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Royal Enfield Franchise Cost


How to Apply For a Royal Enfield franchise in India? Royal Enfield Showroom Franchise Cost Dealership Investment Is Royal Enfield Franchise Profitable?Dealership Enquiry




As soon as we come across the name ROYAL ENFIELD, we  overcome with 

an acute nostalgia, as it reminds us of the fear and respect for the bullet, as it was

used only by the Policemen or the  army. And now even we can have that pride, 

as the company has expanded and been used by other citizens too. Royal Enfield is
the industry of motorcycles, bicycles, lawnmowers, cars and listed  as a public 

listed company. 

The company is considered as one of the leading motorbike brands in India with a 

rising net profit margins. Here is everything you need to know about the 

Royal Enfield Franchise Cost opportunities, opening  inventory, amount of 

working  capital required  etc

How to Get a Royal Enfield Franchise in India?

Royal Enfiled is India’s oldest and most popular motor bike company in the World.
If you are looking for Motor cycle dealership, then  think about Royal Enfield
Franchise befor looking for other options. 

How much does it cost to get the Franchise of Royal Enflied ? Here is the details

about Royal Enfield Show Room Franchise Cost, Dealership Investment, Area,

Profit etc.

What is the After all the requirements and conditions monitored, you can move  

straight forward to the franchise application process below.

  • Visit the official website of Royal Enfield.
  • Get all the information you need and apply to the dealer section.
  • Next, you need to fill the application form
  • Filling all your details carefully as it represents your motive and
     your data   helps you.
  • Once understanding and solving all the queries you can submit
    the application form.
  • Now, you have completed your application process. So, you need
     to wait for the call or any response which will indicate you are
     selected or suitable for having a franchise.

Success of Royal Enfield Dealership in India

India has crazy fans of Royal Enfield and the company is considered as one of the 

most prestigious motorbike brands in India. The bike prices in India start from Rs

1.16 lakh for the ‘Bullet 350’ and goes up to Rs 2.65 lakh approximately. 

Royal Enfield provides 11 new bike models in India. Manufacturing plants of the 

company are  placed in Thiruvottiyur, Oragadam and Sipcot Industrial Park, all
situated in Chennai. Production output estimated in the year 2016 is 666,493 units

and also had revenue of Rs 7,037.97 Crore.

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Is Royal Enfield Dealership Profitable ?

How Profitable is owning a Royal Enfield Franchise ?

Royal Enfield is the most famous and oldest motorbike brand in India. The 

company has around 180 dealers in India and spreading in other countries; The 

Company is expanding globally as in United States of America, United Kingdom, 

United Arab Emirates, Japan, Germany, France, Argentina, Indonesia,  Mexico, 

Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada, Australia, Brazil and Colombia.It is a good idea

to start a Royal Enfield Dealerships as you are dealing with a successful 

international brand which will help you boost your business.  The  company offers Dealership/Franchise for showroom and service  centers. 


Incentives like support and training are available which help to set up the franchise without much difficulty. You can have events and rides under your franchise which are provided by the company, which acknowledge us about the upcoming models and helps to grow more by reaching to more and more of our consumers.


Recently the announcement of new Royal Enfield ‘Trials 350 and 500’ has been done that it is going to be launched in India on the March of 27th. Such new arrivals and models keep the business in the race well, so you would definitely love to be a part of such a fastest growing profitable franchise.

According to Business Today, The Royal Enfield maker Eicher Motors has reported a net profit of Rs 498.70 Crore  for the December 2019 Quarter and investing in Royal Enfield franchise can be one of the most profitable ways for a suceesful business.


History of Royal Enfield

Founder of the company is Albert Eadie and Robert Walker Smith. Headquarter lies in Redditch, Worcesteshire. Indian Royal Enfield is a subsidiary of Eicher Motors Limited, an Indian automaker. Also, it is licensed from the Royal Enfield by the indigenous Indian Madras Motors. Headquarter in India lies in Chennai.

The Indian government was looking for a perfect motorbike for the police and army in the border areas for various purposes. Then in 1955, the Redditch Company partnered with Madras (Chennai) Motors in India to form the ‘Enfield India’. And today we have this amazing company which not only is servicing for the army and police but also to the citizens. Siddhartha Lal is the chief executive officer of the Royal Enfield, and he is the managing director of the Eicher Motors Ltd.

Royal Enfield Franchise Requirments:

Area Requirement 

One of the important requirements is space, especially for a franchise like this; there are specific demands in this aspect. For the Royal Enfield franchise, approximately area around 4000 to 5000 square feet is required. This area requirement is mandatory as the vehicles need a spacious area to sustain and be showcased in. 

Investment Required to Become a Royal Enfield Dealer
You need to invest an amount of approximately 50 lakh rupees to 1 Crore to 

become a dealer of Royal Enfield. Also, you need to pay the franchise fees, or we 

can say the brand fee of Rs 1 lakh to the parent company Royal Enfield.

Support & Training 

Support from the company will be provided wisely, as they don’t want to rise and 

keep their company in the race. All the training of  like consultancy with the 

customers, marketing, and essential promotion of the brand will be explained well

to the faculty.  Franchise training is the one provided by the company is in Chennai
and Chandigarh. You will get every detail from the training and support provided

by the company.

Documents Required For Dealership

Documents you need to submit are one of the essential aspects you need to focus

on, once you decide to apply for a franchise.They are verified very carefully by the

team of the company. The documents required are:

  • Bank account details
  • An identity card (Aadhar,Voter ID) for verification.
  • PAN card
  • Land papers of the land associated with the franchise.
  • Demand draft for the security and as the franchise fees which is approximately 

     around 1 lakh rupees.

  • Address Proof which may be as in with any of the electricity bill or ration card.

Dealership Agreement 

To deal with any company there needs to be a confirmation done. The agreement of the dealers regarding the franchise is like a contract signed which both the corresponding parties have officially signed in for. The minimum span agreement is 5 years. However, the company can change the agreement time for whatever period they need. Also, a renewal of contract after five years completion can be demanded by you.

Dealership Pros & Cons of Royal Enfield Franchise 

Royal Enfield Franchise/Dealership has its own pros and cons. so please go through the details before taking a franchise.


  • Leading Motorcycle Brand in India
  • Market leader in the niche
  • High commission on repair and service


  • Small commission on Motorcycles sales (Max 5%)

Franchise Business Enquiry Contact in India

 Dealership Enquiry Contact Number:

     : 18002100007 or 04412230400


 Address For Franchise Application Form

Office address: Number 621,
Tiruvottiyur High Road,
Near Tiruvottiyur Bus Terminal.
Tiruvottiyur, Chennai – 600019

Royal Enfield Email Id for Franchise Enquiry :
[email protected]

Royal Enfield Official websitehttps://www.royalenfield.com/

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