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Driving License Particulars Kerala


✓✓Know Driving License Particulars in Kerala, Apply For Driving License in Kerala How to Apply Online for DL Licnese Number Renewal Duplicate DL Forms


You must know why is it so compulsory to have a license for driving a vehicle in Kerala and other parts of the country. There are various reasons because driving a motor vehicle; you must first get a Driving License for that class of vehicle. Read more about the Driving Licence particulars in Kerala below.

A valid Driving License, issued under Kerala Motor Vehicles Act 1988, is a legal document to drive a motor vehicle in any place in India. Motor Vehicles Department is the license issuing authority in Kerala and driving licenses are issued through its 17 regional and 42 sub regional transport offices. 

For more details about Kerala Driving License particulars like application fee, details of RTO offices in your area, License Number details, Driving license check, Duplicate DL details, Renewal of License, Online payment of license fee etc you can check Kerala Transport Authority website  and apply for “License Particulars” for DL extract. It is very important to check the particulars on driving license at the time of time entry in the records or final approval, otherwise, the applicant has to pay the extra charges for reprinting the license as the RTO doesn’t hold any responsibility for any kind of mismatch if found after issuance of the license.

How to Get a Driving License in Kerala?

To apply for a Driving License in Kerala go to the RTO office of your areas and fill the form for Learners license and attach Address proof, Proof of identity and Age proof. If the documents are in order you will be allotted time slot for the online test for learner’s license which is valid for a period 6 months. You can appear for the main driving license test anytime between this period. Once you pass the test you will get a License which is valid throughout India.

Why Do You Need a Driving License?

  • If you have a valid Driving License, you can drive without any other permanent Driving License holder, as you needed an instructor when you had a learner’s license. You cannot legally drive on the roads if you don’t have a Driving license.
  • Having Driving License and driving on roads will help you get legalize the right to drive on Indian roads.
  • Driving license is also used as an identification card for various purposes.

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Eligibility Conditions For Driving License

  • If the applicants are between 16 and 18 years, they can apply for the driving license in Kerala to drive a Motor Cycle below 50cc.  But the applicants need to provide attach the written consent of their parents along with the application.
  • If the applicants are aged 18 years or above they can apply for a driving license to drive a non-transport vehicle.
  • If the applicants are 20 years or more with one year driving experience no transport vehicles can apply for a commercial driving license. For Auto Rickshaw license one year driving experience is not mandatory.

    How Can you Fill in the Form for Driving License in Kerala

  • If you want to apply and fill in the form for driving license in Kerala online you need to follow some steps:
  • Visit the official website and download the driving license application form.
        ·    Fill up the form as per instructions provided and submit the application form.
         ·    Later, upload the documents to be submitted along with the application form like the age proof, address proof, the learner’s license number, etc.
        ·    After you submit the documents and complete the process the web application number will be automatically generated by the site which will help you to track the application status.
        ·   After the processing of the application, the notification will be sent via SMS to your phone. 

     Kerala Driving License Forms.

Driving License Badge in Kerala

To comply with the July 2017 order of the Supreme Court, the Government of India has abolished the Badge system (Commercial License) for driving Taxis, Three wheelers, E Riskshaws and Two wheelers.  The Surface transport ministry has issued a circular to all states to follow the norms of the Supreme Court of India and allow drivers to use their private license to drive the above vehicles. However this order will not be applicable for heavy vehicles like buses, trucks and other commercial vehicles.

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Driving License Number in Kerala

The license number to be generated in Kerala is in the format of KL-0 ‘X’-2019-000436.

The first two characters KL represent the Kerala state, where the vehicle is registered. X will be the city code and the 2019 will represent the year in which it is registered. And the further digits will be the identification unique number for the applicant.

How to Get a Duplicate Driving License in Kerala

You must have a license to drive, so if you lost driving licence Kerala then you have to apply for the duplicate driving license.To get a Duplicate Driving License in Kerala you need to fill the Duplicate license form and submit along with the original license part or defaced in any form if available. You are required to attach documents like address proof, Id proof, photograph and fee for Duplicate license. Other documents required for a Duplicate License are listed below:

  •   A report of your misplacing license.
    ·    Copy of the FIR you filed, that is the First Information Report.
    ·     Affidavit from Notary.This affidavit will represent that you took an oath of your misplaced license. This will be the proof for it.

Driving License Renewal in Kerala

Once you get a driving license, it will certainly have an expiry date. In Kerala, also throughout India the driving license is valid for 20 years from the data issued of the driving license.After that, you get 30 days of grace period, in which you have to  renew the expired driving license.

Driving Licence Renewal in Kerala is quite easy .Also, after the age of 50, you need to have to renew the license. After the age of 50, you need to renew it every 5 years submitting your medical certificate. If all the medical conditions are proper, it goes well and you are allowed to have a driving license. 

Eligibility for
Permanent License

  • You should have valid learner license to appear for permanent license
  • You should apply for permanent license after 30 days from the issuance of Learners license and within 180 days.  

Update 27th December 2018:
The Surface Transport Ministry, Government of India has issued a circular dated 27th December 2018 to all state Governments to allow the vehicle owners to present their documents to the law enforcing authorities in electronic format. The documents permitted under electronic format include Driving License, Permit, Vehicle Insurance, Fitness Certificate, Pollution Certificate and other documents related to vehicle.  

Update: Dated 8th June 2020

Learner’s Driving License Switched to Online Mode.

On account of the Corona Virus Pandemic situation in the State, Kerala MVD has switched the learner’s driving license process to the Online Mode. According to the License Department of Kerala order dated June 8th 2020, the learners license applicants will be permitted to appear for the test through mobile, tablet,laptop and computer. The online learner’s license test will begin after the necessary updates in the “Sarathi” driving test software. The Applicants will be given a username and password at the time of online submission of the application.

More Details of the Online Driving License Test:

  • Number of Questions- 50
  • Test Duration -30 Minutes
  • Pass Requirement- Clear at least 30 questions
  • Test Timing- 8 Am to 11 Am. Monday to Friday

Ministry Circular 

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