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Bajaj Two Wheeler Dealership

How to Get a Bajaj Two Wheeler Dealership? Baja Auto dealership Bajaj Two Wheeler Dealership & Sub Dealership. Dealership Cost & Requirements Details



Bajaj Auto Ltd (BAL)is one of India’s most leading two-wheeler companies. The company is known for its low-cost manufacturing skills and Research and Development process. Baja Two wheelers not only provide style but also comfort at a reasonable price. At present Bajaj Auto LTD is the largest exporter of two-wheelers in India.This article will explain the procedures for dealership for Bajaj Two Wheelers and other franchise opportunities offered by the company in India.

How to Get a Bajaj Two Wheeler Dealership?

Bajaj is the Indian’s first bike two-wheeler company to present 4-stroke suburbanite bikes with the 150cc and 180cc energetic motors in the national market. Motorcycles that are introduced by the Bajaj moto corp are the Discover, Platina, Pulsar, Avenger, Dominar and CT 100. In FY 2012-13, it sold around 3.76 million bicycles which assessed 31% of the overall market share in India. Of these, around 2.46 million bikes (66%) were sold in India, and the staying 34% were exported outside.

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Bajaj is a profoundly settled esteemed bike brand in India. The brand that has been in presence for a long time currently is considered more reliable, solid, and competitive. The Pulsar and Discover bikes of Bajaj have cleared the market with such high tide that there are no identical motorcycles till date. Making a record in motorcycle deals by selling more than 10 Lakhs within a time frame of 15 months, it has gotten numerous honours. 

The 250 cc Kawasaki Ninja bike came to the market at some point back has caused a tremendous transformation in the bike business. If you are interested in automobiles then go for a Bajaj Auto Dealership .If you can arrange the fund for Dealership or sub Dealership, you are the ideal person to go for the dealership for Bajaj Two wheelers.

Bajaj Auto Dealership Cost & Investment

A huge amount of investment is required for setting up the Bajaj Moto Corp dealership. The cost and investment of starting a Bajaj Dealership will differ to the location where it is set up. Apart from the variation in land cost, there are certain other requirements to be fulfilled and that varies the cost and the investment sum amount required to start a franchise dealership will vary accordingly. Franchise cost factors are listed below:

•    Interior of the showroom and the shop (Approx cost INR 25       lakhs  to 30 lakhs.
•    Vehicle stock – which is equivalent to one month’s sale.
•    Spare parts – Rs.15 Lakhs to Rs.20 Lakhs.

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Bajaj Auto Dealership Requirement 

Area Requirement for Dealership for Bajaj Two Wheelers

  • The area required for Bajaj Two wheelers dealership must be big enough to occupy each and everything of the showroom. The needs and requirements are set up by the company and should be complied with. 

  • The area proposed must be such that it is suitable for customers and where they could easily access the bikes, adequate visibility and outside the zoning laws of the local authority, and under the development plans.For the membership one should set up a lounge for the customers, working area for the employees of the company, a parking area for bikes to be sold, proper space for display of bikes, an office inside the show room and other related merchandisie that are listed below.

• The Recommended site area for the Bajaj Moto Corp Dealership for an integrated 3S (which must include the Sales, Service and Spare Parts) should have at least a minimum of 5000 to 6000 square feet of area.

•  The space required for the Bajaj Moto Corp. dealership should have a minimum area of 2400 square feet for the purpose of setting a showroom and back office (Frontage-40 feet).

• The space required for workshop area in the Bajaj Moto Corp Dealership should have minimum square feet of 2500.

• There should also be a space for storage/stockyard. Such an area should have a minimum space of 2000 square feet.

Bank Guarantee 

Bank guarantee is required compulsorily from any nationalized bank according to the company’s guidelines and requirements.

Available Locations for Dealership 

North: Delhi, Himachal Pradesh,  Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Uttaranchal.

South: Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka.

East: Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Tripura, Sikkim, Odisha, Manipur, Nagaland, West Bengal.

West: Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan.

Central: Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh

Union Territories: Pondicherry, Daman and Diu, Chandigarh, Lakshadweep.

Bajaj Auto Dealership Services and Training

There are many advantages that can availed by taking the Bajaj Auto Dealership.  Facilities that are afforded to the dealer for setting up the Bajaj two wheeler showroom are listed as below.

•    The Bajaj Moto Corp Company provides that all layouts, drawings, and interior designs for showroom as well as for the workshop should be as per the Bajaj Dealership corporate norms set up by the company.

•    Proper training is provided to all employees, crew members and technical workshop staff and other persons who are employed in the showroom of the Bajaj Moto Corp.

•    Training is also provided to the sales team which is related to the features of the products, customer services & Sales

•    Bajaj Moto Corp also provides the dealer with necessary assistance pertaining to business development, which includes site selection support and other necessary things.

•    Bajaj Moto Corp also provides necessary operational support for the franchise owner.

•    The Company also provides necessary marketing support for local and regional advertising. This helps in increasing sales and stay in the market.

•    The company also provides technical knowledge and administrative assistance to the dealer during the term of the agreement with the Bajaj Moto Corp.

•    Expert guidance is also provided from the Head Office of the Bajaj moto corp the dealer when he intends to open the franchise dealership.

•    The current IT systems that are prevailing will be incorporated in the dealership.

Are you interested to apply for Baja Auto Dealership ?  Download the Auto dealership form and apply online

Application Form for Baja Auto Dealership (For both Two Wheelers and Three Wheelers)


Bajaj Auto Ltd Contact Details For Dealership Applications. Contact the company to become Bajaj Auto Dealer in Chennai, Ahemedabad, Kerala and other parts of the country.

Email: [email protected]

Customer Care: 7219821111


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