Top Countries to Study Information Technology

Juliet D'cruz

Top Countries to Study Information Technology

Information Technology or better known as IT, comprises learning about networks and computers, their processes, the way of cleaning, storing, as well as securing business information or the information can be of any type in regard to professional purposes. Information Technology is in great demand right now, and millions of students all over the world aspire to secure a job in the IT sector with a degree in the same.

The best thing about Information technology is that it can be pursued. You can have it in the diploma level, BSc, BTech, MSc, and MTech, but amazingly you can get it on MBA too. The diploma course in information technology is pursued via various selling courses platforms, by many students, and in the bachelor’s and master’s degree, the IT degree is generally taken via offline mode from some reputed educational institutes.

And if you want to make fully sure that you get the best learning without leaving any stones unturned, then you must opt for abroad colleges and universities. They ensure providing the best education, infrastructure, and campus facilities, and you’ll be able to learn in a more organized way, along with gaining the necessary skills for this course. Check out the top countries to study information technology in the sections below.

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United States of America

The USA is the prime attraction of students when the matter comes to pursuing education in information technology. A world-class education is a primary feature of the institute of the United States of America, and add to that, the research facilities it provides are one of the major attractions to the students aspiring to pursue this course. 

Besides, some of the most renowned universities are present in this country, having a massive global reputation. Having a good GRE score is a must to secure admission in those. Some of the top universities to study information technology in the USA are the California Institute of Technology, the University of Washington, New York University, etc.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom also comes among the top countries to provide quality education in information technology. Several of the world’s most famous educational institutes are present in the UK, for which candidates might have to crack certain entrance examinations. Also, cracking the TOEFL exam might be necessary for some institutes which determine your hold in the English language. Moreover, several job opportunities are present for candidates securing this degree from this country. Some of the top countries to secure education in information technology are the University of Cambridge, the University of Bristol, Lancaster University, etc.


Canada is also among the top countries to study information technology. The country is one of the best in delivering quality education, and students will also be able to sell online courses from their own website in information technology. 

Apart from that, candidates will also be able to witness the beauty of the country, which even makes the nation one of the more attractive destinations for pursuing education. Canada indeed welcomes thousands of international students every year, coming to pursue this course. Some of the top colleges here in this regard are the University of Victoria, the University of Calgary, York University, etc.


Germany has been always a priority among students when it comes to pursuing education, and the information technology sector being highly developed here, makes the country even more attractive to candidates. Besides, several world-class universities are present here, with the tuition fees in this country are absolutely free. Candidates generally have to pay the travel and living costs only. Having good IELTS scores might be necessary for securing admission to some educational institutes. Some of the top colleges for learning information technology in Germany are the Berlin Institute of Technology, RWTH Aachen University, the University of Stuttgart, etc.


Japan indeed comes among the top countries to study information technology with the country being one of the giants in the world market in the IT sector. The IT sector is huge here, job opportunities for candidates having this degree are huge, and quality education is ensured here as well. Also, several reputed institutes are present here for offering education in IT, having an international reputation. The top colleges among them are Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kyoto University, etc.

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