What Are Embedded Systems Courses?

Juliet D'cruz

What Are Embedded Systems Courses?

The programming embedded systems aim to provide hands-on expertise to you. From first-time programming microcontrollers to mastering ARM processor programming, you can explore a range of embedded system courses for enhancing your IT & software or programming development career. 

Definition of an Embedded system 

The electronic computer circuit, including a central processing unit or CPU, is an embedded system. The embedded system in a computer is responsible for handling a specific task within a larger functional system. The most common Embedded systems are microprocessors and microcontrollers. These embedded systems take input from peripheral devices and detect the external changes in external situations that influence the system’s functioning. Regulating the central heating system also comes under the functioning of an embedded system. Unlike common computing systems, embedded system computers are more advanced and are designed for specific purposes.  

Common characteristics of an embedded system 

Some of the common characteristics of an embedded system include 

  • The systems comprise microprocessors or microcontrollers with CPU
  • Require software programming
  • The system is available at affordable prices 
  • The implementation process is lower in prices
  • The system focuses on less power consumption
  • Embedded system is smaller in size than other general computer systems.

The following are the top embedded system courses in India.

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1. Mastering Microcontroller and Embedded Driver Development

Course highlights 

  • Driver Development studies for GPIO, SPI, I2C and USART
  • Discussing Reference manuals, start-up Codes, and MCU data sheets
  • Studying clock sources, MCU bus interfaces, and MCU clock configurations

Course requirements 

  • Basic skills in the C programming

2. Foundation of Embedded Systems with ARM Cortex and STM32

Course highlights 

  • Detailed study of the ARM Cortex fundamentals
  • Core register functional skills about the program counters, stack pointers, link registers, control registers, and vector tables
  • A detailed description of different peripherals and their programming

Course requirements 

  • Basic skills in the embedded systems
  • Complimentary skills in the STM32 Nucleo development board 
  • Basic skills in ARM Cortex-M fundamentals

3. USB Behind the Scenes: Hands-on HID Firmware Development

Course highlights 

  • Detailed knowledge about bare-metal firmware for USB 2.0 human interface devices (HID) without third-party libraries or any code generator
  • Program skills of a fully functional USB mouse from zero
  • Skills in using USB without applying UART

Course requirements 

  • Basic skills in C programming language
  • Basic skills in designing embedded systems
  • Basic knowledge about any STM32F4 Microcontroller (ARM Cortex-M4 based) 

4. Embedded Electronics Bootcamp: From Bit to Deep Learning

Course highlights 

  • FPGA Hardware Designing with efficient skills in VHDL
  • IoT, Embedded Systems Monitoring, Python, and Remote Control 
  • Microcontroller Programming and Simulation

Course requirements 

  • No skill requirement

5. Embedded System Design using UML State Machines

Course highlights 

  • Programming knowledge from course events 
  • Skills in UML state machine semantics and state chart drawing
  • Action objects design approach
  • State machines’ Nested switch implementation 

Course requirements 

  • Basic skills in ‘C’ or ‘C++ programming language

Other Embedded Systems Courses

The following are the other Embedded Systems Courses in Bangalore:

  • Microcontroller Courses
  • ARM Cortex-M Courses
  • RTOS Courses
  • Arduino Courses
  • Internet Of Things Courses
  • Embedded C Courses
  • STM32 course
  • PIC Microcontroller Courses
  • Electronics Courses
  • Embedded Linux Courses


So, here are the top Embedded Systems Courses available online. Prefer choosing the right course to get efficient working skills in your career. By registering for the course, you can get specialized, effective and efficient knowledge of the designing task. You can also look for the Power Converter Courses in Pune, apart from the Embedded system courses.