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Driving License Age in Kerala 2021


Driving Licence Age in Kerala in 2021 Minimum & Maximum Age limit for Driving License in Kerala Heavy Driving Licence Kerala Age Limit ✓✓Read More


Driving license in India is been given to any citizen who needs to drive along the highways or the local area. A driving license is a must for any driver to travel around. In this article we will discuss about the Driving Licence Age in Kerala for all diffrent categories. 

By the Motor Vehicles Act, proposed in 1988, the driving license is the mandatory authorization one driver should have. There are various regional transport authorities which are organized for giving the permits and administer all the operations, which are also known as Road Transport Authority (RTO). The applicant should meet the age criteria for two wheeler, car and heavy vehicle license which have been specified by the state RTO. The drivers are required to procure a license from their respective states or any other states in India and the licenses are valid throughout the country.

Driving License Kerala Age Limit

There is no Maximum age limit for obtaining a driving license in Kerala, but after the age of 50, applicants have to get the driving license renewed and also have a proper medical test and having result of being fit. And then they have to do the renewal every 5 years.

The new rules being discussed, being devised by an expert committee set up by the ministry of road transport and highways, is weighing the option of barring people who are over 72-75 years old from getting a driving license. The move, which is still under consideration, is very likely to impact many active senior citizens who drive their own vehicles.

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Why You Need a Driving License?

Drivers are legally obliged to carry a valid driving license while driving. The authorities can easily punish you for not having the valid documents or a driving license card. The law permits officers or such authorities to take away a license, and issue a temporary one for a specified time.

The law also allows the state government to set the fines or prison terms for minor traffic violations, and specifies who has the rights to enforce these rules. Every license card has some number of endorsements to be allowed, but after that the consequences can be very serious. So, it’s better for a driver to have the record clean and carry all the essentials and follow all the traffic rules deliberately without exploiting any of them.

Not only, can the driver license be used for the driving but also for various identification purposes in various documents. According to the “All India Permit” one is allowed to use the driving license throughout the country. 

Driving License Minimum Age Limit in Kerala State

The minimum age requirement for obtaining a learners license in Kerala is 16 years for a vehicle of upto 50 CC engine capacity and without any gear.(Scooty ) Parents consent is required for applicants below 16 years. For all other categories of vehicles like heavy vehicles and car driving license, the minimum age qualification to get a learners license is 18 years

Terms & Conditions for Driving License in India

  • According to our first type, if the applicant with a motorcycle having less than 50 CC (Cubic Capacity) engine applies than the condition of the age of the applicant is implied which should be between 16-18 years of age.
  • An applicant can apply for the driver license if and only if the test is been passed, also after 30 days from the date of insurance.
  •     Written consent from his or her parents is to be needed for the applicant applying for the motorcycle with less than 50 CC engine.
  • For having a non-transport type of driving license, the applicant should be 18 years of age.
  • For having a transport type of driving license, the applicant should be above the age of 20 and should have passed class 8 in the driving license.

If the applicant is the driver of a public transport, he should have an adequate amount of experience.

Type of Driving License 

Factors referring to the type of license you are permitted are very different.  Along with the learners and permanent license card there are various other categories. The type of the vehicle and its distinguishing characteristics are the most important factors on which the types of license is to be decided. 

  • Engine capacity:
  • Engine capacity of the vehicle is the most important, if the capacity is up to 50 CC there is a license (Scooty License)
  • Gear:
  • Motorcycle with or without gear, like if you have a gearless bike there will be a different license and for the geared bike there will be certainly a different one.
  • MCWOG is the COV (class of vehicle) provided for the motor cycle without gear.
  • MCWG is the COV (class of vehicle) provided for the motor cycle with gear.
  • Commercial or non commercial:
  • Light motor vehicles for commercial and non commercial or personal purpose are differed.
  • Goods transport:Heavy goods transporting vehicle will have a specific license for transporting it. The most of Lorries and trucks can come under this. Also, if it is public transport or private transport comes under this category.
  • Heavy passengers: For carrying heavy passengers as like goods there is a different type of license available.

Documents Required for the Driving License

You can apply for a national or an international driving license in India. For both the licenses there are variable requirements.

  • If the applicant is below the age of 50, this is the first requirement, Physical declaration or verification form, which is the form 1.
  • If the applicant’s age is above the age of 50, and he or she is applying for a non transport driving license, the medical certificate form should be submitted.
  • Address proof, identity proof are also mandatory.
  • Application form with all the accurate details should be submitted with this.
  • The form can be downloaded by the applicant directly at the official site of the concerned state in India.
  • The form available on the site will be in both the regional and English languages.
  • Uploading the document and filling up the given requirements on the form should be done specifically, like the essentials as the photo and signature.
  • After completing all this process you should submit the hard copy of the form and the other documents to the RTO office. Also, while submitting the documents for verification purpose you need to carry all the original documents.
  • You need to book a slot for the driving license test and you need to appear and get pass through the test.

    Heavy Licence Age Limit Kerala

    The Age limit for heavy licence in Kerala is 20 years. To apply for a commercial vechicle driving licence in Kerala you should have minimum one year driving expereince in light vehciles ( non commercial vehciles). One year driving expereince is not required for licence to drive Auto Rickshaw.


      Edcational Qualification For Kerala Commercial Licence
  · A Passin 8th standard/equivalent

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