The Timeless Appeal Of The Bungalow Lifestyle In Nairobi, Kenya

Juliet D'cruz

The Timeless Appeal Of The Bungalow Lifestyle In Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya, has an extensive range of residential spaces. For instance, you can find a house for rent on major listing sites such as Hauzisha. You can also move into an apartment, a townhouse, semi-detached maisonettes, or a villa. Despite this variety, bungalows still appeal to many Nairobi residents due to their unique attributes. Here are some reasons why these homes continue to attract buyers and tenants in the city.

  • Great accessibility 

Bungalows are a favorite amongst many Nairobi residents because of their accessibility. They can accommodate kids, older adults, or anyone in need of space without inhibitions to movement. That is because they are built on one level instead of multi-level houses like maisonettes, which can limit movement. There will be no stairs to another floor in a bungalow, meaning that the house comes with wheelchair access. Kids are exposed to fewer fall hazards because they move around on one house floor.

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  • More privacy 

Additionally, many bungalows in the city are built within their compounds. Compared to residential spaces like apartments, these houses offer more exclusivity and privacy to the residents. In neighborhoods like Westlands, many bungalows are built on large pieces of land, making them even more excluded from nearby homes. Choosing a bungalow is a great idea for anyone looking to live a quieter life in Nairobi. Privacy can also improve safety if the house has an excellent security system.

  • Larger spaces

More developers in Nairobi are adding staff quarters to their residential spaces, even apartments. However, since most buildings tend to host multiple flats within a limited space, the staff quarters area is smaller. On the other hand, bungalows with their compounds have a lot more space. Additional rooms like staff quarters or even a guest house will be bigger. The homeowner can even host guests within these extra spaces at a cost. Therefore, bungalows provide residents with additional rooms they can lease for some income.

  • Easy maintenance 

Maintaining an entire home comes with a lot of work. People living in apartments tend to have less cleaning and repairing because their homes are smaller. However, those living in stand-alone houses have to handle much more space. Luckily, bungalows only occupy one floor, so there is less square footage to cover in cleaning and maintenance. People living in bungalows can look after the house or hire a few staff members. Those in homes with multiple floors have much more space to cover, meaning they need to hire more people.

  • Lower construction costs

Bungalows are highly desirable because they also cost less money in terms of construction. Because you only build on the ground floor, you only need enough materials to construct the lower level. You will also save money on hard furnishings and fixtures since you only need to install them on one floor. Having less construction work also means you will pay for fewer construction workers. The building and interior design process will take less time. A bungalow is ideal if you are looking for an affordable home.

  • Open-concept design

Finally, another appealing fact about bungalows is that homeowners can explore an open-concept design plan. More people are embracing open designs for their homes because they come with several perks. For instance, they let in a lot more natural light into the house, making the space appealing. They also allow you to make use of more vertical space. Thus, you can have larger windows and higher ceilings. This creates more room and will enable you to explore a broader range of design styles for your home.

Nairobi offers a wide variety of home types for residents to choose from. Despite the availability of houses like maisonettes and apartments, many people continue to find bungalows appealing. These remain popular and modern.

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