Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Franchise Cost in India


How to Apply for Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Franchise in India? Baskin Robbins Franchise Cost & Franchise Margin in India. Is Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Parlor Franchise Profitable? Read Franchise Income and More:



Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Franchise Cost, Income, & Franchise Margin

Baskin Robbins is one of the well-known ice-cream brands recognized in India and abroad. It has the world’s largest spread ice cream specialty chain. No other ice cream brand is so loved and eaten by people of this world and that why it is known for making love and fun amongst people of all races and diversity. We all love to eat ice creams no matter whatever is the age of the person. 

Be it a child, a youngster or an old person everyone loves to enjoy ice- creams. At every occasion serving, ice-cream has become a trend. It has become part of the taste bud of every individual and the best part is that Baskin Robbins Franchise cost starts from Rs Eleven Lacs in India. 

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Franchise Cost in India 

Baskin Robbins is one of the prestigious brands in the ice-cream industry. It is certified as one of the leading brands by the Quick service restaurant (QSR) industry. Baskin Robbins is known for serving ice- cream in a variety of flavors in a fun and loving atmosphere. It serves ice-cream throughout the world; therefore, is a brand that is globally recognized. It provides exceptional service to people and brings more fun in the ice- cream market..

If an entrepreneur is excited about the product and wants to serve and share his passion for this brand of the ice-cream, then it is the time for him to take up the Baskin Robbins franchise. The entrepreneur can with this bring fun and love by serving a variety of flavors to each corner of the worldFor those entrepreneurs, this article may prove to be very important and informative. Here, we will explore what Baskin Robbins is, how to obtain the franchise, Franchise Agreement Details, Cost of Franchise and much more.

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Baskin Robbins Ice Cream in India

The first Baskin Robbins brand shop was set-up in 1945 in California. It took a little more time to reach India and therefore it was in 1993 that the first franchise model was set-up in India. In India, Baskin Robbins ice-cream is manufactured in its plant in Pune. This plant is under the International license of Basin Robbins.

The first shop of Baskin Robbins brand was opened in California, USA in the year 1945. Since then, Baskin Robbins has grown rapidly to almost 7000 locations in 50 countries. Baskin Robbins has the world’s most favorite flavours served such as strawberry cheesecake and other world-class chocolate flavours. It also serves many local favorite flavours such as rum raisin and green tea. 

imagine of any good flavored ice cream, and Baskin Robbins is there to help you. Everywhere in the world, Baskin Robbins will not let anybody’s taste done. The quality and taste are maintained everywhere around the world at every store. It is a pride for the brand itself, and it leads them to provide a robust global branding and makes them more recognizable. Partnerships and collaborations are maintained to make sure that proper licensing policies and Baskin Robbins franchise are followed everywhere wherever their shop is maintained.

Is Baskin Robbins Franchise Profitable

Why one should take the Baskin Robbins Franchise in India

Dairy and food are one of the most loved things in India. Therefore, the ice-cream industry has a scope of rapid growth. Profit- making in this industry is not something to be doubted. 

The revenue generated by the ice- cream industry in 2016 was 1.5 billion USD. The estimation of revenue that the industry is expected to produce until 2021 is 3.4 billion USD. In the long run Baskin Robbins offers far higher franchise income than Indian ice cream brands and pays good franchise profit margin and sales incentives.

  • The largest International ice cream franchise is set- up in India.
  • The ice- cream industry is the one with low investment with high returns.
    •    There is a proven franchise model success of Baskin Robbins in India since             1993.
    •    The operation of the ice- cream franchise is very simple.
    •    Flexible franchise options that is available to the entrepreneurs.
    •    Outstanding product innovation.
    •    Training programs for retailers.
    •    Supply chain support to all the franchise holders.
    •    Ongoing business consultation is provided throughout the business.
    •    Design, as well as construction support.
    •    Program for National, Regional and Local marketing for the brand and individual stores is provided to enhance sale.

Specialties of Baskin Robbins 

Some of the specialties of the Basin Robbins in India are as follows-

  1. Vegetarian ice- cream: keeping in mind the general need of the nation, and that most of the people living here are vegetarians, the Baskin Robbins products that are available in India are 100% vegetarian. The Baskin Robbin ice- cream here is made up of natural cow milk, and all the ingredients are pure and green.
  2. Variety of flavors: basin Robbins is known for the type of flavors it serves. It provides almost all the flavors one can think of. In India, over 100 flavors are available for the people.
  3. Flavour of the month: Company adds new flavour every month.  and this comes out as a surprise to every ice- cream lover.
  4. Exciting gift vouchers: Majority of ice cream lovers in India celebrate their happiness with Baskin Robbins. For such ice- cream lovers, Baskin Robbins provides gift vouchers from Rs. 100- 500 at outlets.

Baskin Robbins Franchise Requirements in Inda (Infrastructure) 

Certain criteria are required for the infrastructure of setting up of the Baskin Robbins Ice cream franchises in India. The criteria required are-

1.Baskin Robbins Kiosk
The Baskin Robbins kiosk can be established in a premise, the area in square feet required is in the range of 150 square feet. The frontage of the kiosk should approximately be more than 10 feet.

2.Baskin Robbins Parlour
The Baskin Robbins parlour can be established in a premise with square feet of 250 square feet. The frontage required for the Baskin Robbins parlour should be more than 12 feet.

3.Baskin Robbins Lounge
Baskin Robbins Lounge can be established in an area of 500 square feet. The frontage of such lunge should be approximate of 15 feet.

Baskin Robbins Franchise Cost & Requirements (Financial)
How much does it cost to start a Baskin Robbin Franchise in India ?
The financial requirement of every set-up is to be full filled by the Baskin Robbins franchise holders depending on whether he is going to open a Baskin Robbins kiosk, Baskin Robbin’s parlour or the Baskin Robbins lounge. Full details of Baskin and Robbin Franchise Cost are provided in the Franchise Agreement.

Baskin Robbins Franchise Investment Details

 Investment Required:
•    For the Baskin Robbins Kiosk- 11 lakh
•    For the Baskin Robbins Parlour- Rs. 13 lakh
•    For the Baskin Robbins lounge- Rs. 18 lakh

Profit Margin:
•    For the Baskin Robbins Kiosk- 50%
•    For the Baskin Robbins Parlour- 46-48%
•    For the Baskin Robbins lounge- 52%

Civil Interior:
•    For the Baskin Robbins Kiosk- Rs. 2,20,000
•    For the Baskin Robbins Parlour- Rs. 3,00,000
•    For the Baskin Robbins lounge- 5,27,000

•    For the Baskin Robbins Kiosk- Rs. 84,000
•    For the Baskin Robbins Parlour- Rs. 1,16,000
•    For the Baskin Robbins lounge- 1,76,000

Equipment and furniture:
•    For the Baskin Robbins Kiosk- Rs. 2,74,000
•    For the Baskin Robbins Parlour- Rs.3,20,000 + 40,000
•    For the Baskin Robbins lounge- Rs. 5,01,300 + 1,50,000

Local and purchased items
•    For the Baskin Robbins Kiosk- Rs. 20,000
•    For the Baskin Robbins Parlour- Rs. 20,000
•    For the Baskin Robbins lounge- Rs. 20,000

Franchise Fees:
•    For the Baskin Robbins Kiosk- Rs, 5,90,000
•    For the Baskin Robbins Parlour- Rs. 7,90,000
•    For the Baskin Robbins lounge- Rs. 13,76,209

Franchise Amount (store opening, project consultancy, marketing, and training fee)
•    For the Baskin Robbins Kiosk- Rs. 5,00,000
•    For the Baskin Robbins Parlour- Rs. 4,00,000
•    For the Baskin Robbins lounge- Rs. 4,00,000

POS Fees:
•    For the Baskin Robbins Kiosk- Rs. 30,000
•    For the Baskin Robbins Parlour- Rs. 30,000
•    For the Baskin Robbins lounge- Rs. 30,000

Service Tax:
•    For the Baskin Robbins Kiosk- as applicable per government rules
•    For the Baskin Robbins Parlour- as applicable per government rules
•    For the Baskin Robbins lounge- as applicable per government rules

Total Franchise Cost (Approx.)
•    For Baskin Robbins Kiosk- Rs. 11,28,000
•    For Baskin Robbins Parlor- Rs. 12,26,000
•    For Baskin Robbins lounge- Rs. 18,06,209

Find the best franchise opportunities of Baskin Robbins ice cream that is perfect for you.

•    All the figures that are mentioned above are approximate and can vary as per the size and area of the proposed Baskin Robbins outlet.
•    The projected investment stated above does not include the rent deposits, cost of real estate, or brokerage etc.
•    The miscellaneous licenses taken are extra, which will be borne by the franchise holder
•    An additional amount as refundable security has to be deposited which is Rs.50000.

The Pros & Cons of Baskin Robbins Franchise 

Owning a franchise of Baskin Robins has its own pros and cons. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of owing a Baskin Robbins Franchise


  • Popular bran
      ·       Introduction of new flavors every month

Competition with other Indian brands

 Areas that are proposed for Franchises

Baskin Robbins ice cream chain is expected to expand its business in India offer franchise opportunities in below cities.

  • Delhi
    •         Tamil Nadu
    •         West Bengal
    •         Gujarat
    •         Indore
    •         Raipur
    •         Kochi
    •         Pune
    •         Lucknow
    •         Mumbai
    •         Chennai
    •         Bangalore
    •         Agra
    •         Jaipur
    •         Nagpur
    •         Kolkata
    •         Noida
    •         Gurgaon

Contact Details for Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Franchise Business in India.

HEAD OFFICE: Graviss Foods Pvt. Ltd. Strand Cinema Building , C.S. No. 506 Of Colaba Division, Arthur Bunder Road, Colaba, Mumbai – 400005
Tel: 022-6251-3131


NORTH REGIONAL OFFICE: Graviss Foods Pvt. Ltd. (Baskin Robbins) Corenthum, 124-2nd Floor, Tower A, A 41, Sector 62, Noida-201301  Tel: 120-4502900. Uttrar Pradesh.


EAST REGIONAL OFFICE: Graviss Foods Pvt. Ltd. 100/1B, Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, Opp. Ramrikdas Haralalka Hospital, Kolkata – 700025. West Bengal
Tel: 033 – 6888-8406 


SOUTH REGIONAL OFFICE: Graviss Foods Pvt Ltd. “Ebrahim Residency” No. 98, 1st Floor, Next to Prestige Towers, Residency Road, Bangalore – 560025
Tel: 080-4252 3100. Karnataka

Website :


Baskin-Robbins is one of the world’s largest ice cream specialty stores known for its quality, and the Dunkin’s Donuts brand is a well-known brand that adds its popularity and market value. If you are looking for a franchise in Ice cream business then with the right amount of resources and efforts Baskin Robbins franchise would be profitable at the right location. 

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