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Kolad Resorts Information

(Kolad River resorts Rafting Information)

Camping and stay options in Kolad, Kolad’s accommodations are diverse to suit every budget and every taste. Travelers are usually guaranteed to find accommodation almost all year round, but when it comes to weekends, festive seasons, and vacations, problems can occur unless you book the accommodation in advance. ..

Kolad accommodation can be divided into the following types:

Camping in a tent:

If you’re looking forward to an adventurous trip, camping in a tent may be the best way to enjoy the tranquility of nature with friends and family. It’s a great way to spend time in nature and forget about the mundane events of a busy life. Whether it’s a luxury camp or a regular camp in a tent, Kolad offers everything to adventure lovers. The overnight experience at the campsite proves to be very beneficial to both the growing and up-and-coming minds of adults and children. Also, camping in a tent is a recreational activity and there is no age limit. Therefore, anyone who likes to explore nature can enjoy this camping experience.

Normal tent:

These are regular waterproof tents that are clean and comfortable, and with guest safety in mind, the campsite provides insect and snake protection tents that can accommodate at least 4 adults. Luxury tent:

The River Rafting site also has luxurious tents and spacious grounds for outdoor activities. The luxurious tent has a toilet and shower and can accommodate at least 4 adults. Washrooms and insect repellents with private bathrooms are some innovations in campsite tents. Power can be used to charge lights, fans, laptops, and cell phones, but these camps do not have Wi-Fi or TVs.


The River Rafting site has several additional facilities, including a meeting area for corporate meetings and training programs, a separate dining facility, a beautiful environment, and a well-trained team to care for the safety and hospitality of the campsite. There is also. During the monsoon and winter season, travelers can find many migratory birds at these campgrounds. These campgrounds are well equipped for all adventure activities such as rafting, airsoft shooting, and Burmese bridges, so there is no shortage of activities for tourists to enjoy indoor and outdoor games, etc. In the evening, tourists can enjoy the bonfire and sing and dance to the latest Bollywood music. You can check kolad resorts by clicking on this highlighted link. I invite you to visit this site because we are offering best resorts in cheap price.


Staying at a farmhouse in kolad is different from staying at a regular hotel or resort. The main reason is that the comfort of a homely environment, combined with the surrounding forests and farms, promises a relaxing and peaceful stay in the atmosphere of a natural village. And your family is away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Most farmhouses in Korad have privacy on one side facing the Kundalika River and on the other side facing the farm and forest. At the farmhouse, you can catch a glimpse of residents, migratory birds, and small wildlife roaming around. The same is true for young people and those who are not. A farm stay is suitable for large families and their extended families, and most farms here have a well-equipped kitchen.


There are different types of bungalow and Kolad Hotels accommodation in Corado to suit different needs and can be booked on a budget. Private bungalows are spacious, have clean rooms, have all the facilities needed to visit tourists, and can accommodate about 15 adults. This is perfect for large families.


Kolad’s dormitories are large and spacious, each accommodating at least 25 adults, with bathrooms and toilets a few meters away. Dormitories are suitable for large groups such as office groups and budget travelers. By staying in the dormitory, company employees can develop team-building skills and, as a group, share the thrills and chills of an adventure story until they fall asleep. Dormitories are available in A.C. and Non-A.C. and have all the basic facilities.

Bamboo or safari cottage

These cottages are comfortable and equipped with all the basic facilities. These bamboo cottages resemble a bamboo hut in northeastern India and are built on a raised platform that can accommodate at least 10-12 adults and are suitable for college students and low-budget picnics. This initiative was carried out by several homeowners to protect the environment and maintain environmental friendliness. 

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