Benefits of Videos in Online Courses 

Juliet D'cruz

Benefits of Videos in Online Courses 

In today’s time, digital videos are gaining immense popularity among people. From basic everyday skills to bigger tasks, Videos are being resulted very resourceful for all. The same goes for our education system too. Now teaching and learning are no more limited to textbooks and reference guides.

The visual and auditory features of a video ensure teaching and learning success. In this modern world, we are living in, online education is spreading at a faster rate. For making online courses successful, videos play a significant role. Let us discuss the benefits of using videos in online learning courses. 

Benefits of educational videos in online courses 

  1. Videos help in course promotion and marketing

Today several social media applications can be used for video sharing. For example, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Every creator makes an online course to sell it more and ensure financial success. To do so, effective promotion and marketing are important. Educators can make quality videos sharing the course services, duration, fee structure, benefits offered, and more. These promotional videos can be later shared on your online course selling website, YouTube channel, and Facebook page, and can be used for influencer collaboration too. 

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  1. Better understanding and knowledge retention

Understanding the applicative and theoretical subjects from textbooks sometimes becomes difficult for students. The printed textbook pages are not very understandable. Also listening to the teachers reading out the textbook material is boring too. One solution to this problem is using educational videos in online courses. By watching the videos, students understand better. These videos can be paused, replayed, and can be watched as many times as one wants to. Teachers can send these educational Videos to students’ respective email addresses or upload them on the app or website. 

  1. Increase online class participation 

For effective teaching and learning, active participation in the classroom is very important. When teachers only use textbooks to explain, students don’t understand well. However teaching with the help of videos, PPTs and demonstrations make classes more understandable to students. With the help of this audio and visualization, students relate to the concepts more. This way their class participation and interactions are also boosted. For how to sell courses online better, teachers must use lesson videos in the class. 

  1. Ensure course success

An online course is said to be successful when students get an effective learning experience and pass the course with good scores and grades. With help of videos and audio, students’ self-studies and classroom learning both are enhanced. With a proper academic understanding, students do well in course assessments. This ensures both teachers’ and students’ success. 

  1. A go-to learning resource

Videos are easy to handle and use. Just with an internet connection and networking device, students can watch these videos from anywhere and at any time. This offers greater flexibility, convenience, and comfort to the learners. There is no need to carry the big bundles of textbooks with you. Students can access these videos from their mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc very easily. This go-to learning resource in ensuring the success of online education. 

  1. An important learning component in an asynchronous program

An asynchronous learning program is a method in which students and teachers don’t have live face-to-face interactions. Students purchase the course and have a self-paced learning experience. For asynchronous learning, meeting teachers and receiving quality explanations one on one is not possible. In such cases, videos and recorded lectures are important learning resources for students. They can use these tools to learn every day and complete their course successfully. Students can access these videos on all academic subjects for self-studies and exam preparation. 

Plan well, and decide the video structure first before recording

All online course educators make videos on the course subjects for students. One tip that is important for all of them to follow is proper planning. Don’t just pick up a camera and start recording randomly. First, plan how an understandable and informative video can be made. Research well, have an overlook of the lesson, and jot down the important pointers that need to be included and must be explained to students. Collect the necessary resources, make a lesson plan, and stick to it for making quality videos. 


With the advancements in science and technology, online teaching platforms are growing rapidly. To make online courses successful, educational videos are playing an important role. By reading the above-mentioned information, we can make out the importance of using videos in online courses for students. 

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