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What Is CRN In Income Tax?

Are you curious to know what is CRN in income tax? You have come to the right place as I am going to tell you everything about CRN in income tax in a very simple explanation. Without further discussion let’s begin to know what is CRN in income tax?

In the landscape of income tax filing and interactions with tax authorities, the Customer Relationship Number (CRN) stands as a pivotal identifier, streamlining processes and ensuring efficient communication between taxpayers and the income tax department.

What Is CRN In Income Tax?

  • Unique Identifier: CRN is a distinct and unique number allocated to individual taxpayers who file their income tax returns. It serves as an identification code linked to the taxpayer’s records within the income tax system.
  • Facilitates Communication: CRN acts as a reference point for taxpayers when communicating or engaging with the income tax department for inquiries, grievances, or updates related to their tax affairs.

Key Aspects Of CRN In Income Tax

  • Assigned by Tax Authorities: The income tax department assigns the CRN to individuals upon their registration or when they begin filing their income tax returns.
  • Streamlining Interactions: CRN simplifies and streamlines interactions between taxpayers and the income tax department, enabling smoother communication and quicker resolution of queries.

Significance For Taxpayers

  • Track Record Keeping: CRN aids taxpayers in maintaining a comprehensive record of their interactions, correspondence, and transactions with the income tax department.
  • Easier Correspondence: Using the CRN in communications with tax authorities ensures that queries or requests are directed accurately, expediting responses and resolutions.

Security And Confidentiality

  • Confidentiality Measures: CRN, being a unique identifier, contributes to maintaining the confidentiality and security of taxpayer information within the income tax system.
  • Authentication Purposes: It may serve as a verification measure for authenticating the identity of taxpayers during certain interactions or transactions with tax authorities.


The Customer Relationship Number (CRN) plays a crucial role in the income tax filing ecosystem, serving as a personalized identifier for taxpayers within the income tax system. Its significance lies in streamlining communication, maintaining records, and ensuring efficient interactions between taxpayers and the income tax department. Understanding the importance of the CRN empowers taxpayers to navigate income tax-related matters with greater ease and precision, fostering a more streamlined and efficient tax compliance process. Always refer to official income tax resources or authorities for the most updated and accurate information regarding CRN and its applications in income tax filings and interactions.


How Do I Find My CRN For Income Tax?

Taxpayer can view generated Challans (CRN) on the e-Pay Tax page under the “Generated Challans” tab on e-Filing portal post-login.

What Is The Difference Between CRN And Challan Serial Number?

The Challan Number and CRN serve different purposes and are not the same because they represent different aspects of the tax payment process. The Challan Number identifies the specific payment made, while the CRN identifies the bank branch through which the payment was processed.

What Is The Full Form Of CRN In Payment?

CRN full form is the Customer Reference Number. The customer reference number is a unique identification number allotted to the customers or clients in any organization. For example, the State Bank of India assigns the CRN to its clients. Likewise, CRN varies depending on the industry or sector in which it is used.

How Can I Find My Cin Number In Tds?

CIN is the abbreviation for Challan Identification Number. This has three parts – 7 digit BSR code of the bank branch where tax is deposited. – Date of Deposit (DD/MM/YY) of tax – Serial Number of Challan. The CIN would be stamped on your acknowledgement receipt to uniquely identify your tax payment.

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