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What Is Survey Number?

Are you curious to know what is survey number? You have come to the right place as I am going to tell you everything about survey number in a very simple explanation. Without further discussion let’s begin to know what is survey number?

In the realm of land ownership and property delineation, survey numbers stand as fundamental identifiers. These alphanumeric codes serve as crucial markers in determining land boundaries, ownership, and various legal aspects related to real estate. Understanding survey numbers is pivotal for anyone navigating the intricacies of land documentation and ownership.

What Is Survey Number?

A survey number is a unique alphanumeric code or identifier assigned to a specific piece of land after conducting a land survey. It serves as a vital reference point in land records and helps in precisely identifying and demarcating parcels of land within a particular area. The assignment of survey numbers typically occurs during the process of surveying and subdividing land for administrative, legal, and taxation purposes.

Role And Significance:

The primary role of a survey number is to establish a distinct identity for each land parcel within a larger geographical area. It aids in maintaining comprehensive land records, enabling accurate documentation of ownership, boundaries, measurements, and other essential details related to the land.

Survey numbers play a crucial role in various legal and administrative processes concerning land transactions, property taxes, inheritance, land disputes, and urban planning. They serve as essential references for government authorities, land surveyors, and individuals involved in real estate transactions.

Determining Ownership And Boundaries:

Survey numbers are instrumental in identifying land ownership. They help ascertain the rightful owner of a particular parcel of land by cross-referencing the survey number with official land records and documentation maintained by land revenue departments or local governing bodies.

Additionally, these numbers aid in defining land boundaries. Each survey number corresponds to a specific area of land, facilitating the accurate demarcation of boundaries during surveys and preventing encroachments or disputes over land ownership and usage.

Understanding Survey Number Formats:

Survey numbers vary in format across different regions and countries. They typically include a combination of alphabets and numbers, and the structure might differ based on local administrative practices and land surveying systems.

For instance, in some areas, a survey number might comprise a sequence of numbers representing the survey block followed by sub-numbers indicating smaller divisions within the block. In other regions, letters might be incorporated to denote specific zones or sections within a surveyed area.


Survey numbers serve as integral components in the realm of land identification, documentation, and ownership. Their significance lies in their ability to uniquely identify land parcels, assist in determining ownership, establish boundaries, and streamline various legal and administrative procedures related to real estate.

Understanding the nuances of survey numbers empowers individuals, landowners, legal professionals, and government agencies to navigate land-related matters efficiently, ensuring accuracy and transparency in land transactions and property management. As a cornerstone of land administration, survey numbers play a pivotal role in maintaining orderly land records and facilitating the smooth functioning of real estate processes.


What Do You Mean By Survey Number?

A land survey number is a unique number or ID allocated to a piece of land. Each state has its own respective state authority, which issues the land survey number. Under the process of issuing a land survey number, the government official visits the land for which the number has to be assigned.

How Can I Get My Survey Number In India?

You can get the land survey number for a property in the following ways:

  • Checking the sale deed of a land.
  • Getting it online from the official portal of the state.
  • Visiting the municipality authority or the land revenue office.

What Is Khata Number And Survey Number?

The number given to agricultural land in a village is a survey number. khata number will be alloted to the land owner/ pattadar. with the help of the khata number we can find the total extent of pattadar in a village with Different survey numbers.

How Can I Get Survey Number In Karnataka?

You can go to the local revenue office and make an official request for the survey number. I have recently searched the RTC details for my property in Karnataka by following the below steps: Visit Click on “View RTC and MR.”

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