Juliet D'cruz

7 Extraordinary Colour Combinations for Elegant Wardrobes

Thinking of a niche way to revamp the decor of your space? Take a look at your wardrobe. This simple storage unit can be more than just storage. Elegant wardrobes can completely transform the vibe of your bedroom. They can make it classy and sophisticated. 

Your wardrobe must complement the overall look of your bedroom walls. Moreover, it should also be in sync with your furniture and accessories. However, with these cool colour combinations, they can also be the highlight of your room rather than just an accessory. Check out these amazing options and change the vibe of your bedroom.

Bold Blue wardrobe 

Blue is an extremely versatile colour. It’s classy, sophisticated, and also gives a serene charm to the space. But blue can also be bold for a wardrobe colour. It can clearly stand out as the focal point of the room, especially with light shaded walls. Blue can go amazingly with white and yellow. It is a colour that gives a sense of stability and hence, an excellent shade for a wardrobe. 

Other shades of blue like teal and turquoise with a hint of green, can also be interesting choices. These modern shades can definitely give a dainty look to your space and increase its charm.

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Yellow and Grey

To give your bedroom a modern spin, go for a yellow and grey wardrobe. Yellow is a cheerful shade that gives a very positive vibe but it can also be too much for the eyes. Hence, grey is the perfect choice to balance out the effect.

This is the perfect combination for the colour blocking technique. You can use yellow for one half and grey for another half, either vertically or horizontally. You can also do interesting geometric patterns like circles and triangles with yellow and grey.

Mirrored Wardrobe

Having a mirror on your wardrobe is quite a traditional design but you can take it up a notch by using modern techniques and styles. Try a full-length mirror on one side with full white or black colour on the other side. 

You can also try mirrored lattice work to create an abstract, experimental effect. Mirrors give you the perfect sense of vanity space. But try to play it subtly to make it elegant.

Brown and Beige

Wooden wardrobes naturally have brown and beige patterns that give a raw, earthy feel to the space. Even though brown can be considered traditional, it can be an amazing shade for a wardrobe any day. Mainly, because it’s versatile and gives a wooden texture.

Brown and beige can be excellent shades for a minimalist space. You can explore with a variety of textures and patterns to give a unique and edgy look.

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Classic White

White is always considered to be the perfect colour of sophistication. White depicts calmness and simplicity. An all-white wardrobe can give a transformative vibe to the room. It can complement every wall colour beautifully. You can use little detailings to tone down the brightness of the white shade. You can try crown-moulding on the edges with a darker shade to give a defining effect. A panelled look can go amazingly with white.

Abstract Art prints

Your wardrobe can be the perfect canvas for art as well. Art prints on wardrobes have become a contemporary trend with famous designers taking it up. You can have multiple colours and distinct patterns to create a vibrant effect. These artistic wardrobes are sure to catch attention no matter how your walls look. 

Metallic shades

Metallic shades like gold and silver among others can give an extraordinary look to your wardrobe. If you want something luxurious and subtle, go for metallic shades and textures that will instantly amp the elegance in your bedroom. 

We hope these ideas must have inspired some excellent options for you to consider. Don’t take your wardrobe lightly. It deserves your attention and care. Add some beauty and grace to your wardrobe and get an excellent home decor addition.

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