Timeless Collection Top Of Piaget’s Remarkable Timepieces

Juliet D'cruz

Timeless Collection: Top Of Piaget’s Remarkable Timepieces

Piaget takes pride in its ability to create a wide range of exquisite timepieces that are never basic in form, function, or mechanism, thanks to its long history and legacy in jewelry and watchmaking. Their diverse watch collections represent their attitudes about art and horology.

The series has several color diamond patterns available. Another example of how the brand exhibits beauty and craft is a Piaget diamond watch. These are only a few of Piaget’s watch collections. The Swiss watch company provides a range of exquisite timepieces that demonstrate their originality, beauty, and innovation.

The Piaget Altiplano Series

Their small timepieces from the Piaget Altiplano series are another famous and groundbreaking product. The Altiplano line of Piaget’s slim watches is widely regarded as the definitive design and embodiment of Piaget’s watchmaking philosophy. With its Piaget Calibre 9P, which is just 2mm thick, it released the world’s thinnest watch in 1957. As a result, Piaget witnessed a whole new world of watch designs and mechanics with the debut of the 9P.

By developing more sophisticated versions of Piaget’s slim watches, the Altiplano series perpetuates Piaget’s tradition. They’ve produced a line of ultra-thin watch mechanicals in various colors and styles. For instance, the Piaget watch Altiplano Ultra-thin Automatic in white gold watch exemplifies the brand’s concept of thinness and design intricacy. 

The price of this timepiece is $30,500. The case is 4.30mm thick and made of 18K white gold. The watch features a suspended barrel design and an off-center black dial.

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The Piaget Possession Series

The Piaget Possession is another brand of luxury timepieces for women shown in the last highlighted collection. The Possession series displays another unique usage of additional precious stones such as brilliant turquoise, green malachite, scarlet carnelian, and deep blue lapis lazuli, enhancing their design and function even more.

It’s another line of Piaget’s diamond watches that focuses on movement. The idea is to rotate the diamonds around the dial. It has a mechanism with a spinning bezel and a white mom-of-pearl dial material and color, the Possession Gold Diamond Watch. It is sold for about $22,433. The unique rotating bezel is embedded with diamonds and is also equipped with alternative bands.

The Piaget Polo S Series

With its 1979 Piaget Polo S, which is today recognized as the Piaget Polo series of men’s premium steel watches, it became a symbol of its time and generation. A lively spirit of the polo sports game influenced the design behind the watch. As a result, they developed a premium watch made wholly and purely of gold — from their dials to their clasps, which became quite successful in the 1980s.

They offer a polo S Chronograph Blue watch in steel from this line of men’s Piaget’s that includes a chronograph and date self-winding mechanical movement. It’s around $12,539 to be bought. Its design recalls the Polo sports game idea that captures sport’s elegance and standards.

Finally, they unveiled an even more sophisticated version of their iconic Piaget men’s watch series, the Polo S, which features a skeletonized mechanism and comes in two colors: slate grey and glossy blue. In terms of details and mechanics, these two new versions are more polished. 

The grey-hued self-winding mechanical watch, for example, combines the functionality of its predecessor with the beauty of the new skeletonized mechanism. It distinguishes itself from other premium brands due to its ultra-thin characteristics. Prepare to pay roughly $31,123 for these goods.

The Piaget Limelight Gala Series

The beautiful and elegant ‘Limelight Gala’ series is available for Piaget women’s watches. The Piaget Limelight Gala showcases the brand’s diamond watch collection, which is designed to appeal to women’s femininity and refined sense of beauty and refinement.

Piaget’s concept for this collection is yet another unique approach as the company continues to push the boundaries of design. With its natural malachite dial, rose gold set, and bracelet, the Limelight Gala rose gold diamond watch, for example, symbolizes the Limelight Gala line. This timepiece combines the brand’s expertise in jewelry design with the precision processes necessary in horology.

The collection of Limelight Gala often focuses on curvatures, asymmetries, and unique jewelry that have characterized Piaget’s overall watchmaking. In addition, their range consists of many female watches decorated with valuable stones such as malachite and diamonds. From shape and style, the range of Piaget diamond watches was another specialty of its own, which its devoted consumers still adore.


Piaget continues to exceed their expectations by producing more clever designs that highlight their mastery of the art. So it’s hardly surprising that the watches they continue to make follow their business philosophy of “always exceeding our own standards of beauty and watch design.”

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