What Is Wattmeter

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What Is Wattmeter?

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In the world of electrical engineering, precise measurements of power consumption are crucial for understanding the performance and efficiency of electrical circuits and devices. A wattmeter is a powerful instrument that enables engineers and technicians to measure electrical power accurately. In this blog, we will explore the concept of a wattmeter, its functionality, and its significance in electrical measurements.

What Is Wattmeter?

A wattmeter is an electrical instrument used to measure electrical power in a circuit. It quantifies the rate at which energy is being consumed or delivered by an electrical load. The unit of power measured by a wattmeter is the watt, denoted by the symbol “W.”

How Does A Wattmeter Work?

A wattmeter operates based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. It consists of two coils – a current coil (also known as the current-sensing coil) and a potential coil (also known as the voltage-sensing coil).

  1. Current Coil: The current coil is connected in series with the load or circuit, allowing the flow of current through it. This coil generates a magnetic field proportional to the current passing through it.
  2. Potential Coil: The potential coil is connected across the load or circuit, measuring the voltage drop across it. It produces a magnetic field that is proportional to the voltage applied.

When both coils are energized with the current and voltage of the circuit, the magnetic fields generated by them interact, resulting in the rotation of a movable coil or disc. The amount of rotation is directly proportional to the product of current and voltage, which represents the power consumed or delivered by the load.

Types Of Wattmeters

  1. Electrodynamic Wattmeter: It uses an electromechanical mechanism to measure power and is suitable for both AC and DC circuits.
  2. Induction Type Wattmeter: This type employs the principle of electromagnetic induction and is mainly used for AC power measurements.
  3. Digital Wattmeter: Digital wattmeters utilize microprocessors to measure and display electrical power accurately.
  4. Analog Wattmeter: Analog wattmeters use a moving-coil or moving-iron mechanism to indicate power readings on a scale.

Applications Of Wattmeters

Wattmeters find extensive applications in various fields:

  1. Electrical Engineering: Wattmeters are widely used in power distribution, renewable energy systems, and electrical testing and troubleshooting.
  2. Industrial Applications: In industries, wattmeters are used to monitor and control power consumption, ensuring efficient utilization of electrical energy.
  3. Residential Use: Home energy monitors use wattmeters to measure power consumption and help users understand their electricity usage.
  4. Educational Purposes: In educational institutions, wattmeters are used to demonstrate power measurement principles to students.


The wattmeter is a versatile and indispensable instrument in the realm of electrical engineering. By accurately measuring electrical power, it empowers engineers and technicians to assess the performance, efficiency, and energy consumption of various electrical systems and devices. Whether it is for monitoring power distribution in industries, optimizing energy usage in residential settings, or teaching power measurement concepts in educational institutions, wattmeters play a vital role in ensuring the safe, reliable, and efficient use of electrical power. As technology continues to advance, wattmeters are likely to evolve further, offering enhanced precision and functionality to meet the ever-growing demands of the electrical engineering domain.


What Is A Wattmeter Used For?

A wattmeter is an instrument used to measure and estimate electrical power. It is typically used to determine the amount of power flowing through a circuit and can be used to estimate the electrical load of a system.

What Is Wattmeter Si Unit?

A watt is the unit of measurement for electrical power consumption. A wattmeter measures how much electrical power is flowing through a circuit. Wattmeters can be used to measure how much electricity a specific product or circuit consumes.

What Are The Principles Of Wattmeter?

The electrodynamic wattmeter works on the principle that torque is exerted on the conductor when the conductor is in a magnetic field. The torque is then used to move the pointer, which is calibrated on the scale to show the instantaneous power consumption.

What Is The Symbol Of Wattmeter?

A wattmeter is an electrical measuring instrument used to measure electrical power. An energy meter has two coils – a current coil and a voltage coil. The symbol of a wattmeter can be drawn by a circle on the capital letter W.

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