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What kind of hair is used to make human hair wigs?

The origin of the hair used to produce the wig can vary. In the production of wigs, different types of hair are often mixed, but due to their characteristics, the most used are European, Asian, Indian, and South American hair, which we will analyze below:

·         European Hair: It usually comes from Eastern Europe. Its quality is considered the best on the market. It’s a porous, soft, shiny hair that’s ideal at 0.040mm.

·         Asian hair: Larger than European hair. Therefore, it is more durable and recommended for wigs with long hair. It’s cheaper, but also of lower quality than European hair.

·         Indian hair: is a large diameter hair, about 0.065 mm. usually, it’s completely virgin. Its quality is not as good as European hair.

·         South American hair: from countries like Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. Its caliber is similar to that of Europe, about 0.045 mm. Not very porous, very soft and shiny, making it the most expensive quality. It can last up to three years in good condition.

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How to take care of your wig?

If you want your natural hair wig to last as long as possible, taking care of your natural hair wig is crucial because the investment required to buy it is not trivial. Synthetic wigs require less maintenance, but they don’t look as natural and don’t offer much latitude in styling. If you want your wig to last as long as possible, keep these tips in mind:

·         At least for the first time, it is recommended to wash in a dedicated center.

·         Once you become more familiar with the product, you can also outfit it with specialized products at home.

·         Every time you wash your hair, use a suitable shampoo and apply a moisturizing mask designed for natural wigs.

·         Don’t use it when it’s wet, as moisture can spoil it. Since they are made from natural hair, you can air dry them or use a blow dryer, the choice is yours.

·         When you’re not wearing it, put it on the cork tip so it doesn’t deform.

·         If you don’t want it to discolour over time, wear a hat to protect it from the sun.

·         Comb your hair as usual, but avoid hairspray.

How long do human hair wigs last on average?

Human hair wigs last much longer than synthetic hair wigs, although a lot depends on the care and attention given to them. Frequent use of an iron or dryer, or sleeping with them, can negatively affect their duration. Wigs that are cared for and treated with the right products can last up to two years. Human hair wigs can be made by hand or by machine, the former being more durable than the latter. Even with proper maintenance, hair loss is a natural process of this wig. After nine to twelve months of heavy use, any handmade wig needs to be recharged.

Criteria for buying human hair wigs

As mentioned earlier, it’s normal to feel a little confused when shopping for a human hair wig. While it’s not a recent invention, the fact that it’s not a product “people talk about” turns out to be a lot of ignorance in the public. If you’re also a little lost, keep the following criteria in mind when buying:

What type of hair did she have?

As you may have read, Kameymall wigs are made from different types of hair. First, there are synthetic hair wigs – which we didn’t cover in this article – and natural hair wigs, which are of a different quality. In our opinion, natural wigs are much less visible or not visible at all, and they last longer in good condition. You can also change the natural hair texture of our wigs. The most common are European, which are more expensive and of good quality; South American, which also has top quality; Asian, which is cheaper and has fewer choices, and Indian, which is almost never processed, but the texture is not very good.

Form and style

When you start looking for human hair wigs, you will notice that they come in different colours and can be worn in different styles: short, straight, curly, with or without bangs, and more. Keep in mind that natural wigs can be styled differently and can be cut as well as straightened or curled. In any case, our advice is to choose the wig you like right now. That said, you shouldn’t think about what changes and improvements you can make in it, but rather find what works for your facial structure and personal style right from the start. Later, when you’re “tired” of it, you can modify it to your liking.

Fixed wig

Another very important criterion to consider is the connection of the wig. The mechanism for securing a wig to the scalp or head varies from person to person, and will not all adapt to your needs in the same way. Almost all human hair wigs come in different sizes, and most have a cap, which is a type of hairnet. This hairnet must be breathable – this aspect is very important – and fit over your head, covering the entire perimeter of the hairline, except for the sideburns. There are also wigs attached with clips or combs. If you choose this option, we recommend looking for the ends to be rounded so they don’t stick together.

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