Paytm Payment Bank Franchise

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Paytm Payment Bank Franchise


How to take a Franchise of PayTm Bank? Paytm ATM Franchise Details.Paytm Bank ATM Franchise Dealership Requirement in India. Is Paytm Partnership Profitable?


PayTm Payment Bank Franchise Opportunities

Ever since Paytm wallet switched to Paytm Payments Bank Ltd. you can use your Paytm wallet as a payments bank. Paytm Payment Bank franchise business gives you a number of benefits and opportunities to earn. Paytm is immensely popular in India. Hence being part of the Paytm Payment Bank franchise will land you with a lot of benefits as it is an established portal. In this post, we will assist you with starting a franchise business with Paytm and the fundamental prerequisites to turn into their partner.

Is Paytm Payment Bank Franchise Profitable?

The numerous benefits of Paytm Payment Bank make it a popular choice among the users in India. Hence the Paytm Payment Ban franchise business will be a very profitable deal when it comes to franchise business with little or no investment. These benefits of Paytm Payment Bank make it a popular choice among the users in India. Hence the Paytm Payment Bank franchise business will be a very profitable deal when it comes to franchise business with little or no investment.

Features of Paytm Payment Bank

PayTm Payment Bank gives its customers the benefits of a Savings Account. It allows you to open a savings account without any opening charge and it doesn’t even have any minimum balance requirement. You can deposit up to Rupees 1 lakh and enjoy numerous benefits mentioned below:

  • Paytm Payment Bank is free
    You can have all the banking on your mobile phone without any charges for transactions online.
    ·       Deposits are completely risk-free
    Your money with Paytm bank is completely safe.
    ·       Debit card
    You get a free virtual debit card for shopping online across portals accepting RuPay card. You can also order to get the physical possession of your debit card through the Paytm
    ·       4% interest on your savings
    You can get a monthly interest of up to 4 percent per annum.
    ·       Update your Passbook anytime
    You can view all your transactions when you want using the Paytm app.
    ·       Safe and Secure
    Paytm Payment Bank is highly secured with a Paytm Passcode which ensures the overall safety of your account. Customers do not need to worry about the security of money in their Paytm wallet
    ·       Free insurance cover
    Get a free protection front of up to Rs. 2 lacs in the episode of death or lasting absolute handicap as indicated by the terms and conditions.

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Benefits of Paytm Payment Bank Franchise

  • Majority of the users in India use Paytm and that is what makes it a popular digital platform. Being a part of the Paytm Payment Bank franchise will allow you to get a good commission from Paytm since it is integrated with around 1500 merchant all across the country.
  • Paytm is a trustable and reliable platform. Transacting online may accompany risks but with Paytm Bank you can be carefree since it is RBI approved. Hence, you can start your Paytm Payment Bank franchise without any risks.
    ·       The Paytm Payment Bank franchise will enable you to get the maximums profits for every transaction along with the KYC verification.
    ·       Paytm’s payment system is swift. You do not have to wait for your payments. Customers will be very satisfied with this franchise.

Eligibility to Become a Paytm Partner

The best part about Paytm Payment Bank franchise is that you do not need to possess any special skills or requirements in order to start the franchise business. Anybody who has a shop and an Android Phone can make an application for the Paytm Payment Bank franchise. Once your application is verified, Paytm will provide you with further training for your franchise business.

Paytm Payment Bank Franchise Requirements 

How to get Paytm bank franchise in India ? To become a part of the Paytm Payment Bank franchise business you need to have a Paytm account in place. You can create a Paytm account for free anytime. Again you must have a Smartphone in order to do the KYC verification of your customers and offer services online. You also need to get your Paytm account verified through KYC documents.

Paytm Payment Bank Franchise Investment

You don’t have to contribute any measure of cash to unite with Paytm Payment Bank franchise. Once you get affirmed by them and you are prepared to acknowledge payments and transactions for your clients. Each effective transaction that you produce gives you a chance to acquire a commission from Paytm. You can also see the balance of your earnings in the Paytm app itself.

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How to Get a Paytm Payment Bank Franchise?

Applying for Paytm Payment Bank franchise is an easy and quick process. You can trace the partnership option in the Paytm application under the dashboard. If you already have a Paytm account simply login with using your mobile phone number and password. 

In case you do not have a Paytm account create one as it will hardly take few seconds. After successfully signing in click on the Paytm partner option at the top. Clicking on the same will redirect you to another window containing the Paytm Payment Bank franchise form i.e. application form. 

The form will consist of various fields you are required to fill. All the mandatory fields will be marked with a * sign. You need to fill correct details of the fields like your first name, last name, email address, mobile number, the name of your city, address, details of your shop, state, area pin code, business address etc.

 Once you fill the form with your correct details click the submit button and you are done. All you have to do is to wait now for the Paytm personnel to reach you. They normally revert back in 24 to 48 hours. Make sure that the phone number you provide is working since the Paytm representatives will reach you after a call on this number. You can also contact the support team in case of any query or grievance.

Here is all you need to know about the Paytm Payment Bank franchise. Keep these things in mind while you set up your Paytm franchise business. The franchise will surely give you a lot of opportunities along with a good earning. 

Paytm Payment Bank Franchise Contact:
For more information about Paytm Payment Bank Agent registration and Paytm Franchise apply check the official website of Paytm

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