Juliet D'cruz

What Are the Top Skills That a Student of Computer Science Must Have?

If you are pursuing streams like computer science engineering and more, then as a student of computer science, there are some skills you should have. These skills are not just necessary, but also very useful to add to your resume or CV. You can gain and master some of these skills from online courses for engineering students. Now, let us look into these must-haves.

1.      Programming Languages

One of the fundamental skills for a student of computer science is programming languages. Whether you are planning to pursue the field of Machine Learning or the domain of Website Development or any other area, you need to implement and understand the basic concepts of programming. However, you need not be efficient in all the programming languages. You can decide to learn languages that are relevant to your areas or domain of specialisation. In accordance with the perspective of your career, you can learn multiple famous programming languages such as C++, C, Ruby, Java, Python, and many more. You can gather knowledge of these programming languages from multiple offline or online reliable sources. Going for online courses for engineering students is a good start to mastering programming skills.

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2.      Data Science

In the scenario of the present day, the best data science courses are emerging with a high demand for skills. The professionals of Harvard University have termed it to be the sexiest job of the twenty-first century. The multi-disciplinary field of data science deals with the uprooting of insight or knowledge from huge amounts of data in association with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and other technologies. Organizations are assisted by these insights to make significantly data-driven and strategic decisions. The best data science courses will help you understand the concepts of Software Engineering, Statistics, Machine Learning and so on and make you proficient with your skills in data science. Moreover, for any organisation, the biggest asset is data and they mostly depend on the data they have. Therefore, one’s skills in the same are more likely to give them an upper hand.

3.      Cyber Security

In the IT industry, the demanding and trending skill is cyber security. From a statistical point of view, the international market of cyber security within the oncoming three to four years will be nearly two hundred and forty-eight billion dollars. This field works with the protection of the data and system from malicious activities or any unauthorised access. Additionally, it offers some features, for instance, fewer chances of failure of the network, increased productivity, and many more. In order to excel and learn the skills of cyber security one needs to understand firewalls, knowledge of operating systems like Windows, Linux and many others, basic programming concepts, etc. One can also get more exposure through earning certifications like CISSP or CEH. Furthermore, mention cyber security skills in your CV will help you get higher pay checks.

Finally, some other necessary skills for the purpose are project management, software development, technical writing, etc. You have them and you are good to go!