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How to Prepare for CBAP?

So you are already a Business Analyst possessing around five years of experience in the domain and striving to advance your career with a CBAP certification. You have landed at the right place because this blog shares with you the most important steps to follow in order to attain your most awaited CBAP certification. 

Certified Business Analysts are in demand everywhere in the world, in every industry, across all sectors because they are the ones who bring about changes and thereby improving efficiencies and adding value to the business. 

To enhance your career in business analysis, you can opt for a PG in Business Analysis anytime and skyrocket your career, salary, and caliber. 

What is a Business Analyst?

A business analyst typically helps businesses in enhancing processes, products, services, and applications by performing smooth data analysis. As a business analyst, you are expected to be an agile pro who is able to straddle the line between the business processes and IT to help increase efficiency by bridging this gap. 

By using data analytics, you have to determine the business requirements, assess processes and deliver data-driven suggestions, and come up with reports to stakeholders and executives. 

You have to interact with users and business leaders in order to understand the way data-driven changes to products, processes, services, hardware, and software can improve efficiencies, and improve ROIs. 

A Business Analyst, as defined by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), is an agent of change. And business analysis is a disciplined approach intended to introduce and manage change to organizations. 

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What is a CBAP?

The Certified Business Analysis Professional or CBAP is the third level of certification awarded by IIBA, which is specifically designed for professionals with extensive experience in business analysis. 

It is the most sought-after certification for business analysts that lets you excel in the corporate world. CBAP certification enables you to earn huge salaries, provide you with a plethora of opportunities in the global corporate world, and extensive career growth. 

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Advantages of CBAP

  • According to a survey by IIBA, CBAP enables you to earn around 25% more than non-certified peers
  • This is an established credential that provides you with global recognition
  • Acquire essential skills to become a versatile business analyst
  • Better career growth

How to Prepare for CBAP?

You will get great results only if you are prepared well. Good preparation requires you to walk on the right track, and take the steps carefully.

Here are the steps you should follow in order to pass the CBAP certification exam.

  • Make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria

The third level certification from IIBA, CBAP has strict eligibility criteria which are mentioned below:

  • You should possess a minimum of 7500 hours of experience in business analysis in the last ten years; out of this duration, at least 900 hours should be in four knowledge areas out of six mentioned in the BABOK Guide, which makes a total of 3600 hours. 
  • You are required to complete a minimum of 35 hours of Professional Development in the last four years
  • Agree to code of conduct as well as terms and conditions
  • Provide two references
  • Pass the exam
  • Know the CBAP Certification Exam Well

It is important to know well about the certification exam. You should know what the format of the exam is and prepare accordingly. 

Important info about CBAP: appearing for CBAP clearly means that you possess significant experience in business analysis. Meeting the eligibility criteria is all that is needed for taking this exam, which means there are no prerequisites for taking this exam. The CBAP certification exam is typically based on what is mentioned in the BABOK Guide, so go through it well. The exam consists of 120 questions that are multiple-choice format and you get 3.5 hours to solve them. The questions are case or scenario-based. It is a competency-based exam, so you are required to prepare for the exam well. 

The CBAP Certification exam curriculum:

The certification exam is based on the following six domains mentioned in the BABOK Guide and their weightage in percentage is given below:

Requirement Analysis and Design Definition – 30%

Requirement Lifecycle Management – 15%

Strategy Analysis – 15%

Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring – 14%

Solution Evaluation – 14%

Elicitation and Collaboration – 12%

  • Go through the lines of BABOK Guide Version 3

Wait! Before taking the BABOK session, start with a CBAP Study Guide. This guide will explain the BABOK in a simplified way. This will allow you to understand BABOK clearly, grasp the concepts logically, and make your learning concise. 

Then, start with the BABOK guide carefully. Going through the lines of this guide will make you understand subject areas and the six domains very well. Make sure that you master all the knowledge areas, even if you are required to the BABOK guide twice or thrice. You are sure to pass the certification exam in the first attempt if you grasp this guide well.

  • Take Practice Tests

Practice makes one perfect. This old saying is true for every certification exam. Taking practice tests will make you perform self-assessment and take the preparation steps accordingly. 

You can analyze your performance in the practice tests to know what areas need your focus. The practice exam will familiarize you with the actual certification exam and enable you to earn the confidence of passing the exam on the first attempt.

  • Take an online training course

There are many strong reasons to take up an online training course. First, it is really tedious to go through all the content and grasp them. An expert who knows CBAP well can do this for you. 

Second, the content over the Internet doesn’t ensure that you will pass the certification exam. A good training course from an accredited institute such as Simplilearn ensures this. This is because these training providers have all the stuff ready for you and equip you with all the knowledge and skills required to earn your CBAP.

Third, if you are stuck with doubts while your self-study, you may find no way out. An online training course is an ideal choice in this case, as there are doubt sessions (AskMeAnything session in a course by Simplilearn) that clarify all your doubts. 


By now, you have had an overview of the CBAP certification exam, you can choose to enhance your career in this domain by earning this. An online training course can make your learning trouble-free and enables you to acquire the knowledge required to pass the certification exam.

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