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Juliet D'cruz

How to Gain Your First 1,000 Instagram Followers

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, Instagram is a must-have social media account. It has proved to be the most popular platform for marketers and influencers alike because of its potential for engagement. With that being said, it’s not uncommon for users to have trouble getting their first 1,000 followers on Instagram. ...

Juliet D'cruz

Top Ways to Beat the Heat in the Summers

Summers in any tropical country are mostly not as fun as many might think. It is often extremely uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. People might want to always be in cold rooms which can be achieved by being in a room with a Delhi air conditioner but for most people that is not possible. People are ...

Juliet D'cruz

Fast Essay Writing

  To obtain information and ideas, do web research. Research can’t be sped up in any way. Even if you write at a breakneck pace, it will still eat up 10% of your total deadline time. However, this is only possible if you have a strategy for gathering evidence and when to do it. Be ...