What Jobs Does an MBA Graduate Get

Rohan Mathew

What Jobs Does an MBA Graduate Get?  

A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Kalinga University is a postgraduate business degree. It is focused on subjects like business, management, finance, risk management, and entrepreneurship. MBA spans many streams, namely finance, human resources, marketing, economics, etc. It is widely known as the ultimate degree of management and a career accelerator for people from all educational backgrounds. The average cost of an MBA in India is INR 4 lakh. Apart from a bachelor’s degree, most colleges require entrance scores from centralized tests such as CAT and XAT for admission into the course. 

Four Leading Reasons Why You Should Pursue MBA

  • Enhanced skillset and awareness: Students from MBA college in Raipur students get an overview of the business world and learn all about what it takes to build and operate a business in 2023 and beyond.
  • Resume uplift: An MBA is an instant boost for your career. Now that an undergraduate degree is pretty much the standard, a postgraduate degree helps you stand out from the crowd.
  • Communication Skills: Apart from other skill sets, MBA students also learn the art of professional communication with regular classes, writing research papers, formal presentations, and interview training.
  • Networking with professionals: MBA degree is a recommended pathway for meeting new people, forging new connections, and building a strong network of people with similar goals and professional journeys. Upkeeping with your MBA peers takes you a long way and helps you throughout your career.

Scope for MBA Graduates in 2023

MBA graduates from a private university in Chhattisgarh continues to have immense scope in today’s job market. Nearly all executive and leadership roles are filled with people who started their careers with an MBA. On average, nearly 3 lakh students pursue MBA each year. From management roles to consulting positions, there are endless job opportunities for MBA graduates. 

Jobs That MBA Graduates Can Get 

  1. Business Consultant

    Business consultants are freelance business experts who give advice and recommendations to business owners and guide their management decisions. MBA graduates can get a job as business consultants right after graduation. The clientele ranges from first-time business owners, entrepreneurs, start-up owners, and seasoned enterprises.

    Average Starting Salary: INR 4.6 Lakhs
  2. Marketing Manager

    Marketing managers overview a company or business’ marketing strategies and plan marketing campaigns to capture new customers. They also study the demand for the product and retain existing customers. Graduates with MBA in Marketing can get a job as a marketing manager after graduation.

    Average Starting Salary: INR 4.6 Lakhs
  3. Human Resource Manager

    A human resources manager’s primary duty is to hire employees for a company. Along with this, they also plan, direct, and coordinate roles in a company. They take on recruitment responsibilities and hire new staff and oversee the existing staff. Graduates with MBA in Human Resources can get a job as a human resource manager after graduation.

    Average Starting Salary: INR 2.8 Lakhs
  4. Sales Manager

    Sales managers are responsible for meeting sales targets and coming up with new strategies to boost the sales of a business.  They are also responsible for setting sales quotas, sales, and promotion campaigns. Sales managers analyze market trends and predict the desires of customers.

    Average Starting Salary: INR 3.08 Lakhs
  5. Financial Analyst

    A financial analyst studies investment trends in the market and offers guidance to businesses. They also understand how bonds, stocks, and other investments perform. Additionally, they also make predictions about the performances of those investments and guide companies on their investment routines. Graduates with MBA in finance can get a job as a financial analyst after graduation.

    Average Starting Salary: INR 4.6 Lakhs
  6. Purchasing Manager

    Purchasing managers buy materials for a company or business and source highly exclusive raw materials from local or regional buyers. They are also in charge of handling supply chain logistics. Graduates with MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management can get a job as a purchasing manager after graduation.

    Average Starting Salary: INR 3.0 Lakhs
  7. Policy Analyst

    Policy analysts work with local and state governments to raise awareness about policies. They also craft policy by gathering data from large pools and analyzing their impact on the people.

    Average Starting Salary: INR 3.5 Lakhs
  8. Project Manager

    Project managers oversee company projects. They are in charge of upkeeping with company projects, overseeing a team, meeting deadlines, and facilitating product launches.

    Average Starting Salary: INR 3.8 Lakhs

MBA at Kalinga University 

Kalinga University counts among the leading MBA colleges in Chhattisgarh. The university’s very own Department of Management is focused on selecting the finest class of students for its MBA course. The 2-year MBA at Kalinga University is taught by career professionals and world-class faculty, and the coursework is a combination of fieldwork, research, case studies, rigorous feedback, and theory.

Kalinga University offers MBAs in all leading disciplines, including Marketing Management, Finance, Human Resource Management, Healthcare & Hospital Management, Banking & Insurance, Digital Marketing, Supply Chain Management, etc. 

Final Words

There is immense scope for MBA graduates in 2023. The job you can get after completing your MBA from a university in Raipur largely depends on the stream you have picked. The most successful MBA graduates are those who already have a career path in mind, and have selected their stream accordingly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Should Pursue MBA?

MBA is ideal for undergraduates who have just completed their bachelor’s degree and are interested in pursuing a career in management, business managers who already have a career and are seeking to upskill, and career professionals who are looking to switch career paths. 

2. What is the average MBA salary?

The average MBA salary in India lies somewhere between INR 7 lakhs to INR 12 lakhs. It mostly depends upon the stream. The highest-paying MBA streams are finance and marketing. 

3. Is the MBA degree good for the future?

An MBA degree is an instant career boost. The degree opens up tremendous job opportunities for you and gives you a competitive edge in the hiring process. 

4. Which MBA stream is the best in 2023?

The leading MBA streams in 2023 are Analytics Intelligence, Healthcare Management, Finance, Marketing, and Management. 

5. Is MBA easy?

The difficulty level of an MBA course depends upon your educational background and stream of choice. Since most subjects on the course build on the subjects you already know, MBA is easier for those who performed better in their bachelor’s degree.