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What Is Rudraksha Made Of?

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Rudraksha, revered for centuries in various cultures for its spiritual significance and believed mystical properties, is more than just a seed; it’s a symbol of divinity, spirituality, and wellness. But what exactly is Rudraksha, and what is it made of? Let’s delve into the origin, composition, and mystical allure of these sacred beads.

What Is Rudraksha Made Of?

Rudraksha seeds come from the fruit of the Rudraksha tree, scientifically known as Elaeocarpus ganitrus. These trees predominantly grow in the Himalayan region, as well as in other parts of Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and Nepal. The name “Rudraksha” is derived from two Sanskrit words: “Rudra,” a name for Lord Shiva, and “aksha,” which means eyes. Legend has it that these seeds are tears shed by Lord Shiva, hence their divine significance in Hindu mythology.

Composition Of Rudraksha

The Rudraksha seeds are characterized by their distinctive appearance, with surface indentations or facets known as “mukhis.” These facets range from one to several, and each type is believed to have its unique significance.

The composition of a Rudraksha seed comprises the outer hard shell or pericarp and the inner seed. The seeds have a high density and are usually brown or black in color. The number of mukhis on a seed determines its rarity and purported mystical properties.

Structure And Mystical Significance

The Rudraksha seed’s mystical importance is associated with the number of mukhis it possesses. For instance:

  1. One Mukhi Rudraksha: This is the rarest and is believed to represent Lord Shiva himself. It is said to bestow profound spiritual enlightenment.
  2. Multiple Mukhi Rudraksha: The seeds with multiple facets, ranging from two to twenty-one mukhis, are believed to possess various divine qualities and are associated with different deities and celestial powers. Each type is thought to have specific benefits, ranging from improved health to spiritual growth.

Scientific And Spiritual Perspectives

From a scientific standpoint, Rudraksha seeds contain certain chemical compounds. Some studies suggest that they possess electromagnetic properties and unique vibrations that have an impact on the human body. The friction generated by wearing Rudraksha against the skin is believed to stimulate acupressure points and promote overall well-being.

On a spiritual level, wearing Rudraksha beads is believed to create a shield against negative energies, enhance meditation, and aid in spiritual growth. It’s believed that the seeds absorb and transmit positive energies, fostering a sense of tranquility and balance.


Rudraksha, composed of seeds from the Rudraksha tree, holds profound significance in spiritual practices across cultures. These mystical beads are more than mere adornments; they symbolize spirituality, wellness, and divine connection. Whether viewed through a spiritual lens or analyzed from a scientific perspective, the allure of Rudraksha continues to captivate believers and seekers, inviting them into the realm of spiritual enrichment and holistic well-being.


What Is Inside A Rudraksha?

Rudraksha fruits contain alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, steroids, triterpenes, carbohydrates, and cardiac glycosides. They also contain rudrakine, an alkaloid which had been discovered in rudraksha fruit in 1979.

What Is The Base Material Of Rudraksh?

Rudraksha (also called as Rudraksh) are dried seeds of a tree, which grows in select locations of South East Asia, botanically known as Elaeocarpus Ganitrus. It is also called “Tears of Shiva” and there are many legends connected to Lord Shiva that describe its origin.

How Is A Rudraksha Formed?

Due to being very busy in that war, Shiva’s eyes started getting sharp. There were tears in his eyes due to anger and redness. Then Brahmaji ordered that teardrop to be born in the form of a tree. The fruits that came on that tree were called Rudraksha.

Is Rudraksha A Fruit Or Seed?

Rudraksha has been identified to be seeds of ELAEOCARPACEAE FAMILY, classified into six genuses out of which ELAECORPUS GANITRUS ROXB, IS ONLY CALLED AND NAMED AS RUDRAKSHA TREE.

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