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Have you wondered why we humans are considered to be the superior creatures on earth? What makes us so special that we stand on top of all the other animals? What criteria or characteristics have earned us the tag, “social animals”?I hope you have figured it out, if not, here is the answer. Our ability to unconditionally express our emotions in a proper channel is the special feature that has established us as social animals. In simple words, we humans have “humanity”, which makes us unique from all other creatures on this planet. Humanity is a special trait that humans possess that enables us to care, love, shower affection, express emotions, etc. It is this tendency that has pushed humans towards progress. Earlier generations of humans considered humanity as the best quality that a human has to possess. Every single individual in earlier decades had a helping tendency, compassion, love, pitiness, etc which all were exhibited under the umbrella of humanity. Humanity required no money to be offered. It flowed naturally out of the individuals in the past era. But today, showering humanity has turned into a profession. Do we even realize it? People who still hold the good hearts of their elders and who feel they are responsible to keep humanity alive take up courses specifically designed such as Diploma in social work and provide their love and care for people who long for it, help people in critical situations such as mental breakdown, abuse, etc.This article will be a guide to help you know about the humanity-glorifying educational course, Diploma in Social Work, and what you earn on pursuing this course and establishing a career in it.


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  • What is social work?

    The world today is not the same for everyone. Some enjoy the feeling of heaven, while some experience the roast of hell. The same place holds a basket of emotions. While some feel elated and happy, some people around the same corner feel depressed and isolated. While some crave their favorite foods, others will be starving for food. Isn’t this very contradicting? This is our world today.So, why have all these been stated here? Handling and helping people in these above-mentioned worst scenarios is what social work is all about.Social work is now an academic profession where individuals are educated and trained with the ability to handle people in their most vulnerable condition, understanding their emotions and pulling them up with helping hands. Social work is a professional format for our sense of humanity. Social workers work as individuals and in communities to handle dreadful situations in people’s lives who need help. They tend to hear, comfort, analyze, advocate and provide betterment for the terrible situations in the victim’s life.As social work became a profession, many universities like Mansarovar Global University(MGU), the best private university in Bhopal, have stepped forward to help humanity live by providing social work courses such as Diploma in Social Work.

    Diploma in social work:

    Social work today is a profession where individuals get to help vulnerable victims in their toughest situations by providing counseling, advocating for them towards possible situations, and much more. In order to construct a career in this honorable profession, one must pursue a Diploma in Social work from any renowned institution.A diploma in Social Work is a 1-year Polytechnic course that is being provided at top universities in MP like Mansarovar Global University(MGU). This course educates students about the various worst scenarios that exist in our environment and how people are affected by those scenarios. Students get trained to help people in critically vulnerable states. This course concentrates on providing services for the welfare of people in different categories such as poor, old, orphan, etc.

    How to enroll for a Diploma in social work?

    It is very glad to find that people continue to read to know more about social work despite their busy schedules. Being grateful for that, here we have provided the detailed outlay of the admission process for a Diploma in Social Work:

    Eligibility criteria:

    The basic requirement for pursuing a Diploma in Social Work will be possessing humanity within you. The academic level eligibility criteria in most colleges like MGU, that offer a Diploma in Social Work under the Department of humanities and social sciences are as follows:

    • 10+2 with 50% aggregate from a recognized board of secondary education

    Few colleges like MGU, provide a 5% relaxation for students from backward classes or so according to the state govt. norms. 

    Top colleges to pursue Diploma in Social Work:

    Here is the list of top colleges that provide diploma in social work:

    • Mansarovar Global University, BhopalDepartment of Social Work, University of DelhiMadras School of Social Work, University of MadrasIndira Gandhi National Open University

    • What to expect when studying for a Diploma in Social Work?

    Most people are with the idea that a Diploma in Social Work is all about just lectures, seminars, and so on about social situations, traumas, etc.But, it is a big no. There is a lot of technical stuff, logic, practice, experience, understanding, and much more behind this course. Here is a clear idea about what you will face and learn and what you can expect from Diploma in Social Work:

    Syllabus of Diploma in Social Work:

    The syllabus of the course can slightly vary from college to college, but the most common subjects covered during the courses are as follows:

    • Origin and development of social workIntegrated social work practicesProfessional social work: Indian perspectivesSocial work and social developmentSociology for social workersHuman growth and behaviorIndian social problemsEconomy and its outgrowthLegislation in IndiaPopulation educationIntroduction to tribal life in IndiaParticipatory approaches in social workManagement of welfare organizationsSocial policies in India

    • Skills acquired in Diploma in Social Work:

    A diploma course in social work is not designed like a traditional theoretical course. This course is designed with a practical curriculum that involves direct interactions with people, field experiences, etc. As the curriculum, itself is a learning process, students who pursue Diploma in Social Work tend to acquire the following skills which later will be a boon to establish their career in the social service field:

    • Communication skills: As students continue to practice listening and speaking with sufferers and victims, they develop the ability to communicate with compassion and humbleness which is the most important skill that every human being must possess.Empathy: The basic criterion required to become a good social worker is empathy. Social workers must be able to put themselves in the position of the sufferers to understand their difficulty and thus develop empathy towards them to help them.Critical thinking: As social workers happen to meet different people with different dreadful conditions, they must be able to critically analyze, understand and develop beneficial solutions for the long term.Patience: The most important characteristic to work as a social worker is patience. Social workers must possess the patience to listen to different stories, to hear repeated statements, to console a sobbing individual, to help people in their worst states, etc. The patience and tolerance level of a social worker is way higher than any other profession.Advocacy: A social worker is responsible for fighting and upholding the rights and dignity of their clients with confidence. They must be able to fight with surety in their motive and win justice.Organizational skill: Social work not only involves fieldwork, but it also includes maintaining and organizing different clients in a social organization, staying committed to the work taken up, etc. Organizational skill is thoroughly inculcated into the students who pursue a diploma in social work.

    • Job positions after Diploma in Social Work:

    People blindly believe that social work has got no job scope, but here is an outlay of the different job roles available after a Diploma in Social Work along with the salary details:

    Job rolesAverage Salary (per annum)Social and human service assistant9,00,000/-Social and community service manager8,00,000/-Project coordinator4,75,000/-Social worker4,08,500/-Welfare officer5,00,000/-Human resource manager8,00,000/-Habilitation specialist5,50,000/-Special educator4,50,000/-Lecturer and professor3,00,000/-


    People today run at a fast pace and have no time to stop for others. Even at times, we may end up in situations when we may need someone to support us, lend their ears to listen, and provide solutions. In such cases, social workers are always available. Top organizations like WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF, and many others recruit social workers for the welfare of the world. Pursuing a Diploma in Social Work at reputed institutions like Mansarovar Global University will turn your life in a positive direction. Consider it. Giving compassion is just humanity, why not do that for the needy?


  • Can we do a post graduate Diploma in social work after a Diploma in social work?

  • Yes, students who have completed their Diploma in Social Work can pursue Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work.

    1. Can other stream students pursue Diploma in social work?

    Yes, students from any stream say science, arts, etc, can pursue Diploma in Social Work.

    1. Can students pursuing Diploma in Social Work work simultaneously?

    It depends on the kind of course you pursue. If the students pursue Diploma in Social Work in part-time/distance/online mode then they will be able to work simultaneously.

    1. Do corporate companies hire Diploma in Social Work graduates?

    Yes, corporate companies hire Diploma in Social Work graduates to provide counseling to their employees in stressful situations. 

    1. Does MGU provide Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work?

    No, MGU doesn’t provide Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work.