What is an AirTrack mats?

Juliet D'cruz

What is an AirTrack mats?

The AirTrack tutorial includes trampoline outlines, elastic castles, springs, and floor mats. This type of trackmat can be used for gymnastics, parkour, cheerleaders, tricks,exercise and even the wind, so it can also be used for physiotherapy at various levels of exercise.

Why you should choose AirTrack over some exercise mats?

AirTrack is an inflatable cushion used by gymnasts, athletes, and children during training. It is widely used because it is a thick plastic rope that is safe, soft, and filled only with air. The advantage of these mats is that you can adjust the strength of the mat yourself. In particular, you can blow the most unique air in the world of training mats. Why would you consider their first impression as a young child or a physiotherapist?

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All about Air trackmats format

These types of carpets are made of high quality durable plastic (the kind of only plastic used to blow up legs and carpets) and are designed for maximum safety and durability. increase. The rug has lights that you can use to do safe exercises and jump from the air to other rugs.

How long does it take to fly?

The air track mat lasts an average of 10 years with normal use. Life expectancy depends on how often you use the product and how often. Some spiritual songs may take up to 12 years or more.

Versatility and portability

Once lifted, all cushions can be attached anywhere. The mats is not connected to the pump. The pump should always blow air. Therefore, there is no noise during operation and the mats can be used anywhere. The cushions are well made and there is no air loss during use. AirTracks are designed to play with fuel and pressure, making it extremely difficult to land safely or jump quickly and quickly.

They are breathable, completely quiet, lightweight (usually 3 lbs per square foot), stable, and have little storage space (15 meters AirTrack fits a non-bulging car). ).

Good for your body

Training on the Kameymall AirTrack mat is good for your body and soul. Saliva absorbs the shock, which reduces the sensitivity of the joints. In addition, soft pumping, especially to increase suspension, will speed up jumps and heels.

Change and trust

As you can imagine, if you can do better with less pain in your body, you will love it. Children who are afraid of falling are brave enough to exercise when needed. Good change for babies and trust!

Air truck 4 to 8 inches (10 cm vs. 20 cm thick).

Gymnasts who want to train at a higher level want to feel comfortable and confident on the mat. Lightweight engines, such as 4-inch motors, can provide more comfort and performance than 8-inch or 12-inch inflatable mattresses, making them ideal for exercise such as shearing and cutting.

Air track are in contrast to trampolines

Trampolines are also a fun activity for kids, but they are limited to the advanced tips and tricks you need to practice and balance properly.

Trampolines are designed to descend from above and above to create leaves in the air, while AirTracks are designed for landing and sports. However, the exercise mats are intended for children and young people too who love running and gentle fitness.

By the way, this is still a huge market.

If you want to attract audience so we suggest you to buy this air track mat which will help to catch more people. Cast training. We talk about cheerleaders, acrobatics, martial arts, gymnasts, circus players and more. With the various rugs available, you can choose the one that suits you best. This is completely different from a trampoline.

Unique AirTrack and accessories

AirTrack mat is friendly product, everyone can use it easily without any hesitation.

However, there is also considerable diversity and resources to make it easy to meet your training needs. These options are listed below so that you can fully understand the differences between the mats and quickly see what works best for your situation.

As all other names of air accumulators, which is quiet, has controllable pressure and immediate expansion. Furthermore, they are all flexible and have much limited storage space for use.

  • AirTrack mat board; The AirBoard can be used as a spring here and is light and easy to install and move, and the dimensions of this mat are i100 x 40 x 10 cm.
  • Airboard. It is strong and hard quality rather then other mats and Combined with Velcro, it attaches easily to the gym floor or AirFloor 3 x 1m. The dimensions of this mat are 100 x 40 x 20 cm.
  • AirTrick: This AirTrack mat comes in market with full of its specification. People attract to buy this after observing its best specifications.  You can also check its details by our recommended site which is available in this article inside the highlighted link. The thick, large area creates unparalleled jumps on any surface, making it ideal for first and most important workouts. The air track is suitable for large groups and can be moved freely. All ages, hobbyists, and professionals will love AirTrick! 

World-renowned athletes use AirTricks, and training on AirTricks proves that you too can become a skilled athlete. The rugs are suitable for all flat surfaces and are available in thicknesses of 20 or 30 cm.

  • Exercise Set air track mat 1st Edition. This complete set combines 3 versatile cushions that can be used indefinitely. Each set comes with Velcro and a stirring blade.

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