Can You Move a Mattress by Yourself

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Can You Move a Mattress by Yourself?

Tie-down straps can help move your mattress. If you have two dollys, a pair of them can be used to lift the top of the mattress. If you don’t have a car, a slab of cardboard can help move a mattress. If you don’t want to buy a truck, you can rent a cart for moving mattresses at your local tool rental store. Tie-down straps can also be useful for moving memory foam mattresses.

Tie-Down Straps 

You can move a twin xl mattress. Before moving you must know twin xl mattress pros and cons. Moving a large, heavy bed by yourself can be a daunting task. Invest in moving supplies, such as a mattress cover and an extra mattress bag, and be sure to remove any bed linens first. You should walk the route of the move before getting started. Check for any obstacles, such as power cords, and roll them up. Then, tie-down straps can help secure the mattress during the move.

  • Purchase from a local store

You can purchase tie-down straps from your local hardware store. These straps come with buckles and hooks to secure the mattress. If you don’t want to buy straps, ropes and cardboard may be used instead. Whether you choose to move your mattress by yourself or hire a moving company, make sure it is strapped securely. If the mattress is too floppy to move by itself, you can reinforce it by placing a heavy box on the exposed side.

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  • Determine positions

Then, determine who will walk forward or backward. When you reach the top corner of the mattress, gently lift it. Make sure to use both hands to push and pull it, and watch for any obstacles along the way. You may need assistance in lifting the mattress, so don’t rush. Be sure to take breaks. If you are moving the mattress by yourself, a moving strap will be invaluable.

  • Ratchet straps

If you can’t lift or carry the mattress, you can use ratchet straps to secure the mattress. These straps will prevent it from shifting or getting distorted during transit. You can use two or three of them to secure the mattress. You can buy a pack of them from any hardware or moving supply store. It’s also possible to wrap the mattress around a roof rack or the roof of a moving vehicle.

  • Bag

Before moving the mattress, you will need a bag for it. You can purchase these bags at your local mattress store. They are designed for standard-sized mattresses, but make sure to measure your mattress before buying. If you’re moving a king-size mattress, you’ll need to fold it in half or fold it width-wise. You’ll need more floor space.

Moving A Memory Foam Mattress

Moving a memory foam mattress by yourself is easier said than done. Memory foam is comfortable for couples sleeping positions.  It is considerably heavier than a regular mattress and floppier, making it difficult to lift alone. Fortunately, you can strengthen it by filling it with cardboard. To do so, place two large cardboard boxes on either side of the mattress. Secure the boxes with cords. If your memory foam mattress is too big for one vehicle, consider enlisting the help of a professional.

  • Compress

When moving a memory foam mattress, you’ll find it more difficult to move it in a box. You can, however, compress it at home. This will make it easier to transport. You can also use ratchet straps to compress the mattress. Once you’ve compressed the mattress, you can tighten them until you can pull it into a small, compact size. If you’re worried about taking up too much space, compressing the mattress can help you save space.

  • Dolly

The most difficult part of moving a memory foam mattress by yourself is getting it onto your vehicle. If possible, purchase a dolly and use it. If you don’t have access to one, you’ll need to lift the mattress with your knees and avoid straining your back. You can also ask a friend or neighbor to help you. Just make sure to lift the mattress carefully into the truck, as the sharp edges can still cause damage.

  • Moving straps

If you’re unable to hire movers, it’s best to use moving straps to secure the mattress. These straps can be purchased at any hardware store. You may also opt to use two long pieces of rope instead. The straps will prevent the mattress from falling during the move and protect the mattress from dirt, water, and moisture. In addition to the moving straps, you’ll need a dolly for moving your mattress.

Moving A Memory Foam Mattress Without A Car

  • Clear path

When moving a large memory foam mattress, make sure you clear a path in front of the vehicle so that you don’t run over it. If you don’t have a truck, you can use a dolly that’s designed for moving mattresses. If you don’t have a dolly, you can rent one from a home goods store or a moving company. If you don’t have one of these options, make sure to consult the user manual or warranty for instructions.

  • Mattress bag

Another option is to buy a moving mattress bag. These bags usually come in packages of two and are designed to hold standard size mattresses. Make sure to measure the depth of your memory foam mattress before you purchase one because you can’t be sure which size will fit in the bag. Once you have the proper size, you can begin wrapping your mattress. Remember to remove any breakables from the inside. Flip the mattress on its side.

  • Friend or neighbor

Before loading the truck, you need help from someone who can help you load and unload the mattress. Read the manufacturer’s label carefully. If you don’t, you can void the warranty of the mattress. Prop the mattress against the wall of the truck. For safety purposes, try to stack several mattresses together. Also, remember to label each mattress so that you can easily identify it when it gets delivered.

Moving A Memory Foam Mattress With A Slab Of Cardboard

  • Ratchet tie

Using a ratchet tie-down or two-piece strap is a great way to secure the mattress in a moving van or truck bed. You can also use nylon rope, which can be purchased at a hardware store. If you can’t find a ratchet tie-down strap, you can always use a slab of cardboard to stabilize the mattress and make the move easier. To avoid ripping the mattress, you can wrap the folded mattress in a protective bag or move it to storage space. Lastly, you can use tape to seal the bag.

  • Shipping box

If you’re relocating from one house to another, you should buy a larger shipping box. The shipping box is small enough for one or two people to move. You can also rent a bigger car. 

  • Place on sides

Remember not to tie the mattress to the top of the car. Instead, lean it against the wall or place it on its side. You can also purchase a strapping strap to prevent any damage. Finally, hire a professional moving company. These companies charge reasonable rates and are willing to help you move your mattress.

  • Heavy-duty mattress box

You can also buy a heavy-duty mattress box. It is important to use a heavy-duty box for moving memory-foam mattresses. It will make it easier to move and will protect the mattress from damage. You should also read the manual or warranty before you begin the move. By following these tips, you’ll be able to move your memory foam mattress with ease. And remember: moving a memory foam mattress by yourself is easier if you have someone to help you. A slab of cardboard makes the process easier.


Before moving a memory foam mattress, it’s important to prepare the room for it. Make sure there’s no obstruction in the area where you plan to move it. Otherwise, you may end up causing damage. Remember to protect the entire room and be extra cautious to avoid injury. If you don’t have the right equipment, you may need to hire a moving company. A moving company will typically rent out a large truck, which is more convenient and efficient than trying to move a mattress on your own.

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