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How to Apply for a Ration Card in Kerala Online?


✓✓How to Apply For Ration Card in Kerala Online Ration Card Transfer Procedures Kerala✓✓Online Application For Ration Card in Kerala Procedures


Applying for ration card is a very important and essential task for the people who are poor and are unable to earn the basic livelihood.  If you are the resident/domiciled in the state of Kerala then this article may turn out to be beneficial for you. The ration card not only helps in attaining essential commodities but also is akin to a legal document which can also serve as the identity proof for the person as well as his family. In this article you will learn how to apply for a ration card in Kerala online and offline.

The Civil service department of the state of Kerala performs the task of issuing ration card to the people of Kerala. The main objective of the ration card is to provide essential commodities and products of bare use to the people in need at government approved subsidized rates.   Foods provided to these cardholders are available at ration shops which can be purchased at highly subsidized prices.

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Why Do You Need a Ration Card?

The main reason for getting a ration card is that poor people may get food commodities at extremely low prices. For the families who are below the poverty line or above the poverty line or fall under the AAY can get the ration card by following easy steps.

Ration Card Benefits

If a person obtains a ration card issued by the Kerala government, he is entitled to get food grains at extremely low prices.  Such food grains may include wheat, rice, sugar, salt, etc. petroleum products such as kerosene oil, LPG, lamp oil are also provided to ration card holder. In many cases, farmers also get fertilizers supply at nominal rates for the agricultural land that they owe.

Ration Card as Multi-Purpose Card

  1. The ration card issued to a person by the state of Kerala is a beneficial document because it also serves as address proof and identity proof for the cardholder as well as his family. No one can question the identity of the person who holds the ration card or of his family if the ration is a valid ration card issued by the Government of Kerala. Ration card of a candidate also serves him in many other purposes. These purposes are-
    If a person wants to buy a property or land in the state of Kerala then ration card can be produced as the proof for identity at such occasions.
  2. In case a person intends to apply for a loan in the bank or any other institution then the ration card of such a person can be used for the purpose of identity.
  3. If a person intends to apply for a Passport or PAN card then his ration card can be used for the identity of such person.

How to Apply for Ration Card Online?

You can apply for ration card in Kerala online. For an application of ration card in the state of Kerala, an applicant has three options which he may follow according to his choice.

The applicant can apply for ration card by Online Mode- if an applicant wants to apply for ration card online under the Kerala government then he can easily login to the official website of the Civil Supplies department. Kerala Ration Card Online Services .

Steps to Apply for Ration Card Online in Kerala
Step 1: Login to the official site of the Civil Supplies Department of Kerala.

2: If you already have a ration card, then register on the website by providing barcode number.
3: If you want a new ration card, simply select the number from the option.
4: Fill all the mandatory details that are required.
5: Verify all the details that you have filled.
6: Submit the application form.
7: You can take print of the application. Don’t forget to note the application number.
8: Submit this application at nearest TSO/ DSO office.
9: Check the status of online application for ration card in Kerala  form on the same website.
10: In case your application is approved, you will be required to pay the fee for the application.

How to Apply for Ration Card Online through Akshaya Centers in Kerala

Ration card can also be obtained by applying online for it through Akshaya centers. Citizen can avail the service of Akshaya centers spread all over Kerala to avail E Service Ration card services like submission of application and checking the status of application etc.A person who is domiciled in Kerala has an option to apply for ration card online through the Akshaya Centers. Follow the steps mentioned below to apply through these centers-

Step 1: The applicant should visit the nearest Akshaya Customer Service Centre in the district he resides in.
2: Submit all documents and fill in the application form to the CSC person or office in charge.  Kindly note that if an applicant has an existing ration card then he should carry the same with him and submit it to the CSO officer.
3: the officer will verify all the details and will take the digital photograph of the applicant.
 4: A nominal fee is to be paid for the application form of the ration card. Ration card will be issued within a period of 15 days.

“ Ente Keralam” Online Ration Card Services

The Civil Supplies Department has launched Ration Card services online in Kerala through a comprehensive ration management system for Applying for a new ration card, Ration Card corrections like change of address, addition or deletion of a member, changing ownership from one area to another.

 All services related to ration card have made accessible online through a mobile app “ Ente Keralam”(Can be downloaded from Google Play store) and for those who do not have access to internet facilities ,these services can be availed from Akshaya e-Centers by paying a fee of Rs 50 for new ration card Rs 35 for other ration card services.

You can also contact Akshaya E Centers for information regarding ration card transfer procedure in Kerala, to add name in ration card online and ration card transfer procedures online in Kerala in Malayalam and English.

Ration Card Offline Mode

If you wish to apply for ration card through offline mode then you should follow the steps mentioned below-

Step 1: Visit the nearest TSO /DSO office of your district. Generally, a TSO/ DSO office can be reached out easily.

2: Ask for an application form for the ration card from the officer in charge of the department.  Fees of Rs. 5 would be charged from you for the application form.

3: Next fill the application form for the ration card and submit it to the officer in charge. Attach all the documents required and as mentioned in the form. They should be attached in the order prescribed.

4: The officer will verify all the details. A ration card will be issued to you within 15 days.

Types of Ration Card in the State of Kerala

There are four different colors of the ration card that is issued by the government of Kerala. Different colored ration card is issued to different families based on their income.

Kerala Ration Card Colors are Yellow, Pink, Blue and White.

Yellow Ration Card- the yellow ration card is issued to those families that are poorest of poor. These are families that are poorest of the poor. Generally, the families that fall under AAY are issued yellow ration card. 35 kg of foodgrains is provided to these families free of cost. 28 kg of rice and 75 kg of wheat is provided.

Pink Ration Card- the families that are issued pink ration card are those that fall under/below the poverty line (BPL). Under the pink card, each family member of the family is provided 5kg of food grain completely free of cost. 1 kg of wheat and 4 kg of rice is provided.

Blue Ration Card- the blue ration card is issued to families that are above the poverty line. 2 kg of rice to each person of the family is given at a nominal rate of 2 Rupees/ per kg.

White Ration Card- is issued to the families of Non- Priority Group in Kerala.

Documents Required For Ration Card in Kerala 

There are certain documents that are required by the candidate if he wishes to obtain a ration card under the Kerala government. The following documents are required by the applicant
Application form- the application form is needed. The application form needs to be filled in by the applicant correctly. The details of the applicant and his family are required for this purpose.
Certificate from Ward Councilor– a certificate is needed that is issued from the Ward Councilor. The certificate should be in the prescribed format and thereafter to be submitted.
Date of Birth Proof – a valid document that prescribes the date of birth of the applicant is required for obtaining a ration card. For the identification, a birth Certificate or SSLC book can be submitted.
Identity Proof – a valid identity proof is also required. The Adhaar Card, Passbook, Voter ID, PAN card or Passport can be used for this purpose as these documents serve as a valid identity proof.
Passport size photograph- a passport size photograph of the applicant as well his family members are required. Generally, a family group photograph is required.
Name of the family head should be prescribed clearly.

Ration Card Corrections
in Kerala

Ration card corrections and modifications can be done through a prescribed form which can be downloaded from the official website of Keralal Civil Supplies department. The filled in form with updated information can be submitted to the concerned TSO/CRO along with supporting documents.

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