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Best Business in Chennai without Investment


List of 7 Best Businesses in Chennai Without Investment.Start Business in Chennai without Investment Profitable Busineses in Chennai Without{Low} Investment


If starting a business of your own and becoming well established in life is your dream, then you are in the right place. Today we are going to discuss a few business ideas that could allow you to get a head start on your dream. Interestingly, these business ideas require a no investment or less cost of set-up and could give you huge returns within two to three months of starting your journey.

There are some business in Chennai without investment. some These business ideas could be set up in minimal time and minimal investment and could soon take you to the epitome of the business world.

Before you take any further decision on what to invest in or you are suffering from indecision, we suggest that you go through our list and obtain a clear picture of the market.

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Best Things about Starting a Business in Chennai Without Investment

The first thing to note before you start a business is the location. Chennai happens to be a ideal place and setting up a business in Chennai without investment is easy compared to other Indian cities. Firstly, Chennai ranks third in the list of Indian Cities most visited by foreigners.

Secondly, Chennai happens to be a city that has got some of the well known universities of the country. No wonder there is a regular and steady influx of students from different parts of the country and the world. As a result, your business is going to have a steady demand because of the continuous flow of customers throughout the year. Thirdly, Chennai happens to be one of the largest hubs for exporting IT. Moreover, Chennai is known through the world for the BPO services that the city provides.

So here is the list of the best businesses that you could start in Chennai without any investment or low investment:

Profitable Businesses in Chennai without Investment

  1. Maid Service in Chennai

Chennai being a place of various job opportunities has an acute shortage of maids. So many people face difficulties while appointing a maid. Therefore, it is an intelligent idea to start a maid service business in Chennai with low investment.

Why you should start Maid Service Business in Chennai?

  • Most people in Chennai are employed and someone is needed to do the household work.
  • Very few maid service centres are available, so the competition is less
  • Maid service business is one of the best businesses in Chennai without any investment

How to Start a Maid Service Business in Chennai?

  • First create a free website using free website builder like https:/www.weebly.com  this website service allows anybody to built their own website quickly and with ease without any technical knowledge. It will be good to put up a tariff for particular jobs to keep things fair and transparent.
  • An advertisement campaign through social media campaigns like Face book to let people know about this service.
  • Find maids who are ready to work for you. The best way to get this done is to visit a financially backward area and recruit reliable men and women.
  • Find clients through means of Social Medias like  Whatsapp & Face book etc

Investment & Earnings:

Investment: No Investment to Start

Requirement: Maids, Website, Customer Care executives.

Location: Home.

Earnings:  Rs. 20,000 after 6 months.

Best Business Ideas in Chennai with
Low Investment.

  1. Food Delivery

Remember, this is not a restaurant business. If you have a passion for cooking, then food delivery business is probably one of the top businesses you can start in Chennai with less investment. After a long day’s work at the office, you could simply come home at your comfortable kitchen table and run a food delivery business at ease.

Why You Should Start Food Delivery Business in Chennai?

  • Chennai being one of the most populated cities where a lot of people come from other states, it is very obvious that these people would be searching for a place to eat.
  • If you can deliver hot and tasty food to your customers, there is no chance of loss in this business.
  • Many people prefer homemade food instead of restaurant food. You could use this as your plus point and make your way into the food delivery market.
  • A lot of people from North India come to Chennai for jobs, these people look for North Indian food where you can excel too.

How to Start a Food Delivery Business in Chennai With Low Investment ?

  • Undertake a short course in cooking and food- packaging.
  • Construct a presentable kitchen.
  • Almost every other person in Chennai has a bike. Get hold of 3 to 4 such persons to deliver food.
  • Figure out a way of taking down orders through website/ emails/ SMS and calls. Get people to promote your business through social media.
  • After a head-start, you can contact food-delivery apps like Zomato or Swiggy to get your job done at a more professional level.

Rough Idea of Investment & Earnings:

Investment:  Rs. 30,000.

Location: Home.

Earnings : Rs. 25,000 per months after 6 months.

  1. Garment Shop Business (Low Investment)

Cloth market is one of the biggest and most profitable sectors of Indian Retail Business. With visiting foreigners and many people from India, this business could really grow in Chennai if implemented properly. Also, there is no shortage of festivals in India and every festival calls for new clothes. Chennai being one of the most colourful cities of South India ensures customers all year round.

Why you should start  Garment Shop business in Chennai?

  • Chennai being a place where various religions and cultures meet, there will be many festivals all year round.
  • Being a populated city, it is ensured that there will be many customers.
  • Since Chennai has high income rate, it is easy to say that the customers will have high purchasing power.

How to Start a Cloth Store in Chennai With Low Investment ?

  • Location is very important, so it is best to select a location for your shop at a place where there is a scarcity of garment shops.
  • Put up a beautifully designed shop with good stock to attract customers.
  • Try to make out information about the local market and pick up clothes that are not generally sold in that area. This will allow you to get an edge over other shops.
  • The major thing to keep in mind is good customer relation and quality control. Always be humble to everyone, even if a customer does not buy anything from your shop.
  • After a while, you can connect your store with Amazon or Flipkart to extend your business throughout the country.

Rough Idea of Investment & Earnings:

Investment: Rs. 50,000 – 1,00,000.

Requirement: Garment Stock, Advertisement.

Location: Shop Location.
Earnings: Rs 25000 after 6 Months

  1. IT Service (Website Design, BPO, SEO Consulting, Social Media Management, Hardware Service)

Chennai is a big IT hub of India. In fact, it is the second largest exporter of IT Products. IT means Information Technology, and IT service can be any service which relates to computers, mobile devices, internet and others. The reason IT Services flourish in Chennai is that there are many individuals who are up for tasks with low pay. So, if you have knowledge about Information Technology, then it is one of the profitable businesses you can start in Chennai with a minimal or low investment of Rs 10000.

Why you should start IT Business in Chennai?

  • Chennai being the second largest exporter of IT Products means easy availability of demand and supply.
  • South India has a lot of new start-ups which require IT assistance and pay good money for it.
  • A lot of young individuals and freelancers are available in Chennai who undertakes IT tasks for less money.
  • If you are talented in Information Technology and Computers, you can yourself do many tasks before hiring individuals.

How to start IT Service Company in Chennai?

  • There are many options under IT including WEBSITE DESIGN, BPO, SEO CONSULTING, SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT, HARDWARE SERVICE and others. You can choose according to your knowledge and forte.
  • Hire individuals for the tasks. If you don’t have a proper office set-up, you can ask them to work from home.
  • Advertise about your services through the means of Social Media, e-mail marketing and others.
  • Target new and small businesses looking for cheap IT services.


Rough Idea of Investment & Earnings:

Investment: Rs. 10,000 – 20,000.

Requirement: Computer, IT Individuals, Advertisement.

Location: Home.

Earnings:  Rs. 25,000 after 6 months

  1. Tour & Travel Business( Low Investement)

Chennai is no-doubt the tourism hub of South-India. Visited by both foreigners and Indians, tourism is a good source of income for many people in Chennai. Millions of tourists visit Chennai every year and you can turn this fact into profit.

You can provide assistance in hotel bookings, taxi services, rail & air tickets, itinerary planning, tour guiding and complete tourism packages.

Why you should start Tour Travel Business in Chennai?

  • Millions of people visit Chennai every year for tourism.
  • Chennai acts as a hub for South Indian tourism.
  • People look for cheap and good tourism packages.
  • Many foreigners visit the city and need touring assistance.

How to start a Tourism Business in Chennai?

  • Setting up a company: First of all, you need to set up a company with a catchy name and slogan. You can choose to start a proprietorship, private limited, LLC or LLP according to your preference.
  • GST Registration: It is mandatory to have a GST Registration number after you have started a company.
  • Approved Tourism Agents: It is not necessary, but if you get the approved symbol from Tamil Nadu Tourism or Ministry of Tourism Government of India, you will get clients easily. Although it requires you to fulfil many requirements.
  • Office Space: In the beginning, you can start from your home. After getting some clients and staff, you can move on to an office space.
  • Website & Advertisements: It is very important to have a website where you can list all your services to make it easy for a client. Also, you need to advertise through Social Media and other platforms to increase the client base.

Rough Idea of Investment & Earnings:

Investment: Rs. 25,000 – 30,000.

Requirement: Company Registration, GST Registration, Website, Tour Guides, Customer Service.

Location: Home or Office.

Earnings: Rs. 20,000 after 6 months.

In short Travel business is one of the most profitable and emergin business to start in Chennai without major investment.

  1. Pet Shop & Pet Care Service

Since Chennai is a place where people come from other states to work, they try to search for a companion. In Chennai, pets are high in demand and setting up a pet shop means high profit expectations.Strting a pet shop and pet care service is one of the most profitable businesses in Chennai.

Why You Should start Pet Care Shop business in Chennai?

  • Pets are a source of companionship and are slowly becoming a necessity in metro cities like Chennai.
  • It is to be noted that people in Chennai love to own pets.
  • It is also worth mentioning that pets require specialized products for their care and cure. Setting up a pet shop is sure to earn a profit.

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How to start a Pet Shop & Pet Care Service in Chennai?

  • Location is the most important thing. Setting up shop in a location where people tend to buy and own pets is important.
  • A website can be a great tool as very few stores sell pets online.
  • You need good contact with wholesalers.
  • Invest in those pets that are in demand in your shop’s location.
  • Use social media in the best possible way to attract customers.
  • Advertise properly around your shop’s location about all the pets  you have.

Rough Idea of Investment & Earnings:

Investment:  Rs. 1,00,000 – 2,00,000.

Requirements: Store, Pets, pet products, Veterinary doctor.

Location: Should have good logistic facilities.

Earning: Rs. 1,00,000  after 3 months.


  1. Tempered Glass Manufacturing

Manufacturing of Tempered Glasses is a simple and high return business idea. Thousands of Mobile Devices are sold in Chennai every day and Millions all over India. With the purchase of every mobile device, a tempered glass becomes a necessity. The manufacturing process is not that difficult, and it does not require a lot of space.

Why you should start this business in Chennai?

  • It is a one-time investment. The major money will be required to buy the tempered glass machine.
  • It has a big market, which will continue to grow.
  • A single customer buys at least 2 tempered glasses in a year.
  • There is not much space required for manufacturing.
  • It can be sold offline as well as online with high profit margins.

How to start Tempered Glass Manufacturing in Chennai?

  • First of all, you will need a Tempered Glass Manufacturing Machine. The size is just a little bigger compared to a desk printer. If you are doing it for the first time, it is advised that you buy a second-hand machine.
  • Secondly, you will need Raw material, that is, Hot Soft Glass Screen Protector which is easily available.
  • Packaging is needed. A simple foam cover would do.
  • You will need the software and a computer for glass cutting in the machine.
  • You can sell offline to retailers.
  • You can sell online by creating your own website or by connecting to Flipkart, Amazon and others.

Rough Idea of Investment & Earnings:

Investment:  Rs. 1,00,000 – 1,50,000.

Requirement: Tempered Glass Manufacturing Machine, Raw material, Packaging

Location: Home or small manufacturing location.

Earnings:  Rs. 50,000 after 3 months.

Hope this list helps you to choose your new business wisely without investment or low investment in Chennai.


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