Which is the best casing pipe for a borewell?

Juliet D'cruz

Which is the best casing pipe for a borewell?

How do you want to pay out your borewell budget? Do you want to negotiate over a sloppy fabrication for now and keep wasting time, money, and labour afterward on maintenance? We don’t think so. In our opinion, a borewell must be like an expense that, once created, keeps offering revenues without any problem. An effective borewell remains worthwhile and long-lasting. Thus, a casing pipe should be selected and implied for the application. With different casings available for borewells, it becomes difficult to select the best one. Yet, PVC pipes have become popular for borewell projects since they are long-lasting and reliable. 

So, let’s start by discussing the casing pipes for the borewell. 

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Why is the casing pipe quality important in a borewell? 

A borewell casing pipe is known for a meaningful structural part influencing water quality, endurance, and convenient functionality. The significance of a good borewell casing can never be exaggerated. A casing and column pipe’s quality is essential for the following reasons. 

  • Stopping a borehole from caving in because of collapse pressure. 
  • Preventing sand leftovers from getting in and overcrowding a borehole. 
  • Keeping up water safety by prohibiting toxins from seepages. 
  • Assuring maintenance-free long life. 

Things you should take into account while selecting borewell casing pipes 

Borewell casing pipes can be manufactured of diverse materials such as gentle steel, PVC, stainless steel, and uPVC. Before selecting anyone, you should understand the basic features a casing should possess to keep your borewell in good condition over a prolonged period. 

Drop pressure – It evaluates a pipe’s pressure from the outer surface. The pipe fails when the outer pressure grows from a pipe’s graded collapse pressure. A borewell casing obtains continuous pressure from enclosing soil and rock creation. Therefore, it should contain a high-grade collapse force. 

Do not conduct electricity – The soil’s nature varies from dry to wet and acidic to alkaline. Electrically controlled piping materials are susceptible to electrochemical responses. It narrows a pipe’s basic strength and long life. Thus, you require to pick chemically non-reactive piping substances such as uPVC. Or else, you need to own pipes with a defensive covering on the outer coating. 

Corrosion-resistant and safe – It is simple to know that corrosion-resistant and safe casing pipes are the best selections for your borewell and the water you take out from it. 

Easy to transport and install – Ease of transportability and installation is one of the very significant factors as it can create or spoil any borewell project. Casings needing a high level of setup skill can raise useless costs and intricacy. Similarly, lightweight pipes are more comfortable to transport and provide enough cost-saving. 

Easy maintenance – Any borewell casing that needs regular maintenance can be burdensome to keep up. It improves downtime and increases costs. 

Better rigidity and durability- The rigidity and durability of a PVC casing pipe help in maintaining hydrostatic downfall pressure and assist you in improving the life of the borewell project. 

Precautions to take while installing casing pipes 

  • Do not tighten the pipes excessively as it may come out as discomfiture of rubber enclosure directing to leakage or pipe failure.  
  • Always use new rubber plugs for each reinstallation of pumps. 
  • It is suggested to use safety tools like pump care relay to stop the dry pump from running or pump reclusive head state.  
  • Avoid using grease, oil, or other oily materials on the threads. 
  • Without complete casings in borewells, it is recommended that at the time of pump removal from borewells, if the pump gets stranded because of residue, clay, or stones, the borewell should be properly washed before application of dragging a load.  
  • In borewells with detached stones, casing pipes are advised for complete depth. 
  • Using the finest backflow valves on the distribution side is approved for stopping water forge, up-plunge, and backspin in the pumping arrangement. 


Casing pipes for borewells are safe, corrosion-resistant, and perform exceptionally well under problematic situations. These pipes are best for use in domestic, farming, chemical allocation, and industrial mining applications. Topline Industries offer a long-life, low-maintenance, and advanced piping solution for household and commercial demands.

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