What Is An App Connector: Windows 10

Do you know what is a app connector? Many among us do not know what is the exact function of this app. You may find many interesting answers to this question! So, today we will study this term in detail. Here, I have discussed how you can uninstall them if you no longer need them. But do not worry, you can easily get them back by reinstalling them again. Make sure you do not miss any steps while reinstalling them. Without wasting much time, let us get more information about the Microsoft app connector in detail.

What Is An App Connector?

A Windows app connector is an app that is used to access your location, camera, contacts, and calendars. However, Microsoft has not given much explanation about this app.

This app doesn’t show up in your Start menu when you search for it. You will mostly find it in Windows 10’s settings. You can follow these instructions if you want to find them in your windows 10.

  1. Click on the settings button in the main menu.
  2. Click on the privacy option.
  3. Click on the Location option.
  4. Here, you will see this Connector in the menu.

Sometimes, this app is stored in the below-hidden folder in your hard drive along with your other apps.


You can also uninstall this app from your Windows 10 system. Continue reading to learn how to uninstall it.

Uninstall App Connector

Below I have listed down steps that will help you to uninstall this app from your Windows 10 system.

  1. Click on the Windows icon.
  2. Click on the Settings option.
  3. From the System menu, select the Apps & Features option.
  4. Click on Uninstall Button present near this app.

While the other apps like Xbox app cannot be easily uninstalled from Windows 10. If you want to get rid of them, you have to use the PowerShell commands. However, Microsoft does not allow people to uninstall Xbox app. But they do allow you to delete this connector as it doesn’t do anything much important.

Reinstall App Connector In Windows 10

Above, you have learned how to get rid of these universal apps that are installed by default. But do you know how to get them back? In this section, we will learn how to re-install them in Windows 10.

Below I have given instructions to reinstall them by using PowerShell.

  1. In the search box, search for Windows PowerShell.
  2. Double-click on it and select the Run as administrator option.
  3. An Administrator: Windows PowerShell window appears.
  4. In this window, you have to type the below-given command: 

Get-AppxPackage -allusers | foreach {Add-AppxPackage -register “$($_.InstallLocation)appxmanifest.xml” -DisableDevelopmentMode}

  1. Press the Enter key.
  2. Wait for a while to reinstall all your default built-in apps.
  3. Close the PowerShell window.
  4. Restart your computer.

App Connector In Android

This connector allows you to control your smartphones more freely. For example, you can connect this app directly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. So that you can manage these apps by using your voice commands.

Bluetooth Connector App

This app helps you pair up with your Bluetooth devices such as audio speakers, headsets, car speakers, etc. For example, your car’s Bluetooth gets automatically connected as soon as you turn on your phone’s Bluetooth connection. This will help you to access your phone through your voice commands.

Wi-Fi Connector App

A free wi-fi connector app will help you to search for an open Wi-fi Network in your nearby areas. Your device will automatically get connected to the Wi-fi Network. In this way, you can easily save your data usage and switch over to a free Wi-fi network.

App Connector Zscaler

It provides you a secure authenticated interface between the ZPA cloud and customer’s servers. However, Zscaler can distribute virtual images for distribution in enterprise data centers and local private cloud environments. This includes VMware or the public cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services. Usually, they provide you with packages that can be installed on Linux distribution. Below I have listed down some other hypervisor environments where you can build this connector.

  • KVM
  • Google Computer Platform
  • Oracle Cloud

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Do I Need App Installer Windows 10?

Yes, you do need an app installer in your Windows 10. It helps you to install packaged apps from the Microsoft store.

What Does App Installer Do?

It helps you to install new apps and update the previous apps. You can also uninstall other apps with the help of an app installer.

What Apps Are Necessary For Windows 10?

Below I have listed down the apps that are necessary for your Windows 10.

  1. VLC media player
  2. Spotify Music
  3. Tidal
  4. Amazon Music
  5. Netflix
  6. Hulu
  7. Kodi
  8. Audible
  9. Duolingo
  10. WeDo 2.0 LEGO Education

What Is A Zscaler Connector?

Zscaler connector is an app where users can get all the benefits of Zscaler services. This includes Internet traffic, granular, policy-based access to internal resources. This Z App helps you to easily access your apps and services.

What Is App Connector On My PC?

The App Connector is Microsoft middleware for Microsoft and third parties to connect and use in their application. The App Connector provides internet (cloud) access to your system. The App Connector provides access to: picturesLibrary. videosLibrary.

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From my above article, you got to know about Windows 10 app connector in detail. It is mainly used to access your location, camera, contacts, and calendars. This connector is also found in our Android phones. Where you can manage your apps such as Google Assistant by using your voice commands. You can uninstall them if you no longer need this connector. As you uninstall them, your system won’t be much affected. However, you can also reinstall them just in case you want to use them. Therefore, I have covered all the important facts of the app connector that you must know.

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