome for everyone, from kids to pros, and gives you the best value for your money.  This is the best ski spot for families that are traveling together and want to have fun.

Bolton Valley Resort

This is the most-visited resort on this list!  Many love the fantastic views and beautiful surroundings, with great accommodations and lessons offered on location!  This is a slightly more expensive resort, but it’s worth it for all of the perks that come with it! 

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What to Pack for a Ski Trip

If this is your first skiing trip, there’s no need to panic!  The best thing you can do is dress in layers, bring heavy-duty mittens instead of gloves, and consider looking into which resorts have lessons available before you go.

It’s a good idea to consider getting goggles that have UV protection to protect your eyes, and although it might sound wild: bring some no-grease sunscreen!  Although it’s not hot, you’ll be spending a lot of time in the sunlight, and this can damage your skin over the course of your vacation. 

You should also pack some good-quality socks, underwear, and shoes to ensure you’re as warm and comfortable as possible when you’re not on the slopes!

These Ski Resorts Know How to Have Fun!

Whether this is your first skiing vacation or you’ve been on dozens before, these resorts will blow you away!  Cut loose and have the time of your life in Burlington this winter!