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Lakme Salon Franchise Cost


How to Apply for Lakme Salon Franchise in India? Lakme Beauty Salon Franchise Cost & Requirement Is Lakme Salon Franchise Profitable? Franchise Investment.



Lakme is a personal care industry and the topmost cosmetic brand in India. The name was derived from the renowned French opera called ‘Lakme’. It was founded in the year 1952, i.e. 67 years ago by Mr  J.R.D. Tata. Lakme was a 100% subsidiary company of Tata Oil Mills. Later, in 1996 Tata sold their stakes to Hindustan Unilever Limited. Today, Lakme is servicing across over 50+ countries.

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The company is handled by over 2200 experts attending to 1,000,000 customers. Kareena Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor are the ambassadors of the company. To become a franchise  in India you must reach the minimum financial requirements and at present Lakme Beauty Salon Franchise Cost in India is around 25 to 50 Lakhs in India that include Beauty Salon Franchise fee, Furniture cost and interior decorations of the salon. 

To have a cosmetic company there is various corresponding demands. The Franchise amount is around 50 to 60 lakhs. This is also not just the investment cost. It is inclusive of the franchise fee, maintenance and the design equipment required and the ambience set up or the decoration.

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The beauty industry is one of the industries out there, which never acquire loss. So, if you want to invest in any of the beauty cosmetic company, why not in the leading company? The health and wellness sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. 

Connecting with the most profitable industry helps one to grow in the business world. Wellness market is such as cosmetic products and services and skin care treatment, this market is growing and bringing up ways for an entrepreneur to make the use of Lakme Salon Franchise. 

Lakme can be assured with the continuous phase of profitability, as the people always want a good high-quality brand. Lakme is not restricted to being the cosmetic brand only, but also it organizes along with fashion week as the renowned ‘Lakme Fashion Week’ from the year 2000. The event is one of the controversial and famous fashion events in India.  

The competition to a huge company like Lakme is Shehnaz Hussain, who is a great famous fashion icon. This fact levels up the reputation of the company. Thus starting a business as a franchise of Lakme Salon in India is a wonderful opportunity.

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Pushkaraj Shenai is the CEO of Lakme Salon India and franchises are available in North Delhi, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab,Uttaranchal, Lucknow, Noida Uttar Pradesh, Kerala,Karnataka, Tamil Nadu,Andhra Pradesh,East Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, West Bengal,Odisha,West Gujarat,Rajasthan,Maharashtra,Central Chhattisgarh,Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand ,Pondicherry, Bangalore and Hyderabad. 

Kareena Kapoor is a famous Bollywood Actress, who is the ambassador of the company. This helps in the brand endorsement, as India is a crazy fan of Bollywood and also Kareena Kapoor. The Human Resource team in the company is providing the training and support to the franchise which is done by the Lakme Salon Academy. 

Woman Entrepreneurs, how often does any company promote that? Lakme does promote them in arranging finances through a very special tie-up with banking institutions. That is like the most amazing thing, as along with customer satisfaction, the company focuses on the faculty too.


 Although Lakme Salon Franchise has earned some positive reviews among the investors that said, there are many things to consider before owing a franchise of Lakme Salon in India. In other words, it is essential to make sure you do your ground work and understand the feasibility of the locations as locations of the salon hold a vital role in the success of Lakme Franchises. 

Getting an idea from the existing Lakme Salon Franchise in the nearby cities will be extremely helpful before taking the plunge.


Lakme Salon provides training services to franchise to make dealer business a success. The consumer attraction to the store is one main thing one needs to have in the unit. Customer satisfaction is very important and will help them to come back later. So there are various ways and technical understandings done by the company. Services provided by the company are listed below.

  • Pre-training like setting up the whole unit and holding up together until it successful running.
  • Post-training like checking and auditing all the services being done by the franchise in the corresponding area or location.
  • Expert guidance from head office to the franchise in setting up the franchise directly will be provided.
  • Field assistance in the unit is available for the franchise.
  • Detailed operating manuals for the franchisees will be provided.
  • Updated IT systems will be included in the franchise.



For a salon like this, you require the space of around 900 to 1000 square ft. minimum of this area is mandatorily required for setting up the unit. The salon requirement also again differs according to the area you choose up to build the unit, but the minimum is 900.  All the design equipment required for the ambience and the area for the customers’ needs to be well set up in the area by the unit.


If you want to have the Lakme Franchise you have to fit into several demands and several requirements the company asks for. Once you fit into all such categories and demands you are eligible to have the franchise. Franchise eligibility requirement includes the below.

  • Integrity and Ethics of an applicant
  • An applicant should be Passionate and devoted to managing the business.
  • Customer satisfaction should be the one major goal of the applicant and should have a great approach towards it.
  • Team building and team-leading qualities should be indulged in an applicant.


Once your application is selected, and you start with the process of setting up; you need to sign up some agreements. The franchise agreement of 5 years initially will be signed up. Also, you can make some changes once you are mutually agreed on the changes to be done.


Here you can have all the detailed information about how you can apply to finally applying for this venture. The official website is the first thing you need to visit to start your process for the application. More details, list of products, offers etc are mentioned on the official site of the company given below.

Download the application form from the official website mentioned below. Fill in all the details required below.

  • Applicant name
  • Email id
  • Preferred city
  • Location of area
  • Mobile number

And there you go; you are in the run of becoming the franchise of the leading brand dealing with glorifying India.

Lakme Beauty Salon Franchise Contact Details India

Franchise Contact number: 1800 102 2221

1st Floor, Shree Nivas House,

H Somani Marg,

Behind Bombay Gymkhana

Fort, Mumbai- 400 001

Phone: +91 2239832117
Email id: [email protected]
Official website: https://franchise.lakmeindia.com

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