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10 Essential Tips for class 6 Olympiad Exam Preparation 

A student takes his first step into the world of competition with the introduction of the international Olympiad examination that is conducted by science foundation annually for the students of class 3-12. While the exam is usually conducted for students of class 3-5, the scale of competition is not that huge at that point in the life cycle of a student. When a student reaches standard 6, he is thrown into a wide pool of competitors that do not shy away from demoralising their opponents to have an upper hand in the examination. Therefore, it is really essential to have a proper preparation strategy so that a slight demotivation can not deter the student’s will. It requires a strong will power and an even stronger sense of commitment to ace the examination. In this article, certain points are elaborated upon that would surely help the student in scoring better marks. 

Tips for a better score 

  • It is essential to differentiate between the various examinations that take place under the category of the international Olympiads. This is because the preparation strategy for acing each examination is different from the other. A student who is comfortable with one subject might not be quite flexible in others which makes it essential for the student to choose the examination that he wants to prepare for. The subjects available are- math, science, English and a tad bit of computer science. 
  • Preparation for the international English Olympiad requires fluency in English and associated grammar to begin with. If a student is confident about his skills in this subject then he might consider following the following steps. This Olympiad asks for an intensive knowledge of the usage of words as well as a rigid vocabulary. A student must consider reading newspapers daily to improve their grip on the subject. A pocket dictionary should be kept handy to interpret the meaning of words and enhance vocabulary simultaneously. Practicing unread comprehension is also essential for acing the exam.

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  • Preparation for the math Olympiad requires intensive practice on the part of the student. A student must solve at least 60 questions per day to build accuracy. Chapter wise practice is also important for most of the questions lean towards a certain set of chapters. For the aptitude test, one must keep his eyes open to notice sudden changes in the behaviour patterns of any question. Memorization of the formulas is also important keeping the fact in consideration that some of the questions are based on formulas. This implies that a good portion of the question paper could be easily solved if one is sure about the formulas. For practice purposes, past year question papers might be considered. For example, if a student is preparing for the international mathematics Olympiad then he might go through the Class 6 IMO Question Paper 2013 which is accessible on the internet. For easy access, the link given in the succeeding line could be followed- https://https://www.vedantu.com/olympiad/ieo-english-olympiad-previous-year-question-paper-class-6-2013olympiad/ieo-english-olympiad-previous-year-question-paper-class-6-2013 .
  • If a student is willing to participate in the national science Olympiad then a different set of rules apply for him. The Science Olympiad paper is divided into three sections namely- physics, chemistry and biology. For scoring well in physics, a student must familiarise himself well with the concept and practise numerical problems that helps in application of the idea that has been conceptualized by the person. Special emphasis should be given to physics for it is a numerical heavy subject and has a direct effect on the rank of a student. Apart from physics, chemistry has a certain number of numericals but they are less in number compared to the physics part. Chemistry requires a good memorization capability and deep concept building. Most of the portion that is introduced to the student is new for them. For example, a student may not have been introduced to balancing equations but it is a concept that is widely used in most of the competitive tests. Therefore, practicing what hasn’t been taught in previous classes becomes extremely important for cracking the Olympiad. Coming to Biology, it is a theory heavy subject and requires an even better memorization capacity than chemistry for a matter of fact. After a student is done memorizing, he must put his memory to test by solving questions from reference books. A student’s knowledge in biology mostly depends on the time that he has spent memorizing and revising the concepts. Once a student has a hang of all these three subjects, he is good to go.
  • The National Cyber Olympiad demands for excellent knowledge in the field of computers. Only a few prodigious students are able to make it to the second stage of the examination. This examination is a test of a student’s technological knowledge. If a student is really tech-savvy then he might be able to score a good rank. A proper preparation strategy is not required for this Olympiad because all it needs is a laptop and broadband connection to start exploring in this field.
  •  A general consensus for all these exams is that an improved study plan and time management skills help in scoring well in all the above mentioned examinations. A dedicated schedule should be implemented by the student to achieve a decent rank.
  • Books should be referred to at every stage of preparation because they give a proper idea of all the concepts .
  • Notes should be referred to at the last leg of preparation because it becomes difficult to skim through each and every chapter just before the examination.
  • If a student is interested in taking all these examinations at once, then he must clearly prioritise the subject that he is most intrigued by and prepare accordingly.
  • At any given interval of time, a student should keep in mind only the first stage of these exams because there’s a lot of gap between both the stages of the Olympiad.


Keeping all this in mind, a student may go forward with his preparation strategy and focus on acing the examination. 

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