The Internet Age and Learning

Juliet D'cruz

The Internet Age and Learning

The revolutionary advances and implementation of the internet have been witnessed for almost a decade. Internet and liberalization are two things that the world has only shown us with developments and improvements. If talking of the internet, earlier a 2g network came, and now it is the era of 5g networks. The changes introduced and implemented have been among the most important global developments. The education sector is no more behind this technological development; the use of LMS portals is making the process of online class conduction much easier for all. These technologies and advances have reached almost every sector and acted as value addition, bringing on profit on both sides. Education has not been spared from the magic and is mainly a significant sector in these few years. The advancements and developments relating to technology invasion into traditional learning practices have revolutionized the education sector. 

Since the pandemic began, education has been one of the spheres that benefitted from such technology implementation, introduction, and advancement. The Internet involvement in the education sector, especially in schools and other educational institutes, was going on even before the pandemic stroke us all in 2020. These institutes realised the importance and benefits of introducing such technology to the system. Like this, you might have been given lectures using smart class technology.

 The involvement of the internet in the growth of both schools and colleges cannot be underestimated. It is not true that it was only after the pandemic people knew what online education was, but even before the pandemic, the growth of online education was there. Still, it was in a more nascent stage compared to the exponential growth during the pandemic. 

 If not for this online education or digital learning, the whole educational world would have come to a standstill or might have collapsed after staying this long into a crippled stage. 

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What are the Benefits of Digital Learning?

Educators worldwide should be given full credit for the smooth transformation of such practices. In contrast, they start to teach online, and the students also become familiar with similar applications and other tools which can be used to make learning accessible, engaging, effective, and fun simultaneously with the help of tools like a learning management system. 

Today, especially with inventing tools like video-sharing media platforms and other related activities like news watching and many like that, it is only advantageous to educators and students. As both realized the importance of digital and technology tools in the education sector, Government and private bodies have embarked on, intended, and adopted majorly suitable dashboards like the LMS and ERP. Here LMS full form is a Learning management system, and ERP‘s full form is Enterprise Resource Planning. These dashboards or tools are responsible for making data available and accessible in a dynamic form. 

Students have benefited a lot, especially with the conduction of virtual practical classes. Initially, people faced problems in this form of education, where many suggested that the mode of education would not make students understand practical skills and knowledge. As the era of online education continues, technologists work on the issue. Today, we can efficiently conduct virtual practical classes wherever possible, and many other practical courses are also being developed to supplement theoretical knowledge. 

Research work has also benefited from the advent and implementation of such modes of learning and technology. It has become much easier for the students to submit their thesis or other projects or assignments online, where they can quickly complete the publication of research work. People involved at some work in a profession also benefit from the mode of learning—those who want to continue their jobs while reskilling or up-skill themselves with other valuable and essential courses. 

The Future

One thing is clear here: as both the teachers and the educators have become much more familiar with the method, it has become all the more possible to take full advantage of the developments in learning. 

The Government, too, is now encouraging and promoting such internet-age modern education across the country, indicating only developments in the sector for the coming future. 

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