Top 10 Cement Companies in India

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Top 10 Cement Companies in India

✓✓Top 10 Cement Companies in India Best Cement Companies in India by Capacity.Top 5 Cement Companies IndaTop 20 & 50 Cement Companies India in Quality.

India is a country with glorifying architecture; either it is a commercial design or a residential complex. Also, India is the second-largest cement producer in the world, as first is China. Cement is the essential component used in constructing such beautiful structures and even residential complexes. Here we will discuss the details of best cement companies in India

List of top 10 cement companies in India

India had its first cement factory, which was in 1904, in Madras, named ‘South India Industrial Ltd.’ After this small company was established later in 1914, ‘Indian Cement Company Ltd’ started in Porbandar in Gujarat. Now, there are some top cement companies in India which try to give out there best and get into the position of being number one in their filed & provide cement to the various sectors.

Indian cements also expect higher prices in the coming days, the vice-chairman and managing director N. Srinivasan quoted, “The current price rise is based on fundamentals. The utilization levels are going up, and the demand is growing”. Maybe in the future, India beats China and becomes the first largest country in cement production. This steep hike in cement prices is going to be a lot more profitable for the Indian cement companies. Given below is the list of top 10 cement companies in by capacity and quality in India

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1.Ultratech Cement

Ultratech cement is the first company on the list of best cement companies in India as it has gained the trust and proved that it is the best. The founder of this huge company is Kumar Mangalam Birla, who is also the chairman of multinational Aditya Birla Group, which is again a vast company functioning in over six continents across 35 countries.

It is the cement company that manufactures its product by using the latest technology out there. Before becoming Ultratech cement, it was named ‘The Hindu Business Line, ’ which was acquired from Larsen and Turbo. Also, even before being Ultratech, it had high production and brand productivity. Its grade is Ordinary Portland cement as OPC 33 grade generally used for civil construction under average normal conditions.

The company produces over 93 million tons of grey cement in a year and one of the top cement companies in India by capacity. It is a public cement company. Revenue of 3.7 billion dollars, according to the 2012 year was estimated. Aditya Birla group is the owner of this company. They are a large system including one clinkerisation plant, twenty-five grinding units & 18 integrated plants. This company came into existence in 1983 and is the part of the Aditya Birla group having its headquarters in Mumbai. Along with providing their best services in various parts of our country, it has also exceeded to other countries like the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka.

Later in 2016, the company’s plan to acquire two cement plants from the JP associates was rejected by Bombay High court. Then the Ultratech began to make different strategic plans to acquire various other plants by acquiring Jaiprakash Associates. Recently February 2019, Ultratech Cement Company has allotted 3,024 equity shares of Rs 10 to option grantees upon exercise of stock options under the company’s employee stock option scheme. Today Ultratech is one of the top 10 cement companies in India and famous as the best cement in India for construction.

  1. ACC Cement 

The second one is with the production capacity of around 33.42 million tons of cement per year. As the first company in the list, ACC is also a public company. ACC is India’s largest and oldest cement company. Under this vast company, over 10,000 employees are working. Headquarters are situated in Mumbai. The company was established in 1936, which is like over 82 years ago and is growing until today. This company is established in over 80 countries around the globe.

3.Shree Cement

This company has the capacity to produce cement around 19.3 million tons per year. Listed among the top 5 cement companies in India,

Shree cement manages five cement manufacturing plants. This was the established 1979 in Rajasthan’s Ajmer district and has it’s headquarter located in Kolkata.

The executive chairman of the company is Benu Gopal Bangur. Also, the managing director of the company is Hari Mohan Bangur. According to the 2013-14 survey, it held a revenue of Rs 58.58 billion. Even by 2021, it would have revenue of 6,500 crores and aim to produce the producer of best quality cement in India.

  1. Ramco Cement

This was established in 1957 and has been able to stay in the fifth position in the list of top cement companies in India. Before Ramco it was known as Madras cements Ltd which was established in 1961. The owner of Ramco Company is ‘P A C Ramasamy Raja’.  At present  Ramco cement is one of the top cement companies in South India. 

This is the green plant of Ramco in the Tamil Nadu.The production capacity has 16.45 million tons per year. It holds eight manufacturing plants, which also includes the various grinding unit. And it also has 2800 around employees working for it. The Head office is placed in Chennai. The grade is dependent on 28-day compressive strength of cement mortar; the Ramco SRC, which is sulphate resisting cement, is built as per IS 12330.

This cement can hold still on marine surfaces where the sulphate is present in an extra amount. Talking about the super grade about Ramco, it is a PPC (Pozzolanic Portland Cement) grade cement designed and constructed as per IS 1489. Having a great benefit of production of less heat of hydration and production of high resistance to the unwanted water than an average Portland cement, Ramco is comparatively good cement in India for roof construction. The market capitalization of Rs 8000 Cr plus is done by Ramco. Recently also the midcap stocks were gained by Ramco cements.

5.The India Cement Ltd

This company was established in the year 1946, and headquarter is in the Tirunelveli, Chennai in Tamil Nadu by S. N. N. Sankaralinga Iyer and the first plant was set up in Thalayuthu in Tamil Nadu. The company is headed by former International Cricket Council Chairman N. Srinivasan. It is a public company.

This company holds a production capacity of this company is around 15.5 million tons per year. It has about eight integrated cement plants and also two grinding units. Also, it has working employees as in 7500. It has total assets of Rs 9 billion. The net income is Rs 7.45 billion.

The company has various services provided to the employees and also makes it more successful day by day. India cements company owned the famous IPL (Indian Premier League) league team ‘Chennai Super Kings’ for the year from 2008 – 2014. According to the recent news, The India Cements Limited shares are growing positive in a very short period of time as the stock has finished higher by 6.76% for the week. This gives the company high hopes for future shares.

  1. Binani Cement

This company was established in 1996. Headquarter of this company is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It holds a capacity of around 11.2 million tons. Also, the company has 2 integrated plants is located in China, and the other is in India.

Also expanding its territory, this company has the grinding unit, which is currently located in Dubai. The grades of the company which it holds are 2, and both of them are 43 and 53. The managing director of the company as Vinod Juneja has brought up in various developed ventures that have been working pretty well and initiated for the success of the company. It is a public company. In the last year in 2018, Ultratech Cement Company made Binani, it’s subsidiary.

  1. Wonder Cement

Wonder Cement is the largest cement company in north-western India. It has a production capacity of approximately 6.75 million tons. Wonder cement is enriched with R. K. marble. The plant of this company is located in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. Expanding their territory, they have also launched a grinding unit recently in Dhule, which will give them overall production up to a raise up to 8.75 million tons per year. They are a private company established in the year 2010.

Headquarter of the company is in Udaipur in Rajasthan. The vice president is Ashok Patni. They have employees under them around 1500-2000. RK group owns this cement company. This company grew rapidly within two years of commencement, expanding to double its capacity. Recently the ‘Blackstone group and Teamsek Holdings’, private investors, are in the process of acquiring 15-20% for Rs 1000 crore. This surely assures an excellent future for the company and growth in the whole country as it did in north western side.


This is a huge organization with 3 headquarters located in Delhi, Mumbai & Kanpur. This huge family is ruled and run by Singhania family. One among the top cement companies in India. 


JK cement also produces tyre, paper, software, dairy products & also engineering equipment. The organization holds 50,000 employees under it. The revenue of this organization is 35000 crore rupees. Their subsidiaries of this organization are J. K. Cement FZC, Jay kay cem limited, Nihon Nirmaan limited & J. K. Cement works (UAE). The first grey cement plant was established in Rajasthan in May 1975. They are ready to set up a grinding unit in Gujarat. JK Cement plans to spend Rs 1700 crore to upgrade its capacity to 15 million tons by the year 2020.

  1. JSW Cement

This is a subsidiary company. This company has 3 cement production units and 2 grinding units. The integrated cement plant is located in Nandyal in Madhya Pradesh. The annual capacity of this company is over six million per tons. Headquarter is in Mumbai. The owner of this company is JSW group.

This company is responsible for promoting the Portland Slag Cement, also known as green cement (because it produces comparatively less CO2 in our surroundings) in South India. The chairman of this company is Sajjan Jindal, and Managing Director is Parth Jindal. The company name JSW is an abbreviation for the Jindal South West group. This company is growing so well that they have invested 2,000 crores in taking the capacity of the company to 20 million tons by the year 2020.

  1. MYCEM Cement

Listed among the top 10 cement companies in India, Mycem cement is a private company. The company was founded in the year 1959. Headquarter lies in Gurgaon in Haryana. There are various locations of this company as Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra. The founder of this company is Sarangpani Mundaliar. The net income of this company is 20,442.8 Million Rupees. And the total assets are 20,792 Million Rupees. The owner of this company is the Heidelberg Cement in Germany from the year 2006. Mycem holds over 5000 employees under it.

The subsidiary is Diamond Cement. Now they have found new markets in various parts of Northern India. Last, in October 2018 post-Diwali season, Heidelberg stated cement demand is beyond and expects a price hike. Well, the company is growing well and also intends to be in the top 5 cement companies in India by 2020.

Apart from the above list, another famous cement company is Ambuja Cements. Listed among the top 20 cement companies in India, Ambuja Cements holds a production capacity of around 29.65 tons per year. Mr. Sekhsaria is the current chairman of this company. The company was founded in 1983, and headquarter is in Mumbai. It also has integrated five cement manufacturing plants & eight grinding units. This company was later taken under control by Swiss cement major Holcim in 2004. Also, the name, which is as Associated Cement Companies Ltd was changed to ACC in 2006. Also, it has a catchy advertisement tag line as “is cement mein jaan hain”. The current managing director and chief executive of ACC is Neeraj Akhoury. Today both ACC and Ambuja cements are the top cement companies in India.

Various companies are competing to be the first and trying to get better with every passing day. One day for sure, India will be the highest cement producing country in the world. As also, various companies had targeted for some net worth amount of tons to be achieved till 2020, hoping they will get their targets completed.

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