Top Reasons Why Ethereum Is A Popular Choice Of Investors

Juliet D'cruz

Top Reasons Why Ethereum Is A Popular Choice Of Investors

If you are new to cryptocurrency or looking to diversify your portfolio, you might be wondering if you should invest in ETH or not. Ethereum can be a great investment choice and pay you in a big way given the significant increase in price since 2021 with no signs of slowing down. As per experts, there is plenty of growth expected going forward, and it is a smart decision to invest in them. Here are some of the reasons for this sentiment. 

Provides Real-World Applications

One of the key reasons for the success of Ethereum is the addition of smart contracts since it was created. Vitalik Buterin, in 2013 had conceived the importance of executing transactions based on agreed-upon conditions. This functionality enabled many real-world applications that range from finance to healthcare. Many other sectors are waiting to be disrupted. 

Early adopters of this digital currency have advantages as it has become the de-facto platform for building crypto-based projects or dApps. Added to this is the basic premise of it being decentralized and open-source. Moreover, Ethereum provides utilities that are tangible and real. While many cryptocurrencies offer decentralized finance and currency features, Ethereum has been a frontrunner and a game-changer in many aspects. 

Ethereum, due to its platform, has many crypto projects, which has made many big companies own a part of this cryptocurrency system. This positive sentiment has ensured that Ethereum price remained high for the past few years. 

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It Muscles the NFT World

One of the biggest buzzwords in the crypto market is the NFT, a nonfungible token. It is a digital asset, and due to the rise in its valuations, it has seen a rapid increase in popularity. Recently an NFT was sold for $69 million, making this asset of huge interest to speculators. Most of the popular NFTs marketplaces are powered by Ethereum as it provides great flexibility to trade. While there are many other cryptos like Solana which are in competition, time will tell who overtakes them in this race. However, as an investor, if you are looking to invest in an efficient and robust system, Ethereum will not disappoint. 

Can Runs Apps Uncensored

In the modern world, despite having the best of technologies, there is a lot of censorship of apps. That is a big issue for certain sections of the population who do not like the idea of censorship. Even companies like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc., often tweak the content. However, the use of platforms like Ethereum due to its decentralized nature can keep the world free.

The information on the Ethereum blockchain cannot be meddled by any agency and will remain uncensored as long as the Ethereum platform is active. If you are also a torchbearer for the end of censorship, it is the best time to buy Ethereum.

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Has many Innovative Projects

Just like how the internet bubble couldn’t kill the internet, the 2017 crypto bubble couldn’t end Ethereum; though the value dropped, it did not disappear. It only gained momentum and strength to work on improvements. This shows that Ethereum is the home for innovation, and many projects are built using the platform, which makes investing in them a better choice to cash in on their success. Check the ETH to INR before investing to know the latest price. 

The internet revolution made the world interconnected. Ethereum is showing new levels of interconnections for individuals and businesses. So putting your money into Ethereum is a no-brainer. 

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