Juliet D'cruz

Edutainment: Rise of Celebrity Learning in India

Earlier in this decade, one of our favourite things to do was to follow and get a chance to interact with celebrities on Facebook. At the time, Facebook did not verify accounts, and Twitter became the go to place to follow and see what the celebrities are up to. As clever as it was back then, it has become very mundane for social media users today. Getting content not just from celebrities but social media influencers too has us believe that anyone and everyone can get “15 seconds of fame”.  In this overflowing market of social media influencers, celebrities are finding it hard to get meaningful engagement on their accounts. Their pages are usually of them doing things, and occasionally endorsing brands. 

While social media might not be the best place for celebrities to find meaningful engagement, there’s one traditional way that found its way in this digital era. The TV and Radio interviews have turned into OTT content and podcasts, and even YouTube Vlogs. Celebrities are selling what they are best at – visual content! Platforms like Instagram might give them a space to advertise their brands, it is on content creation platforms like YouTube and other OTTs where celebrities choose to endorse themselves. And that being said, India welcomes its first Celebrity-to-fan Edtech streaming platform – Unlu. Popularised in the west, these sites are usually preferred over other platforms for their Edutainment edge. Away from the social media trolling, these platforms give celebrities a safe space where they can monetize their brand, while also creating a positive learning experience for their fans. 

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As Indians we are highly driven by celebrity endorsements of brands, and we make our movie ticket purchases based on the film’s cast. To simply put it, celebrities are the face of every decision we make while consuming content. “Who said it?” is more important than “What was said?”. With edutainment platforms like Unlu and FrontRow, they are looking to add value to what the celebrity trainers has to say, while also highlighting the person who will say it. To better understand such edutainment platforms, let’s talk about India’s first celebrity learning start-up – Unlu. Unlu – where celebrities teach students in an online class format, has created a community of writers, poets, comics, and anyone who wants to share and learn together. Such websites might attract us because of the celebrity factor, but the ones who stay are those who believe and are passionate about their art. It’s not just about the celebrity, but what happens after your course. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to network with a whole set of different people, all united by a course. With Unlu, you are unlocking the digital world for an opportunity to learn at the comfort of your own. With Unlu, you are unlocking learning. 

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