The Psychology of Bedroom Decor: What Your Decor Says About You

Juliet D'cruz

The Psychology of Bedroom Decor: What Your Decor Says About You

How do different textures affect your mood?

The more unpleasant a texture makes us feel, the stronger its emotional association.  First, try noticing how you feel when you’re experiencing each texture. List down each texture, and notice what emotions it evokes. Associating different textures with different feelings can help you better understand how to use each texture to improve your mood. You can even create your own texture words that describe what makes certain textures feel good. This is an especially useful exercise to do with friends, family members, and classmates.  As you can see, these results are consistent across body parts. 

What kind of furniture reflects your personality type?

People with a clean personality may have a sleek sectional sofa. Those with an organized and practical approach to life may want to leave their children at home and bring along a disinfectant wipe and a bottle of Windex for the inevitable messes. People with a slick, tidy personality might have a lot of artwork displayed on the walls, while those with an overstuffed sofa and numerous throw pillows would choose a cluttered room. Individuals with a creative streak may prefer the eclectic look. Picking the right color scheme for your home is crucial if you want to express your personality in a positive way. Choose calming and earthy colors for your living room, while bold and bright colors for an extroverted home can make you feel edgy and self-assured. Dark colors can also give off a self-assured side. Dark colors also make the space appear a bit more bold and forward-thinking.

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How does your bedroom layout influence your mood?

How does your bedroom layout influence your mood
How does your bedroom layout influence your mood

You may be wondering, ” How does your bedroom layout affect your mood?” In order to answer that question, you must understand the purpose of your bedroom. As you might know, the bedroom is a private space where you can retreat from the world and reflect on how to end the day. Therefore, designing your bedroom must consider the placement of your bed and the flow of the surrounding room. Make sure you have enough space to move around the room comfortably, as well as to walk between the walls and bed. Ideally, your bedroom layout should face the window. Keeping your bed and other furnishings near the window will make it easier to reach your essentials. Design a  perfect nightstand height for your bedroom, it will also give you a place to put your phone, alarm clock, and other things that you often use during the day. Click here to know Ceiling Fans.

Your bedroom decor reveals about you 

Your bedroom is the most private part of your house, but what is its decor really saying about you? Colors and themes can reflect your style, personality, and tastes—or tell the world about you. From crisp white sheets to a brightly colored headboard, your bedroom can be a reflection of whom you really are. Before you start planning the decor of your bedroom, make sure you measure the room. Consider the shape of your room, natural light, and any features. Your bedroom decor can show your personality and make you happy! If you’re decorating a smaller room, choose light colors that make it appear larger. If your bedroom faces north, select warm colors and light hues for your walls and furniture. If you’re decorating a large room, select furniture in proportion to the space.

How to use bedroom decor to reflect your personality?

Adding personal touches to your bedroom decor is easy. Start with a few centerpieces that reflect your personality. If you love reading, you can stack books on a small shelf, while a framed photo of your favorite landscape will add character. If you have little time to care for plants, select low-maintenance succulents, which require very little care. Moreover, these plants are sure to look beautiful no matter how much you neglect them. Mirrors can also help you create drama in your bedroom. Putting a large mirror above your dresser will help you establish your bedroom as a space where you can get ready for the day. Artwork can be as simple as a framed photo, a greeting card, or a postcard. A piece of art can instantly lift your mood and add instant color to your vignettes and corners. 

The benefits of having a personalized mattress for bedroom 

  • Having a personalized mattress in your bedroom has a variety of benefits, including being customized to suit your needs. You can also choose a firmer or softer version, depending on what you prefer for sleeping. Firm mattresses are ideal for people who do not have back pain or are concerned about spinal alignment. A firm mattress also helps to distribute your body’s weight evenly, so you won’t wake up with a sore neck or back. There are different types of pillows for neck pain which may personalized your mattress set for luxury bedroom.
  • Having a customized mattress is an excellent way to eliminate guesswork from the mattress purchase process. Having a mattress designed to fit your needs eliminates the need to return the product. It also provides peace of mind because it’s made to perfectly fit your body shape and sleeping position. 
  • Customization offers numerous advantages, from comfort to price. An airbed, for example, is the perfect solution for people who like to sleep hot or cold. You can select the firmness and feel.


If you’ve ever wondered what your bedroom’s interior design says about you, think again. Not only can your bedroom’s decor affect your mood, but it can also tell others a lot about your personality. People often associate comforting spaces with soothing colors. When selecting your bedroom’s interior design, keep these tips in mind. The following are just a few of the many things your room’s decor can tell others about you.

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