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Top Ways to Beat the Heat in the Summers

Summers in any tropical country are mostly not as fun as many might think. It is often extremely uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. People might want to always be in cold rooms which can be achieved by being in a room with a Delhi air conditioner but for most people that is not possible. People are often at risk of physical harm that can range from mild problems like dizziness or nausea to serious issues like heat exhaustion and strokes. Even though it is quite common, many don’t know how to recognise the tell-tale signs of heat exhaustion and what to do if you or someone around you is facing it. It does not have long-term effects if treated quickly.

What are heat exhaustion and its symptoms?

Heat exhaustion occurs when one is exposed to direct sunlight and high temperature for a prolonged period. It is widely considered a heat-related illness. Two separate types of heat exhaustion can occur to a person. 

The most common is due to water depletion. When one is sweating excessively without the necessary intake of water, this might occur. The most common symptoms for it are excessive thirst, headache, sudden dizziness, weakness, loss of consciousness. 

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The second kind is heat exhaustion occurring due to salt depletion. This occurs when you’re in severe high temperature and you’re drinking water but that doesn’t contain the salts your body needs to function. Common symptoms include nausea and vomiting, severe muscle cramps, and dizziness. Additionally, very rapid heartbeat, dark urine colour, confusion, pale skin can also accompany any case of heat  exhaustion.

 Heat exhaustion by itself is not very serious but if it goes undetected and untreated, it may proceed to a heat stroke which is far more severe and has long-lasting adverse effects. Understanding and looking out for these symptoms when you’re out in direct sunlight, especially around noon is very important. 

How to treat heat exhaustion quickly

Once you identify the signs, it can be quite easy to treat heat exhaustion by yourself.

  • Drink fluids-

Since heat exhaustion occurs due to dehydration, the first thing you have to do is consume lots of fluids. It’s even better if you can have ORS but if that’s not readily available, plain room temperature water is sufficient.

  • Loosen clothing-

Having tightly fitted clothes on while suffering heat exhaustion isn’t ideal. Loosen your necktie and belt, undo a couple of shirt buttons, remove unnecessary items like shoes and socks.

  • Rest in a cool place-

Go to a place with shade and rest there for a while. Once you’ve calmed down and consumed plenty of fluids, go into a room with an AC or cooler. If it’s difficult to afford such expensive machines, you can always get a cooler on rent in Delhi which is a cheaper option since they are not regularly used throughout the year.

  • Bath-

After a while, take a cool shower to completely cool off your body and to feel fresh.

These tips can be very useful during a scary time while in heat. 

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